Wednesday, November 29, 2006

RADIOLA! will air this Saturday (Dec. 2) at 6 PM EST

The cabin fever was getting to me, so when a slot opened up on Saturday at 6 PM EST on WHCL I had to offer to sub. I realize I'll be competing with Garrison Keillor for the attentions of the tote-bag brigade. Therefore, I'll try to make it wholesome, and wistful, and poignant-like. I'll attempt to weave a spell of nostalgic melancholy over last week's leftovers, one that will have you sobbing into your Kraft dinners and three-bean-salads.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


It looks like there will be an absence of RADIOLA! on WHCL for the third consecutive week as Hamilton Hockey gets under way next Friday. Also, I must apologize for the lack of new programming on my Live365 station. I've been convalescing from a bit of a cold and have done plenty of reading (mostly Terry Pratchett--good funny stuff for the sickbed) but have given no thought to my show (or, I regret to say, my bored listeners) other than to spend way too much money on eBay 78s (ostensibly for the program).

I will endeavor to get something assembled this week for the Live365 stream, at any rate.

Friday, November 17, 2006

If You Download RADIOLA! Please Contribute

If you use the excellent free service The a-Infos Radio Project to download old RADIOLA! programs, you should really kick in some money to keep the site going. There are hundreds of great programs on the site, most far better than what you hear on the corporate AM-FM outlets. So, if you would, PLEASE CONTRIBUTE.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Back to Hiatusville

Owing to this Friday's basketball game at Hamilton College (which justifiably takes priority) and the subsequent Thanksgiving Holiday (during which the station will be closed), RADIOLA! will not be heard on WHCL for the next two weeks.

HOWEVER, if you MUST have it, it WILL be heard, round the clock, on Live365 as always. As a gesture of mercy to those who are thrown upon the expedient of listening to my reruns I will attempt to post some choice web-only material to reward their attention. (Leftover turkey once a day is enough.)

Stray bits of nourishing RADIOLA! from the back of the fridge (still perfectly good) may also be found HERE.

In two weeks time, I will return, tanned and ready to regale you with my exploits in Hiatusville.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

"No!" November 10, 2006

(Week 63)

We explore the Art of Zestful Negation in this RADIOLA! No foolin'!
Tune in Friday at 8 PM EST on WHCL.

Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five – No (Papa No) (1928) – Columbia/Legacy C4K 63527
Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orch – She’s No Trouble (1928) – Bluebird 3139-2-RB
Mose Tapiero – William Tell Overture (1912) – Columbia 787 RPM
Fletcher Henderson and his Orch – My Papa Doesn’t Two Time No Time (1924) – Rivermont BSW1141
Green Brothers Novelty Band – Yes! We Have No Bananas (1923) – UCSB Cylinder Collection
The Dixie Stompers – Feelin’ Good (1928) – Timeless CBC 1-069
Fred Hall and his Sugar Babies – Tain’t No Sin (1930) – The Old Masters mb106
Harry Archer Orchestra – There Ain’t No Maybe in My Baby’s Eyes (1926) – Take Two TT509CD
Castle Farms Serenaders (Bill Haid) – Tain’t So, Honey, Tain’t So (1928) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8039
Miff Mole and his Molers – Feelin’ No Pain (1927) – Gold Sound DCD-772
Savoy Orpheans (Carroll Gibbons, dir.)– She Don’t Wanna (1927) – Conifer CDHD 160
McKinney’s Cotton Pickers – Stop Kidding (1928) – Giants of Jazz CD 53220
Tram, Bix, and Eddie – For No Reason At All in C (1927) – Columbia CK 45450
Emmett Miller – I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None o’ This Jelly Roll (1928) (tr.9)– Columbia CD
The Cotton Pickers – No Parking (1929) – Timeless CBC 1-049 JAZZ
Columbia Photo Players (Selvin) – Happy Days are Here Again (1930) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5318
Carroll Gibbons and the Savoy Orpheans – A Little Bit Independent (1936) – Pulse PBXCD 442/3
Casa Loma Orch. – Dance of the Lame Duck (1932) – Hep CD 1051
Bert Williams – Nobody (1913) (tr. 9) – Archeophone 5003
Louis Armstrong and his Orch. – I Ain’t Got Nobody (1929) – Columbia CK 46996
Wingy Manone and his Orch. – Never Had No Lovin’ (1934) – Classics 774
Antobal’s Cubans – The Night the Lady Said “No” (1937) – Harlequin HQ 123
Ben Selvin and his Orch. – She Didn’t Say “Yes” (1931) – The Old Masters mb102
Lonnie Johnson – Somebody’s Got to Go (1941) – Bluebird 07863 66064-2
Jan Garber and his Orch. – You Don’t Like It–Not Much (1926) – The Old Masters mb119
Louis Armstrong and his Orch. – Ain’t Misbehavin’ (1929) – Columbia CK 46148
Henry “Red” Allen and his Orch. – I’ll Never Say “Never Agaiu” Again (1935) – Topaz TPZ1023
Mildred Bailey and her Orch. – Never in a Million Years (1937) – Properbox 57
Fred Astaire – Isn’t This a Lovely Day (1936) – Charly CDCD 1075
Fats Waller and his Rhythm – Don’t Let it Bother You (1936) – Bluebird 07863-66618-2
Eddie South and his Orch. – No More Blues (1933) – Frog DGF36
Duke Ellington and his Orch. – It Don’t Mean a Thing (1932) – Pro Arte Digital CDD 482
George Formby – It’s Turned Out Nice Again (1939) – Hallmark 300282
Ray Starita and his Ambassadors’ Club Orch. – Wake Up, Chill’un, Wake Up (1929) – Avid AVC539

