Sunday, December 30, 2007


(Week 105)

UPDATE: After the New Year's Eve Special I'm including a repeat of a RADIOLA! from January 13, 2006--"Say Si Si"--so that listeners on the West Coast can shake a leg, also.

I've assembled a program for New Year's Eve this year even though WHCL is still on break. I'll upload it to my Live365 station tonight (Dec. 31), and I'll restart the broadcast shortly before 11 PM Eastern Time (10 PM Central). This will throw off anyone already streaming, so please re-connect to hear the show. The special will last three hours, so those in the Central Time Zone can celebrate, too.

California Ramblers – Changes (1927) – Timeless CBC 1-053
Spike Hughes and his Negro Orchestra – Fanfare (1933) – Retrieval RTR 79005
Ipana Troubadors (Willard Robison, vo.) – Wake Up! Chill’un, Wake Up! (1929) – Columbia 1779-D
Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orch. – She’s No Trouble (1928) – Bluebird 3139-2-RB
Sam Lanin and his Troubadors – You Took Advantage of Me (1928) – Rivermont BSW-1143
Curtis Mosby and his Dixieland Blue Blowers – Louisiana Bo Bo (1929) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8003
Bing Crosby – Let’s Try Again (1932) – Columbia CK 44305
Six Jumping Jacks – Gonna Get a Girl (1927) – Take Two TT503CD
Jimmie Noone and his Apex Club Orch. – I Know that You Know (1928) – King Jazz KJ 152 FS
King Oliver and his Orch. – Struggle Buggy (1930) – Bluebird 2912-2-RB
Alabama Jim and George (W.E.Burton) – Memphis Rhythm (1929) – RST JPCD-1511-2
Frankie Franko and his Louisianans – Somebody Stole My Gal (1930) – Yazoo 2024
Bessie Smith – Alexander’s Ragtime Band (1927) – Excelsior EXL-2-5317
Charlie Johnson’s Paradise Orch. – The Boy in the Boat (1928) – Jazz Archives No. 78
Jimmy Joy’s Orch. – I Got Worry (1928) – Brunswick 3959 (78)
Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians – Auld Lang Syne – Pickwick LP
Jimmie Lunceford and his Orch. – White Heat (1934) – Proper 1597
Annette Hanshaw – Who’s That Knocking at My Door (1927) – Jasmine JASMCD 2542
Boswell Sisters – There’ll Be Some Changes Made (1932) – Collectables COL-CD-6461
Red Allen-Coleman Hawkins Orch. – Minnie The Moocher’s Wedding Day (1933) – Hep CD 1028
Goofus Five – I’ve Got the Girl (1926) – Timeless CBC 1-017
Fats Waller – Valentine Stomp (1929) – JSP CD928D
New Orleans Owls – That’s A-Plenty (1927) – Frog DGF2
Fred Astaire – Top Hat (1935) – Naxos 8.120718
Johnny Johnson and his Statler Pennsylvanians – My One and Only (1927) – RCA 63294-2
Johnny Miller’s New Orleans Frolickers – Panama (1928) – Frog DGF5
King Oliver’s Dixie Syncopators – New Wang Wang Blues (1926) – Frog DGF34
Paul Whiteman and his Orch. – Charleston (1925) – Naxos 8.120628
Savoy Havana Band – Masculine Women, Feminine Men (1926) – Conifer CDHD 160
Louis Armstrong and his Orch. – The Peanut Vendor (1931) – JSP CD 3401
Louis Armstrong and his Orch. – Dinah (1930) – JSP CD 3401
Mills Blue Rhythm Band – Futuristic Jungleism (1931) – Hep CD 1008
West End Jazz Band – Vladivostok (2002) – "Still in the '20s" Legacy 2K 102
Guy Lombardo and his R.C.’ns (Bing Crosby) – Young and Healthy (1933) – Columbia CK 44305
George Gershwin – That Certain Feeling (1926) – Pro Arte Digital CDD 433
Husk O’Hare’s Footwarmers – Milenberg Joys (1928) – Timeless CBC 1-055
Jimmie Noone’s Apex Club Orch. – Deep Trouble (1929) – Collector’s Classics COCD-12
Dixieland Jug Blowers – Memphis Shake (1927) – Frog DGF6
Jabbo Smith’s Rhythm Aces – Decatur Street Tutti (1929) – Retrieval RTR 79013
Henry Allen-Coleman Hawkins Orch. – Heartbreak Blues (1933) – Hep CD 1028
Benny Carter and his Orch. – I Never Knew (1933) – Proper P1369
Joseph Robichaux and his New Orleans Rhythm Boys – King Kong Stomp (1933) – DOCD-1016
Eddie South and his Int’l Orch. – Hejre Kati (1931) – Frog DGF36
Waring’s Pennsylvanians – Glorianna (1928) – Viper’s Nest VN-179
Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five – Beau Koo Jack (1928) – Columbia C4K 57176
Jelly Roll Morton and his Red Hot Peppers – Doctor Jazz (1926) – JSP CD 321
King Oliver’s Dixie Syncopators – Sugar Foot Stomp (1926) – Frog DGF34
Fred Astaire – Let’s Face the Music and Dance (1936) – Naxos 8.120718

