Friday, March 28, 2008

"Hot Dance Heaven" March 28, 2008

(Week 116)

If you're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, a stack of Hot Dance 78s is as good a panacea as any. This RADIOLA! invites you to dust off your patent leather shoes and roll up the carpets. (I won't be held liable for damage to wall-to-wall installations.) I've programmed in the appropriate vocal interludes so you can catch your breath. Tune in tonight at 8 PM Eastern to WHCL-FM (and stream it here)--and I'll upload the aircheck Saturday to my Live365 station.

Georgians (Johnny Morris, v.) – Let’s Do It (1928) – Harmony 776-H
Ben Bernie and his Orch. – One More Time (1931) – Brunswick 6063
Ipana Troubadors – Wake Up! Chill’un, Wake Up! (1929) – Columbia 1779-D
Max Fisher and his California Orch. – Strum My Blues Away (1927) – Columbia 1064-D
Dixie Music Makers – Slow River (1927) – Romeo 393
Herman Kenin’s Amb. Hotel Orch. – I’m The Last of the Red Hot Mommas (1929) – Victor 22005-B
Rosa Henderson – Hard Hearted Hannah (1924) – WHRA 6003-7
Vernon Dalhart – Hula Lou (1924) – Pathe Actuelle 032025
Annette Hanshaw – Miss Annabelle Lee (1927) – WHRA 6004-1
Lucky Devils (Wilson and McClelland, v.) – For You and Me (1927) – Perfect 14857
Paul Mills and his Merry Makers – Bad Girl (1928) – Romeo 804
Zez Confrey and his Orch – Kitten on the Keys (1927) – Victor 20777-A
Al Bernard – Tain’t So, Honey, Tain’t So (1928) – WHRA 6004-4
Bessie Smith – Squeeze Me (1925) – WHRA 6003-8
Williams Sisters – Sam, The Old Accordion Man (1926) – WHRA 6003-8
Baker-Baldwin Radiogram Washboards – Southbound (1992) – Stomp Off CD1243 “Ozark Blues”
West End Jazz Band – The Ramble (2002) – Legacy 2K 102 “Still In the ‘20s”
Gene Rodemich and his Orch. – Fate (1922) – Brunswick 2379-B
Mound City Blue Blowers – San (1924) – Brunswick 2602-A
Georgians (Johnny Morris, v.) – Glorianna (1928) – Harmony 776-H
Boswell Sisters – Nights When I’m Lonely (1925) – WHRA 6003-7
Sophie Tucker – Cause I Feel Low Down (1928) – WHRA 6004-3
Ethel Waters – I Found a New Baby (1926) – WHRA 6003-8
Charley Straight and his Orch. (Frank Sylvano, v.) – Sentimental Baby (1928) – Brunswick 3900-B
Lou Silver and his Orch. (Lou Gold) – One Sweet Letter From You (1927) – Romeo 407
Fred Rich and his Hotel Astor Orch. – Do Do Do (1926) – Columbia 802-D
The Virginians – Farewell Blues (1923) – Victor 19032-A
Gene Rodemich and his Orch. – Teddy Bear Blues (1922) – Brunswick 2379-A
Abe Lyman and his California Orch. – That’s All There Is (1925) – Brunswick 2934-B
Jean Goldkette and his Orch. – Hoosier Sweetheart (1927) – Victor 20471-B
Benny Meroff and his Orch. – Smiling Skies (1928) – WHRA 6004-3
Charlie Straight and his Orch. (Frank Sylvano, v.) – Sweet Sue-Just You (1928) – Brunswick 3900-A

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Last night, The Al Gallodoro Quartet (Al on sax, JoAnn Chmielowski on piano, Tom Wetmore on bass, and Joe Tokarowski on drums) played the last gig at the Sego Cafe in Oneonta. It's a sad fact of life that many delightful venues close, but last night's performance was a real New Orleans-style send-off to the Sego. Al and the band played brilliantly to a packed house--a standing-room-only crowd, at one point--and there was joy mingled with the regret of closing. "The Hour of Parting" (a heartbreakingly beautiful number that Al featured on his "Out of Nowhere" CD) literally came all too soon. But after "The Hour of Parting" Al finished the night with Ray Noble's "Cherokee"--and swung it hard.

