Friday, March 19, 2010

"Two Hundred Squabble" March 19, 2010

(Week 200)

UPDATE: This program is now available for download in 128k format here: HOUR 1, HOUR 2 and AFTERSHOW.

This is the 200th week of RADIOLA! and in observance of the occasion the show is pretty much the same as always--only more so.

Tune in Friday at 8 PM Eastern to WHCL (with direct internet streaming both HERE and HERE). I'll have the show archived and on my Live365 station presently.

Since WHCL is officially "off the air" for Spring Break, I'll be in early to play a few oddments of radio to warm up the transmitter.

Arden-Ohman and their Orch (Revelers v) - Strike Up The Band (1930) - Victor 22308 A
The Missourians - Two Hundred Squabble (1930) - Stoppin' The Traffic (Frog DGF69)
Willard Robison w/Ipana Troubadours - Wake Up! Chill'un, Wake Up! (1929) - from Columbia 1779-D
Duke Ellington and his Orch - Daybreak Express (1933) - 1933 - 1935 (Classics 646)
Bunny Berigan and his Blue Boys - You Took Advantage Of Me (1935) - 1935-1936 (Classics 734)
Valaida Snow - Tiger Rag (1937) - The Chronological 1937-1940 (Classics 1122)
The Happiness Boys - Since Henry Ford Apologized to Me (1927) - Victor 20925 A
Aileen Stanley - Give Your Little Baby Lots of Lovin' (1929) - Victor 21874 B
Three Tobacco Tags - How Can I Keep My Mind on Driving? (1938) - Bluebird B 7533 A
Jesse Crawford (Chicago Theatre Pipe Organ) - All Alone (1924) - Autograph 4005 A
Edythe Baker - Dancing Till Dawn (1931) - Dainty Debutantes (Rivermont BSW 1149)
Eddie South and his Alabamians - La Rosita (1927) - Victor 21151 B
Wayne King and his Orch (Ernie Birchill v) - You Are The Melody (1930) - Victor 22573 A
High Hatters (Frank Luther v) - I May Be Wrong (1929) - Victor 22105 A
The Missourians - I've Got Someone (1929) - Stoppin' The Traffic (Frog DGF69)
Mark Shane and the Shane Gang - All My Life (2007) - Fats Lives!!! (Amber Lake 002)
Dan Levinson and his Swing Wing - Keep Smiling At Trouble (2008) - At the Codfish Ball (Loup-garous)
Howard Joyner - All Of Me (1932) - Bob Howard 1932 - 1935 (Classics 1152)
Beryl Newell - Jazz Up Your Lingerie (1931) - Dainty Debutantes (Rivermont BSW 1149)
The Happiness Boys - Pastafazoola (1927) - Victor 20925 B
Duke Ellington and his Orch - Cocktails For Two (1934) - 1933 - 1935 (Classics 646)
Fletcher Henderson and his Orch (John Dickens v) - Strangers (1932) - Victor 22955 A
Mezz Mezzrow and his Swing Band - The Panic Is On (1936) - 1936-1939 (Classics 694)
Valaida Snow - Chloe (1937) - The Chronological 1937-1940 (Classics 1122)
Bunny Berigan and his Boys - I Can't Get Started With You (1936) - 1935-1936 (Classics 734)
Bob Howard and his Orch - I Can't Dance (1935) - Bob Howard 1932 - 1935 (Classics 1152)
Aileen Stanley - I'll Never Ask For More (1929) - Victor 21874 A
Raie Da Costa - I've Got You on My Mind (1933) - Dainty Debutantes (Rivermont BSW 1149)
Arden-Ohman and their Orch (Lewis James v) - Soon (1930) - Victor 22308 B
Eddie South and his Alabamians - By The Waters of Minnetonka (1927) - Victor 21151 A
The Missourians - Ozark Mountain Blues (take 2) (1929) - Stoppin' The Traffic (Frog DGF69)
Fletcher Henderson and his Orch (Harlan Lattimore v) - I Wanna Count Sheep (1932) - Victor 22955 B


Andy said...

More about the Henry Ford song here:

Nick Dragos said...

Congrats on 200 weeks of Radiola!,
Andy.....keep up the valiant fight for great vintage music.....

Chester Proudfoot said...

Yes, congrats Andy! Here's to the next 200! The time and effort you put into this show, for the benefit of everyone, is greatly appreciated.

I didn't see anything about the song in the link, but the Ford bio that came up looks interesting. I find it fascinating that the great industrialist would claim that the sinking of the Lusitania was deliberately done by the profiteers of war. Shades of the future, eh?

Andy said...

Nick, Thank you! I still can't believe they've let me do this show for almost five years.

C.P., Many thanks! I did just check the link, and it comes up on page 396 where the incident that occasioned the song is referred to. Apparently, the "apology" was an entirely cynical decision made by Ford--and was taken as such.


Anonymous said...


Well done ! this 200 radiola's.
Up tot the next 100.
And thanks for bringing us so much wonderful music.


Nick Dragos said...

Aw, hell, Andy.....

I was on with classic jazz for 24+ years.....

Then the Program Director tuned in, and that was all.....

Rat Pack Visitor said...

Hmmm. I can download part 200B but not Part 200A. I keep getting a message that Droppio is doing maintenance. Anyone else having the same issue? Been this way for a week now.


Andy said...

I'm downloading it right now without logging in as admin. Try again. If you're still having trouble, I'll post it to another file service Saturday.

Andy said...

I uploaded the files for Week 200 to 4shared. I hope this works better!