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

"Crunchy Clearance" December 25, 2007 INTERNET ONLY

(Week 104)

Thomas Preston Brooke with Brooke's Chicago Marine Band

While WHCL is on hiatus, I decided to create and upload a RADIOLA! program to my Live365 site to alleviate the monotony, and to clear out some transfers in order to make room for the new (old) 2008 models. They're going very low--right now!

Russell Wooding and his Grand Central Red Caps DR – That’s My Desire (1931) – Victor 22718-A
Willard Young and his Orch. (S. Lanin) – Turn on the Heat (1929) – Cameo 9304
Ipana Troubadors (Willard Robison, vo.) – Wake Up! Chill’un, Wake Up! (1929) – Columbia 1779-D
Broadway Nitelites – You’re the Cream in My Coffee (1928) – Columbia 1604-D
Jerry Mason and his Californians – Sweet Jennie Lee (1930) – Harmony 1228-H
Van and his Half Moon Hotel Orch. – Without You, Sweetheart (1927) – Perfect 14918
Columbia Band – Manisot March (Thomas Preston Brooke) (1900) – Columbia A118
William J. Halley – All He Does Is Follow Them Around (1914) – Columbia A1563
Edith Wilson (Johnny Dunn’s Jazz Hounds) – Dixie Blues (1922) – Columbia A3787
Ben Alley – I Surrender, Dear (1931) – Perfect 12716-B
Guy Lombardo and his R.C.’ns (w/Kate Smith) – Too Late (1931) – Columbia 2578-D
Rudy Marlow and his Orch. – If I Were You I’d Fall In Love With Me (1929) – Velvet Tone 1964-V
Pete Wendling – Page Paderewski (1923) – Okeh 4894-A
Ernest Carle’s Society Players – Cry Baby (from “Helen of Troy, NY”) (1923) – Cameo 414
Louisiana Collegians IK – Makin’ Whoopee (1928) – Diva 2794-G
Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys – Good Little, Bad Little You (2004) – “Living in Sin” Coeur de Jeanette
West End Jazz Band – Wedding Bells (2007) – “Singin’ in the Bathtub” Legacy 2K 107
Unknown Columbia Band – Over the Waves (ca. 1920) – Columbia E4173
Yerkes’ S.S. Flotilla Orch. – Blue (1922) – Vocalion B 14389
University Syncopators – Blue Waters (Mosiello) (1930) – Madison 5087 (b)
Alfred Lindsay – Dizzy Fingers (1940s) – Wilcox Gay Home Recording Disc
Van and his Half Moon Hotel Orch. – Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella (1927) – Perfect 14918-B
Russell Wooding and his Grand Central Red Caps – I Can’t Get Enough of You (1931) – Victor 22718-B
Irving Kaufman – Chinese Blues (1915) – Victor 17919-A
Dixie Daisies – I’ve Got a Song For Sale (1923) – Cameo 414
Waring’s Pennsylvanians – Nashville Nightingale (1924) – Victor 19492-B
Lonnie Johnson – Beautiful But Dumb (1931) – Okeh 8898
Roy Smeck and his Tropical Serenaders (Tony Sacco, vo.) – Chasing Shadows (1935) – Banner 350922-B
Henry Busse and his Orch. – Hot Lips (1934) – Banner 33260
Kay Kyser and his Orch. (Ginny Simms, vo.) – You Go to My Head (1938) – Brunswick 8185
Cy Walter and his Orch. (Vincent Curran, vo.) – You Have Cast Your Shadow on the Sea (1939) – Liberty Music Shop L-246
Brunswick Concert Orch. – The Perfect Song (1929) – Brunswick 4632