Chances are that Al and his group will find another venue shortly. But the last night at the Sego was sad, and delightful--and Al Gallodoro at his best.

Al, JoAnn, and the host of RADIOLA! at the Sego last night

Friday, March 21, 2008

"Here We Go Again!" March 21, 2008

(Week 115)

Feeling sub-prime lately? This RADIOLA! confronts the new Depression with all the great music left over from the last one. So what if you're living in your car? The radio reception is better there. Tune in tonight to WHCL 88.7 FM (or stream if you can steal a bit of bandwidth) at 8 PM EDT, and the aircheck will be uploaded to my Live365 station this weekend.

Ben Bernie and his Hotel Roosevelt Orch. – Roses of Yesterday (1928) – Brunswick 4058
Flanagan and Allen – Underneath the Arches (1932) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5182
Ipana Troubadors – Wake Up! Chill’un, Wake Up! (1929) – Columbia 1779-D
Jack Hylton and his Orch. – Happy Days Are Here Again (1930) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5195
George Olsen and his Orch. – I’m In The Market For You (1930) – Jass J-CD-639
Joan Crawford – How Long Will It Last? (1932) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5011
Coon-Sander’s Nighthawks – Everything is Hotsy-Totsy Now (1925) – Victor 19750-A
Nat Shilkret Victor Orch. (Gene Austin, v.) – Some Day (1926) – Victor 20336-B
The Buffalodians – Deep Henderson (1926) – Columbia 665-D
Bing Crosby – Let’s Spend An Evening At Home (1933) – Columbia CK 44306
Ramona and Roy Bargy – Raising the Rent (1933) – Bluebird 82876-50958-2
New York Twelve – A Cottage For Sale (1930) – Archeophone ARCH 3002
Joe Robichaux and his N.O.R.B. – Stormy Weather (1933) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8057
Duke Ellington Orch. (Ivie Anderson, v.) – Troubled Waters (1933) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5420
Henry Allen-Coleman Hawkins Orch. – The River’s Takin’ Care of Me (1933) – Hep CD 1028
Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks – Mournful Serenade (1993) – Stomp Off CD 1260
Al Gallodoro (w/The Beau Hunks) – The Hour of Parting (1999) – Basta 30-9092-2
Gene Austin – A Ghost of a Chance (1932) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5182
Nathan Glantz Orch. (Leroy Montesano, v.) – Life Means Nothing To Me (1928) – Banner 7186-B
The Carpal Tunnel Kid – Cavorting With Kevorkian (1996) – “Non-Plugged”
Charlie Palloy and his Orch. – Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (1932) – The Old Masters mb118
High Hatters – Ten Cents a Dance (1930) – Bluebird 82876-50958-2
Henry Allen-Coleman Hawkins Orch. – Dark Clouds (1933) – Hep CD 1028
Dorsey Brothers’ Orch. – Have a Little Faith In Me (1930) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8005
Al Jolson – Hallelujah, I’m a Bum (1932) – Pro Arte Digital CDD436
Henry Hall and his Orch. (Val Rosing, v.) – The Clouds Will Soon Roll By (1932) – PGN-CD-851
Dave Harman and his Orch. – We’re Out of the Red (1934) – Jass J-CD-639
Joe Robichaux and his N.O.R.B. – Shake It and Break It (1933) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8057
Duke Ellington Orch. (Ivie Anderson, v.) – Get Yourself a New Broom (1932) – ASV Living Era 5420
Sammy Fain – The Things That Were Made For Love (1929) – Velvet Tone 1904-V
Cliff Edwards – Hunkadola (1935) – Oriole 3110-A
Rudy Vallee – Let’s Put Out the Lights and Go to Sleep (1932) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5182

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Owing to the imminent closing of the Sego Cafe at 291 Main St., Oneonta, sax virtuoso Al Gallodoro will be playing his last gig at the venue this Saturday, March 22, 8-11 PM. Arrangements are being made to host Al and his Quartet elsewhere in the vicinity, but this marks the end of his four-year run at the delightful and intimate Sego. (Press release to follow.)

