Monday, March 25, 2013

A Note of Explanation

This year RADIOLA! started off with me being physically under the weather for about the whole month of January. I realized how tired I was and what a punishing schedule I was following by creating a weekly two-hour program consisting mostly of my own transfers and restorations of original shellac recordings. There are many worthy shows in my archives and I've republished them, adding the occasional new program. This schedule, I perceived, would permit me to attend to other matters I've been neglecting over the past several years in addition to providing me a rest from the "treadmill" of weekly programming.

This plan was devised in an atmosphere of only minor disasters occurring and just slightly Herculean efforts to remedy the messes in my life. I went blithely on little suspecting the cataclysmic changes that would take place in the last week. My wife and I have encountered a family emergency so devastating and severe that I find I have no heart for creating a radio program at all and may not for some time to come. (Rest assured it is not a health issue.)

I will continue to upload older shows to my Live365 station and I will send the playlists and links out to those on my mailing list. There will be new RADIOLA! programs eventually if anyone is still interested.


bulldogUK said...

I would like to thank you for the pleasure your programmes have given me ... some of the most entertaining podcasts on the web. Here's hoping that you recover from your hiatus ... godspeed and good luck.

thank you


Unknown said...

This is such sad news.. This is one of the few things in life that brought me joy. Evertime I'd go into the kitchen to start baking or sewing this is the first thing I would turn on. I will continue doing so, as this music brings me to another time and another place. Cheers!

Mary said...

I just found your distressing message and want you to know that you have many well wishers out here--at least 2 in this very house. We have been listening to you devotedly for years and want to thank you for seeing us through some of our darkest hours. Maybe knowing that can help see you through yours. Mp3 downloads of your shows have brightened many a weary commute (including tonight's). Thank you for all the treasures you have shared with us over the years. We will hope that your trials end soon and that we find you up and running again!

Anonymous said...

I want to add my applause to your presentations of your wonderful world of recorded music, and the joy and historical erudition you've added to so many lives out there in the world of the web.

I know Phil Schapp is the Jazz Professor, but you are one of my Jazz Professors too.

I wish you good luck and determination in your family matters, and rest assured that replays of your joy sound very real and of the present for those of us who await your happy return to more RADIOLA!

Best wishes,
Dennis Hermanson, Hillsborough, NC

John G. said...


So sorry to hear about your tough times. I can relate, as last year was very difficult for our family as well. Just when we thought things couldn't get worse, of course they did. Well, 9 months later, things are starting to look up a bit.

Anyway, I just wanted to add my name to the many of us out there that appreciate your efforts. I love the old 1920's and 30's pop tunes and trad. jazz. I also wanted to add my best wishes for you and yours. Hang in there.

best regards,
John G.
Hartford, WI

Anonymous said...

I can only add my own good wishes to those above and hope that the clouds will soon roll by...

Andy said...

Thanks to all! The show is not over. When I get myself acclimated to the Newer Normal I'll probably feel like doing more programs. The old New Normal was bad enough, but this is something else again.

Unknown said...

Count us in as looking forward to your return. In the meantime, we'll happily play your archive recordings for our audience in northern Michigan (and beyond) at our online station (at We hope to establish an FM station eventually, in order to bring your program to more people.

In the meantime, everyone should take a listen to the generous promo that Andy made for our fledgling effort, despite the current difficulties:

If, at the moment, you get Andy's show via streaming or download methods (and you don't already have a local station that would be game to air it), consider starting a low-power FM (LPFM) community station. This October, the FCC will accept applications from non-profits.

With any luck, Andy's brilliant show could more easily be heard on car radios, home stereos and the like. See or for more details. Or drop me a line at for more information.

The Divine Ms. M said...

So sorry to hear of your troubles! I love the show and am looking forward to its return!

Dan said...

All my best, Andy.

Kathy said...

I will keep listening to the reruns because I love your show. Since I only found your station on Live 365 last fall your reruns for the most part will be new to me and even if I've heard them I won't mind. Take care, and take the time you need.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy
My wife and I still love your show and are anxiously waiting for you to get back in there with other treasures of the past.
I know you do a great job, I would like to see your show stretched out to 12 hours each day of the week, but that's because I'm slightly unreasonable !!
Have a good rest Andy, Patricia and I hope you catch up on things and get back in there.
Patrica and Robert Heller, Victoria, BC.

Mike Hobart said...


hope that your world becomes a little brighter as time passes - the well wishes of your many friends around the world may help a little.

Anonymous said...

Love your program, so glad this was on your heart to under-take! It has always amazed me, this time period and it's music! Can you imagine living it the twenties? Thank you again as you have brought much joy with your program!God bless you and your family!

drizzz said...

I wish you and yours all the best. Thank you so much for all the work you've put into providing us with swinging, upbeat, un-hung-up music! I really appreciate you maintaining access to your old programs!

Nick Dragos said...


Glad to hear your recent difficulties are not health related, and I send my heartfelt best wishes.

Of course, your dedicated listeners always look forward to your new offerings, with their wonderful variety, but rest assured these earlier episodes are terrific, too!


Nick D.