Monday, March 17, 2008


The Sego Café, located at 291 Main Street in Oneonta, will close its doors effective Monday, March 24th.

“When we took over the Sego Café in 2006, our vision was to create a comfortable bistro and music venue for the area’s adult population, to help bring people to downtown Oneonta, and to provide opportunities for local musicians and artists,” said Alan Cleinman, President of SEGO Management, Inc., the restaurant’s owner. “Thanks to the hard work of our team and the support of many, we have been highly successful on almost every front,” he said.

“Unfortunately, while revenue has climbed each month, it has not climbed faster then costs. After nearly two decades of low food inflation, prices for staples such as bread, milk, eggs, and flour are rising sharply, surging in the past year at double-digit rates. Milk prices have increased by 26 percent over last year while egg prices have jumped by 40 percent. Further, we see no end to this inflationary cycle. We believe that our customers will not support the required price increases necessary for the Café to become profitable under its current format. Accordingly, we are closing the Sego Café and will be exploring other operating formats,” he said.

Through an arrangement with Elena’s at 281 Main Street, all outstanding gift certificates and coupons will be honored. Further, the Café’s award-winning coffee brand, Panache, will also be available at Elena’s. The Sego Café will likely continue as an entertainment facility and will be available for special events and catering functions. The facility is for sale or sublease.

Sego Café will wrap up its activities with two incredible nights of music. On Friday, March 21st, the King of New York Blues, Ernie Williams, will be entertaining guests from 8pm to 11pm. Ernie will be followed on Saturday, March 22nd, with the impresario Mr. Al Gallodoro, for the final Sego event.

Mr. Cleinman further stated, “This decision has not come easily and is based solely on current operating economics. I want to thank all of our loyal customers; our great Sego team; our musicians and artist friends, and our vendors, for their support.” he said. “We welcome all of our friends to enjoy a last Sego event this coming weekend.”

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