A TRUE LIVING LEGEND AT NEARLY 95, AL GALLODORO will appear with his QUARTET AT SEGO CAFE, SAT MARCH 22nd, 8-11PM. Piano accompanist JoAnn Chmielowski, Tom Wetmore on Bass, and Joe Tokarowski on drums.

Dr. Alfred J. Gallodoro (born June 20, 1913)

At nearly 95 years young Gallodoro continues to thrill his listeners with his impeccable musicianship and incredible mastery of his instruments. His admirers include more than just saxophone aficionados--he recently appeared twice at Cornell University's Weill Medical College for concerts AND as the subject of an extensive interview on longevity and vitality. Gallodoro was called upon in April 2006 to perform George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue with the NYC Harmonie Ensemble, with conductor Steven Richman, a piece which Al performed many thousands of times with Paul Whiteman during their long association. This Gallodoro 2006 performance of Rhapsody in Blue is in the works, we will sent you a release date in a future e-mail! Also check the web-site for a preview of Al's soon to be released new CD: Moment in Time (Birmingham Live 1969).

Al is one of only 13 artists who recorded before 1940 that is still active and recording, During a professional career spanning an amazing nine decades, Gallodoro has played his saxophone, clarinet and bass clarinet in all forms and venues of music--from Vaudeville houses to New Orleans speak-easies, from nightclubs to symphonies, from Carnegie Hall to international jazz festivals (North Sea and Breda, Holland!) and even the Ringling Brothers Circus! In his association of nearly 4 decades with Whiteman, Gallodoro played lead 1st alto sax, as well as clarinet and bass clarinet for the orchestra; hence, the moniker “Triple Threat!” He was a regularly featured “front stage” soloist on live broadcasts spanning from the 1930’s through the 1970’s, and even continues those live radio performances today with regular appearances on Northeast Public Radio! In fact, Gallodoro has done more live on-the-air saxophone and clarinet solos than any other performer in history.

Also a classical performer in his own right, Gallodoro worked for many years under symphonic conductors Arturo Toscanini and Leopold Stokowski. Thus, one can often detect a classical vein running throughout his art of improvisation. Ferde Grofé was so impressed by Gallodoro’s art that he composed Gallodoro’s Serenade for saxophone and piano (1957) to specifically emphasize Al’s style, and showcase his technique. The piece (released on Bridge Records, 2006) had its premier New York City performance and recording when Al was an energetic 91 years old, with pianist Lincoln Mayorga. Perhaps it is his unique ability to bridge jazz and classical idioms that so endears him to a broad variety of fans.

AL GALLODORO was featured in 2002 on CBS’ Sunday Morning, and has also been the topic of a PBS documentary, the Al Gallodoro Story. In 2005 Alfred J. Gallodoro received an Honorary Doctoral Degree from Hartwick College in recognition of a lifetime of extraordinary achievement in music performance and teaching. He can arguably be regarded as the greatest saxophone/clarinet virtuoso in history.

As partner with manager/pianist and long term collaborator JoAnn Bertone Chmielowski, Gallodoro’s independent label Chmusic Productions/Golden Rooster Records Al has added 5 CD’s and a music video to his credit. His most recent release DAYBREAK – Lyrical Jazz (April 2007), has a specific goal: to bring a renewed awareness of the lyrical sound of the saxophone to mainstream jazz. With a bit of Southern flair, credited to his Birmingham and New Orleans roots, the Mediterranean influence of his Sicilian heritage, and the sounds attributed to nearly six decades of working in New York City, Dr. Alfred J. Gallodoro (born June 20, 1913) is still absolutely inimitable! More extensive information can be found at

Monday, March 17, 2008


The Sego Café, located at 291 Main Street in Oneonta, will close its doors effective Monday, March 24th.

“When we took over the Sego Café in 2006, our vision was to create a comfortable bistro and music venue for the area’s adult population, to help bring people to downtown Oneonta, and to provide opportunities for local musicians and artists,” said Alan Cleinman, President of SEGO Management, Inc., the restaurant’s owner. “Thanks to the hard work of our team and the support of many, we have been highly successful on almost every front,” he said.

