Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Back to Hiatusville

Owing to this Friday's basketball game at Hamilton College (which justifiably takes priority) and the subsequent Thanksgiving Holiday (during which the station will be closed), RADIOLA! will not be heard on WHCL for the next two weeks.

HOWEVER, if you MUST have it, it WILL be heard, round the clock, on Live365 as always. As a gesture of mercy to those who are thrown upon the expedient of listening to my reruns I will attempt to post some choice web-only material to reward their attention. (Leftover turkey once a day is enough.)

Stray bits of nourishing RADIOLA! from the back of the fridge (still perfectly good) may also be found HERE.

In two weeks time, I will return, tanned and ready to regale you with my exploits in Hiatusville.

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