Friday, November 03, 2006

"Political Science" November 3, 2006

(Week 62)

A pre-election RADIOLA! that is fraught with skepticism--and (Groucho) Marxism. Tune in tonight at 8 PM ET on WHCL.

Groucho Marx, Margaret Dumont – Opening Number from “Duck Soup” (1933) – MCA Home Video
Mose Tapiero – William Tell Overture (1912) – Columbia 78 RPM
Waring’s Pennsylvanians – Looking at the World Through Rose Colored Glasses (1926) – CCM-175-2
Gus Arnheim and his Orch. – You Don’t Know What You’re Doing (1931) – Take Two TT410CD
Ed Lloyd and his Orch. – I May Be Wrong, But I Think You’re Wonderful (1929) – TOM mb110
Ruth Etting – Let Me Sing and I’m Happy (1930) – Take Two TT403CD
Red McKenzie and his Rhythm Kings – I’m Building Up to an Awful Let-Down (1936) – Timeless 019
Vaughn DeLeath – Crazy Words, Crazy Tune (1927) – Take Two TT503CD
Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orch. – Elephant Wobble (1923) – Classics 549
Philip Spitalny and his Orch. – Jackass Blues (1926) – Timeless CBC 1-072 JAZZ
Bill Haid’s Cubs – You Took Advantage of Me (1928) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8039
Bing Crosby – Stay on the Right Side of the Road (1933) – Columbia CK 44306
Richard Himber and his Orch. (Joey Nash, vo.) – Love Thy Neighbor (1934) – Renovation 7002
Dick Powell – All’s Fair in Love and War (1936) – Great Movie Themes CD 60020
Una Mae Carlisle – Blitzkrieg Baby (1941) – Swing RCA Victor LP
King Radio – Sedition Law (1939) – Arhoolic Folklyric CD 7004
Marx Brothers and Company – Chico’s Trial; Fredonia’s Going to War (1933) – Duck Soup (MCA Home Video)
Annette Hanshaw – You Wouldn’t Fool Me, Would You? (1929) – Take Two TT408CD
The Boswell Sisters – Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (1932) – Collectables COL-CD-6461
Bertha Idaho – Down on Pennsylvania Avenue (1929) – Frog DGF17
Tom Dorsey and his Novelty Orch. – You Can’t Cheat a Cheater (1929) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8005
Paul Whiteman and his Orch. – Changes (1927) – ABC 838 215-2
Frank Trumbauer – I’m Wonderin’ Who (1927) – Columbia CK45450
Isham Jones – What’s the Use (1930) – Memphis Archives MA7014
Waring’s Pennsylvanians – Little White Lies (1930) – Collectors’ Choice CCM-175-2
Carroll Gibbons and the Savoy Orpheans – I’ve Got a Feelin’ You’re Foolin’ (1936) – Pulse PBXCD422/3
Fats Waller – Don’t Try Your Jive On Me (1939) – QED015
Mildred Bailey – Peace, Brother! (1939) – Properbox 57
George Formby – Bless ‘Em All (1940) – Hallmark 300282
Ray Starita and his Ambassadors’ Club Orch. – Wake Up! Chill’un, Wake Up! (1929) – Avid AVC539