“Unfortunately, while revenue has climbed each month, it has not climbed faster then costs. After nearly two decades of low food inflation, prices for staples such as bread, milk, eggs, and flour are rising sharply, surging in the past year at double-digit rates. Milk prices have increased by 26 percent over last year while egg prices have jumped by 40 percent. Further, we see no end to this inflationary cycle. We believe that our customers will not support the required price increases necessary for the Café to become profitable under its current format. Accordingly, we are closing the Sego Café and will be exploring other operating formats,” he said.

Through an arrangement with Elena’s at 281 Main Street, all outstanding gift certificates and coupons will be honored. Further, the Café’s award-winning coffee brand, Panache, will also be available at Elena’s. The Sego Café will likely continue as an entertainment facility and will be available for special events and catering functions. The facility is for sale or sublease.

Sego Café will wrap up its activities with two incredible nights of music. On Friday, March 21st, the King of New York Blues, Ernie Williams, will be entertaining guests from 8pm to 11pm. Ernie will be followed on Saturday, March 22nd, with the impresario Mr. Al Gallodoro, for the final Sego event.

Mr. Cleinman further stated, “This decision has not come easily and is based solely on current operating economics. I want to thank all of our loyal customers; our great Sego team; our musicians and artist friends, and our vendors, for their support.” he said. “We welcome all of our friends to enjoy a last Sego event this coming weekend.”

Friday, March 14, 2008

"Low Fidelity" March 14, 2008

(Week 114)

In observance of the recent upheaval in our state capital (i.e., Eliot's Mess) I have assembled the following playlist, which will be broadcast tonight (Friday) at 8 PM Eastern Daylight Time on WHCL 88.7 FM (and streamed on WHCL.ORG). Within 24 hours the aircheck should be available on my Live365 station.

Sam Coslow – King for a Day (1928) – Victor 21631-A
Harry Roy and his Orch. – What a Difference a Day Made (1934) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5184
Ipana Troubadors – Wake Up! Chill’un, Wake Up! (1929) – Columbia 1779-D
Fess Williams’ Royal Flush Orch. – Variety Stomp (1927) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8041
Ben Bernie and his Hotel Roosevelt Orch (1927) – Miss Annabelle Lee – Brunswick 3631-A
Joe Robichaux and his N.O.R.B. – You Keep Me Always Living in Sin (1933) – Jazz Oracle BDW8057
Marion Harris – A Good Man is Hard to Find (1919) – Living Era CD AJA 5330
King Oliver’s Jazz Band – Where Did You Stay Last Night? (1923) – Archeophone OTR-MM6-C2
Maggie Jones (w/Henderson’s Hot Six) – Cheatin’ on Me (1925) – Timeless CBC 1-068
Jack Blue’s Texans – Huggable Kissable You (1929) – Banner 6381-B
Fred Elizalde and Music – Nobody’s Sweetheart (1928) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5424
Frank Trumbauer and his Orch. – Troubled (1934) (No.4) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5060
Greta Keller – Say It Isn’t So (1932) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5193
Lew Stone & The Msgr. Band (Al Bowlly, v.) – I’ll Never Be The Same (1932) – Living Era CD 5435
The Revelers – Dancing in the Dark (1931) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5190
The Tiger – The Rats (1936) – Arhoolie Folklyric CD 7004
The Growler – In The Dew and the Rain (1939) – Rounder CD 1077
Frank Guarente and his Orch. – Sweethearts on Parade (1928) – Puritone 1034-S
King Oliver’s Jazz Band – Snake Rag (Okeh version) (1923) – Archeophone OTR-MM6-C2
Fess Williams’ Royal Flush Orch. – Friction (1929) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8041
Ethel Waters – Bring Your Greenbacks (1926) – Columbia 14125-D
Sippie Wallace – I’m a Mighty Tight Woman (1929) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5092
Mamie Smith – Jenny’s Ball (1931) – Timeless CBC 1-068
Ben Bernie and his Orch. – Just a Gigolo (1931) – Brunswick 6023
Stew Pletcher and his Orch. – I Don’t Want to Make History (1936) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8055
Paul Hamilton and his Orch. – She Reminds Me Of You (1934) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5060
Annette Hanshaw – Little White Lies (1930) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5195
Hutch (Leslie Hutchinson) – For All We Know (1934) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5184
The Sunshine Boys – My Troubles Are Over (1929) – Columbia 1790-D
Bing Crosby – Just One More Chance (1931) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5190
Paul Robeson – Little Man, You’ve Had a Busy Day (1934) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5184
Gene Austin – Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone (1931) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5190