Sunday, December 23, 2007



Dec 27, 2007 @ 04:24 PM

UTICA - A benefit concert for Elwood’s Coffeehouse & Roadshow will take place Sunday, Jan. 13 at The Electric Company, Varick Street.

Elwood’s is being torn down Friday after it suffered severe damage in a fire that began next-door at 612 Columbia St. and killed 22-year-old Brittany Platt.

Anthony “Zee” Donaldson, owner of nearby The Electric Company, said he wanted to do what he could to help Elwood’s owner Dan Olah rebuild.

Olah and his girlfriend/business partner also lived upstairs from the coffeehouse.
The concert’s lineup includes Choke Slam, Paul Fullem, Joe Sweet and Jeremy Petrie.

Tickets are a $5 donation, which will go directly to the Elwood’s fund, Donaldson said.

UPDATE: Elwood's will be torn down. The damage was too extensive to the structure, and Dan Olah and Cathy DiCastro are in the process of salvaging what they can from the building. Dan and Cathy lived upstairs, and lost everything in the fire. You can help by contacting the Red Cross in Utica at THIS link, or see the comment section of this post for other options.

Elwood's Coffee House, a wonderful restaurant, cafe, and music venue, burned last night. Even more sadly, there was loss of life in the apartment building next door where the fire started. Elwood's was extensively damaged, and may have to be torn down.

My wife and I ate there numerous times, and found the food and atmosphere delightful. Our thoughts go out to the owners, Dan and Cathy. We loved Elwood's and appreciate all that it contributed to our city. We hope that they will reopen.

"Now's the time to give your share . . ."

Yesterday, I received a copy of the original 1929 sheet music to my RADIOLA! theme, "Wake Up! Chill'un, Wake Up!" stated as having lyrics by Jo Trent and music by Willard Robison. What is remarkable is that on the Ipana Troubadors recording (Columbia 1779-D) I use as the theme, Willard Robison himself sings, "Love is in power/Now's the time to give your share," while in the printed sheet music and on every other recording of the tune, the lyric is "Now's the time to get your share."

I have to assume that the composition of the song was somewhat more collaborative than otherwise indicated, and that Robison preferred the more "giving" version. Perhaps the change came after the song was published, and it could not be amended. It's a deeply philosophical song, with amazing imagery and a timeless message. Changing the more selfish "get" to the more emotionally mature "give" is a logical--and vast--improvement. (After all, in order to get love you have to give love--which some of my friends in their 40s are still figuring out.)

Robison's change makes the song nearly perfect. I'd have to consider his reading of the lyric to be the definitive version, supplanting even the published version. And it's certainly something to consider in this season of giving.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

"A Solstice Garland" December 14, 2007

(Week 103)

This end-0f-season RADIOLA! was compiled hurriedly on Friday after a week of medical appointments and other intrusive aspects of real life. As a special treat, I've included the 1965 interview Richard Lamparski did with Connee and Vet Boswell for his "Whatever Happened To" series. This will be the last new RADIOLA! for about a month--WHCL is on Winter Break until after MLK Day.

