Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Tribute to Glucose (December 2, 2005)

(Week 19)

This Friday's program will be a pancreatic panegyric and an enticement to your musical sweet tooth. I've devoted to the whole shebang to a celebration of "Sugar" (five recordings of four songs by that title) and all manner of variants on the theme. I have decidedly mixed feelings on the topic, but I've decided to confront it squarely, and with extra insulin. To make the show even sweeter, I've included cuts from the new West End Jazz Band album (please scroll down for details!) as well a couple of "jams" from earlier releases. Tune in to WHCL at 8 PM ET and get your just desserts!

Update: this show is now on Live 365. Enjoy!

Alberta Hunter with Fats Waller – Sugar – Bluebird 07863 66065-2
West End Jazz Band – Camel Walk – Legacy 2K 106
Ocarina Soloist – William Tell Overture – Columbia 78
Jimmie Noone’s Apex Club Orch. – So Sweet – Classics 641
Doc Cook’s Dreamland Orch. – Brown Sugar – Disky DO 999872
Henry “Red”Allen and his New York Orch. – Sugar Hill Function – Classics 540
Al Bowlly – My Sweet – Rathbone 0351
Louis Armstrong and his Orch. – My Sweet – Columbia/Legacy C4K 57176
Piccadilly Revels Band – Ain’t She Sweet – Music & Memories MMD 1007
West End Jazz Band – Down Among the Sugar Cane – Legacy 2k 101
West End Jazz Band – Sugar Babe I’m Leavin’ – Legacy 2K 103
West End Jazz Band – Dardanella – Legacy 2K 106
Al Bernard – Sugar – Brunswick 78
Frank Trumbauer and his Orch. – Sugar – Columbia CK 46175
Fletcher Henderson and his Orch. – Sugar – Columbia/Legacy C3K 57596
Wilmoth Houdini – Sweet Like a Honey Bee – Arhoolie Folklyric CD 7010
The Lion – Vitalogy – Rounder CD 1077
Antobal’s Cubans – El Maraquero – Harlequin HQ CD 123
Frank Trumbauer and his Orch. – My Sweeter than Sweet – The Old Masters mb108
Ben Selvin and his Orch. – My Sweet Tooth Says “I Wanna” – The Old Masters mb102
Clyde McCoy and his Orch. – Sugar Blues – Sony Special Products A2 23671
Musical Stevedores – Honeycomb Harmony – Frog DGF32
Fred Hall and his Sugar Babies – Butterscotch Treat – The Old Masters mb 106
Frank Trumbauer and his Orch. – Clarinet Marmalade – Columbia CK 45450
Fats Waller and his Rhythm – Armful O’ Sweetness – Bluebird 08763 66618-2
Fats Waller and his Rhythm – Sweetie Pie – Bluebird 08763 66618-2
Fats Waller and his Rhythm – Honeysuckle Rose – Bluebird 07863 66618-2
Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orch. – Sugar – Bluebird 3139-2-RB
Fletcher Henderson and his Orch. – Sugar Foot Stomp – Columbia/Legacy C4K 57176
Louis Armstong and his Savoy Ballroom Five – Sugar Foot Strut – Columbia CK 63851
The Wolverines – When My Sugar Walks Down the Street – Gold Sound DCD-772
Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orch. – She’s Sweeter than Sugar – Classics 549
Fats Waller – Sweet Sue – Stash ST-CD-539

Friday, November 25, 2005

No soap, no Radiola!

The special RADIOLA! planned for this week did not come to pass. At 7 PM the building housing WHCL was locked and no one was answering the bell. Rather than hang around Clinton (which seemed to be having some sort of Black Friday Festival) Sue and I came home. Giddy holiday commerce depresses us so.

Even though there is no new show this week (though there will be next Friday, Deo Volente), I will endeavor to add new content to the Live 365 site. Just because I'm thwarted is no reason you should be.

UPDATE: Because the WHCL broadcast schedule has been disrupted of late, I updated the Live 365 RADIOLA! site on 11/25 with a large number of individual MP3 files of 78 RPM recordings from my collection.

Friday, November 18, 2005

"We're in the Money" --SATURDAY November 19, 2005

(Week 18)

Here's the playlist I've planned for this Saturday's special 6 to 8 PM EST RADIOLA! broadcast on WHCL. The not-too-subtle theme of money, and the abundance (or lack) thereof, is to commemorate the (tentative) sale of my boyhood home. "Things Are Looking Up," indeed--now we'll (theoretically) be able to hire a certified squirrel wrangler and get the roof fixed. This bids fair to be a bracing alternative to Garrison Keillor:

Dick Powell – The Gold Diggers’ Song (We’re in the Money) – Legacy/Columbia CK66978
West End Jazz Band – The Pay-Off – Legacy 2K 101
Ocarina Soloist – William Tell Overture – Columbia 78
Ben Pollack and his Park Central Orch. – Buy, Buy, for Baby – Jazz Oracle BDW 8015
Gene Kardos and his Orch. – Now’s the Time to Fall in Love – The Old Masters mb121
The Charleston Chasers – Five Pennies – Living Era ASV CD AJA 5316
Frank Crumit – The Tale of the Ticker – Pro Arte Digital CDD 3407
Fred Astaire – Things are Looking Up – Charly CDCD 1075
Ethel Merman – Ridin’ High – Pro Arte CDD 473
Flecher Henderson and his Orch. – Easy Money – Columbia/Legacy C3K 57596
Jabbo Smith and his Rhythm Aces – ‘Til Times Get Better – Retrieval RTR 79013 JAZZ
Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orch. – She’s No Trouble – Bluebird 3139-2-RB
Ruth Etting – Ten Cents a Dance – Living Era ASV CD AJA 5008
Bing Crosby – Brother Can You Spare a Dime? – Columbia C3K 44229
Bing Crosby – Pennies From Heaven – Pro Arte Digital CDD 432
Savoy Bearcats – Nightmare – Frog DGF8
Jesse Stone and his Blues Serenaders – Starvation Blues – Timeless CBC 1-036 JAZZ
Ben Selvin and his Orch. – Last Doller [sic] – The Old Masters mb102
The Tiger – Money is King – Arhoolie Folklyric CD 7004
Wilmoth Houdini – Poor But Ambitious – Arhoolie Folklyric CD 7010
The Executor – I Don’t Know How the Young Men Living – Arhoolie Folklyric CD 7004
The Varsity Eight – Oh, Joe – Timeless CBC 1-062
The Goofus Five – I’ve Got the Girl – Timeless CBC 1-017 JAZZ
The Little Ramblers – I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Me) – Timeless CBC 1-037 JAZZ
Cliff Edwards – I Can’t Give You Anything But Love – Sony Music Special Products A 26475
Dick Powell – With Plenty of Money and You – Great Movie Themes CD 60020
Lee Wiley – Easy Come, Easy Go – Living Era ASV CD AJA 5417
Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five – Big Butter and Egg Man – Columbia/Legacy C4K 57176
Louis Armstrong and his Orch. – I’m in the Market for You – Columbia CK 46996
Louis Armstrong and his Savoy Ballroom Five – Beau Koo Jack – Columbia/Legacy C4K 57176
Eddie Lang – There’ll Be Some Changes Made – Retrieval RTR 79015
Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians – A Cottage for Sale – Collectors’ Choice CCM-299-2
Oscar Aleman – Sweet Sue – Acoustic Disc ACD-29

Thursday, November 10, 2005

An Analog Guy in a Digital World (November 4, 2005)

(Week 17)

We're back in business, with a new hard drive. Here is the playlist for last Friday, when I was cut off from the digital world. It turned out to be one of my better programs, actually. It is now up and running on my Live 365 RADIOLA! site:

Jimmie Grier and his Orch. – Bend Down Sister – Take Two TT421CD
Fred Astaire – They All Laughed – Charly CDCD1075
Ocarina Soloist – William Tell Overture – Columbia 78
Russ Carlson and the High Steppers – You’re Blase – The Old Masters mb115
Leo Reisman and his Orch. – You’ve Got that Thing – ABC 836-190-2
Ben Bernie and his Hotel Roosevelt Orch. – He’s the Last Word – ASV CD AJA 5002
Mound City Blue Blowers – One Hour – Bluebird 9683-2-RB
Fletcher Henderson and his Orch. – Somebody Loves Me – Columbia/Legacy C3K 57596
Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orch. – Blue Room – Classics 591
Ethel Merman – Down in the Depths on the 90th Floor – Pro Arte CDD473
Sophie Tucker – What’ll You Do? – Take Two TT404CD
Vaughn De Leath – Crazy Words, Crazy Tune – Take Two TT503CD
George Olsen and his Music – Horses – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5388
Fred Hall and his Sugar Babies – I’m Wild About Horns on Automobiles – TOM mb 106
Casa Loma Orch – Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet – Hep CD 1051
Gene Green – King of the Bungaloos – RCA 09026-63206-2
Frank Crumit – The King of Borneo – Pro Arte CDD 3407
Joe Venuti’s Blue Four – The Man From the South – JSP CD3402
The Lion – Ba Boo La La – Rounder CD 1077
Felix and his Krazy Kats – Bei Mir Bist du Schoen – Rounder CD 1054
Atilla the Hun – The Five Year Plan – Arhoolie Folklyric CD 7004
Jimmie Noone’s Apex Club Orch – My Melancholy Baby – Classics 632
Luis Russell and his Orch. – The New Call of the Freaks – JSP CD 308
Sam Morgan’s Jazz Band – Steppin’ on the Gas – Jazz Oracle BDW 8002
Nat Gonella – Moon Country – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5300
Joe “Wingy” Manone – Isn’t There a Little Love? – Classics 774
Louis Prima – In a Little Gypsy Tea Room – JSP CD 339
Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians – Shanghai Lil – Columbia CK 44407
Harry Roy and his Orch. – What a Difference a Day Made – ASV CD AJA 5225
Phil Harris and his Orch. – You–Just Wonderful You – Take Two TT416CD
Slim and Slam – Ferdinand the Bull – Classics 705
Eddie South and his Orch. – Old Man Harlem – Classics 707
Don Redman and his Orch. – Sweet Sue–Just You – ASV CD AJA 5110
Eddie South and his Orch. – Gotta Go! – Classics 707