Friday, March 07, 2008

"The Pulse of Life" March 7, 2008

(Week 113)

I've assembled a celebratory RADIOLA! tonight to revel in the new issue of Joseph Robichaux's New Orleans Rhythm Boys on Jazz Oracle and to commemorate the life of Jeff Healey, a remarkable musician, broadcaster, reissuer, and enthusiast for the music we love.

Tune in or stream tonight at 8 PM ET on WHCL 88.7 FM, or listen in on Live365.

Joe Robichaux and his N.O. Rhythm Boys – The Riff (1933) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8057
Curtis Mosby and his Dixieland Blue Blowers – Louisiana Bo Bo (1929) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8003
Jimmie Noone’s Apex Club Orch. – Wake Up, Chillun, Wake Up (1929) – JSP 926B
Dorsey Brothers’ Orch. – Persian Rug (1928) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8004
Tony Parenti’s New Orleanians – When You and I Were Pals (1928) – Frog DGF 4
Fletcher Henderson and his Orch. – Blazin’ (1929) – Columbia/Legacy C3K 57596
Sophie Tucker – Oh! You Have No Idea (1928) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5046
Libby Holman – Love For Sale (1931) – Naxos 8.120627
Julia Lee – Won’t You Come Over to My House? (1929) – Columbia/Legacy CK 64855
Guy Lombardo’s R.C.’ns – Under the Moon (1927) – Sensation 769 748 026-2
Annette Hanshaw – That’s You, Baby (1929) – Annette Hanshaw Vol. 6 (Sensation)
Irving Mills and his Orch. – Doin’ the Rhumba (1931) – Sensation 769 748 025-2
Lord Invader – Caro at Point Cumana (1940) – Rounder CD 1054
Atilla the Hun – Woman is Not the Weaker Sex (1941) – Rounder CD 1141
Joe Robichaux and his N.O. Rhythm Boys – Forty-Second Street (1933) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8057
Al Gallodoro and the Beau Hunks – Out of Nowhere (1999) – Basta 30-9092-2
Jeff Healey and Friends – You’re Lucky to Me (2001) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8047
Tiny Parham and his Musicians – The Head Hunter’s Dream (1928) – Timeless CBC 1-022
King Oliver and his Orch. – Struggle Buggy (1930) JSP CD 3404/2
Alex Hill and his Orch. – Toogaloo Shout (1929) – Timeless CBC 1-046
Bing Crosby (w/Guy Lombardo) – Young and Healthy (1933) – Columbia CK 44407
Annette Hanshaw – I Have to Have You (1929) – Annette Hanshaw Vol.7 (Sensation)
Billy Jones and Ernie Hare – You Don’t Like It–Not Much (1926) – Living Era CD AJA 5628
The California Ramblers – Lazy Weather (1927) – Timeless CBC 1-053
Jabbo Smith and his Rhythm Aces – I Got the Stinger (1929) – Retrieval RTR 79013
Dixieland Jug Blowers – Banjoreno (1926) – Frog DGF 6
Sophie Tucker (w/Miff Mole’s Molers) – After You’ve Gone (1927) – Take Two TT404CD
Boswell Sisters – Mood Indigo (1933) – Collectables COL-CD-6462
King Radio – It’s the Rhythm We Want (1939) – Rounder CD 1077
Jimmie Lunceford and his Orch. – Four or Five Times (1935) – Proper P1598
Benny Carter and his Orch. – I Never Knew (1933) – Proper P 1369
Joe Robichaux and his N.O. Rhythm Boys – Sleep Come On and Take Me (1933) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8057