Ernest Hare and Co. – Santa Claus at the North Pole (1924) – Cameo 610
Fletcher Henderson – Money Blues (1925) – Columbia 35669
Ipana Troubadors – Wake Up! Chillun, Wake Up! (1929) – Columbia 1779-D
Eddie Cantor and Phil Spitalny – Cheer Up! (1931) – Jass J-CD-639
The Revelers – When Yuba Plays the Rhumba on the Tuba (1931) – ASV Living Era 5278
Boswell Sisters – Hand Me Down My Walking Cane (1932) – Collectables COL-CD-6462
McKinney’s Cotton Pickers – It’s a Lonesome Old Town (1931) – King Jazz KJ 124 FS
Spike Hughes and his Negro Orch. – Nocturne (1933) – Retrieval RTR 79005
Red Nichols and his Five Pennies – Margie (1928) – Quadromania 222464-444
Russ Columbo – Sweet and Lovely (1931) – Victor 27635-A
Noah Beery – One Little Drink (“Song of the Flame”) (1930) – Brunswick 2828
Boswell Sisters – Wha’ Dja Do To Me? (1931) – Pro Arte Digital CDD550
The Georgians (IK) – If I Had a Talking Picture of You (1929) – Velvet Tone 2034
Sam Lanin and his Orch. – Paddlin’ Madelin’ Home (1925) – Perfect 14497-B
The Westerners (U6) – The Pay Off (1928) – Harmony 651-H
Al Gallodoro – Manhattan (2003) – “Sarasota Saxes” Golden Rooster Records
West End Jazz Band (Leah LaBrea) – Baltimore (2007) – "Singin' in the Bathtub" Legacy 2K 107
Charlie Straight and his Orch. – Hi Diddle Diddle (1926) – Timeless CBC 1-055
Boswell Sisters – When I Take My Sugar to Tea (1931) – Pro Arte Digital CDD550
Richard Lamparski interview with Connee and Vet Boswell (1965) -
Nat Shilkret and his Orch. – Get Happy (1930) – Victor 22444-A

Monday, December 10, 2007


A couple of years ago I bought Glen Richards' mp3 CD of Hot Dance and Jazz selections. Since then, he has added many more recordings to his archive, and you can buy something like 600 hot dance sides on three CD-ROMs for $60. (Or buy the CDs individually for $20 apiece.) These discs play in your computer and on mp3-CD players, and you can make CDs of the soundfiles to play on your home stereo or in the car. A deal like this defines the word "bargain." Glen has unearthed some very rare and delightful recordings indeed, and has painstakingly restored them. Here's his newsletter:

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know that the Archive MP3 CD-ROMs and Audio CDs are now available. The Archive MP3 CD-ROMs consist of 3 CD-ROMs with the MP3 files that were released in 2002-2004, 2005-2006 and all the MP3s released in 2007 (including those that haven't appeared yet on the site for the December release). Each disk is packed in a paper sleeve and is $20US, plus shipping to anywhere in the world.

The Audio CDs consist of 7 volumes, each containing recordings released in 2007, in the Audio CD format (just like you'd purchase in a record store). Each Audio CD is packed in a jewel case with a four-page booklet, and is $14US, plus shipping to anywhere in the world.

I'm selling the disks through, and you can reach the sales page from my site or you can click on this link.

Also, I've added scans of four issues of "The Metronome" magazine from 1926 in the Vintage Images section of the website - there are lots of neat ads, photos and tidbits of information scattered throughout (especially a mention of the Jean Goldkette band playing at the Roseland Ballroom). Be sure to check it out.

I've also added some content to the discussion forums under "Glen's Rant and Raves" - a look back at what's happened over the last year.

Finally, I'll be posting new tunes to the site about December 15th - I may do it sooner, if I can. I'll let everyone know as soon as they're posted!



Glen Richards (
The Hot-Dance & Vintage Jazz Pages

Sunday, December 09, 2007


I usually don't push my own music on the program, but I kind of like how this recording turned out. Left-click HERE, and you can either download it or play it with your default media player. (Assuming the link works.) The ambient sound of the cappuccino machine adds that little extra something to the performance.

Friday, December 07, 2007

"Year-End Crunch" December 7, 2007

(Week 102)

I'm back this week to interrupt the hockey season with a new RADIOLA! It's an all-shellac edition this week, and the biscuits start spinning at 8 PM ET on WHCL 88.7 FM.

The Revelers – Lucky Day (1926) – Victor 20111-A
Vincent Lopez and his Casa Lopez Orch – Hello, Bluebird! (1926) – Brunswick 3368-A
Ipana Troubadors – Wake Up! Chillun, Wake Up! (1929) – Columbia 1779-D
Cliff Roberts and his Orch – Breakaway (1929) – Cameo 9193
Ross Gorman and his Orch (Dahlhart, vo.) – The Prisoner’s Song (1926) – Columbia 563-D
Jacques Renard and his Orch (JM) – You Went Away Too Far (1927) – Victor 20487-A
Columbia Band – Liberty Bell March (1901) – Columbia A116
Rhoda Bernard – Roll Your Yiddish Eyes At Me (1916) – Victor 17994-A
Al Jolson – ‘N Everything (1917) – Columbia A2519
Guy Lombardo and his R. C’ns w/Kate Smith – River, Stay ‘Way From My Door (1931) – Col. 2578-D
Noah Beery w/The Vitaphone Orch – The Whip (from “Golden Dawn”) (1930) – Brunswick 4828
Ted Wallace and his Campus Boys (SB) – Huggable, Kissable You (1929) – Columbia 1938-D
Miss Patricola w/The Virginians – Lovin’ Sam (1922) – Victor 18976-A
Harry Jentes – The Cat’s Pajamas (1923) – Okeh 4850-B
Lou Gold and his Orch – Sweet and Low Down (1926) – Harmony 98-H
Alfred Lindsay – Valse Lucille (1940s?) – Wilcox-Gay Home Recording Disc
Unknown Singers – The Whiffenpoof (1940s?) – Rock-Ola Safety Rim Home Recording Disc
Henry Busse and his Orch (Richard Barry) – I’m Thru With Love (1931) – Victor 22677-B
Mills’ Merry Makers (Al Shayne) – Moanin’ Low (1929) – Pathe Actuelle 37027A
Kate Smith – Grievin’ (1931) – Clarion 5228-C
Earl Shirkey and Roy Harper – When the Roses Bloom for the Bootlegger (1928) – Col 15326-D
Ruth Etting – If I Could Be With You (1930) – Columbia 2300-D
Nat Shilkret and his Orch (SL) - Susianna (1928) - Victor 21996-B
Edith Clifford – Yes Flo! (1927) – Columbia 901-D
Lonnie Johnson – From a Wash Woman on Up (1931) – Okeh 8898
Duke Wilson and his Ten Blackberries (Henderson) – How Am I Doin’? (1932) – Perfect 15603-A
Leo Reisman and his Orch (FM) – Out of Nowhere (1931) – Victor 22668-A
Hal Kemp and his Orch – Shadows on the Swanee (1933) – Brunswick 6616
Ruby Newman and his Orch – Without My Walking Stick (1938) – Decca 1893-B
Les Brown and his Duke Blue Devils – Swamp Fire (1937) – Decca 1231-A
Vincent Lopez and his Casa Lopez Orch – I’m On My Way Home (1926) – Brunswick 3368-B

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I've made several unsuccessful attempts to log in to the A-Infos Radio Project where I have about two years of programs archived. Does anyone know what happened to this site?

UPDATE: It came up a minute ago--and then was elusive again. It's like freaking Brigadoon. But at least it's out there--with all my old shows--somewhere.

UPDATE 2 (12/8/2007): It seems to be there more reliably now, and I've just uploaded two more RADIOLA! shows.