Wednesday, May 20, 2015

In other news

I'm still waiting for the delivery a new computer. Live365 declared that they would no longer "support" the operating system I've been using, so I was forced to buy a new machine. With any luck the problems I've been having with sound quality will diminish with the installation of a new PC.

I would have been back in business this week, but the machine I received last Friday was damaged and I sent it back immediately. I have had no word on a replacement as of today. To say that this has inconvenienced me is an understatement. It is unspeakably frustrating.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Jean Goldkette Lives Again!

Bix, Spiegle, and Jean Goldkette fans take note: Josh Duffee & His Graystone Monarchs are planning a concert in Chambersburg, PA (the hometown of Chauncey Morehouse) for July 22, 2015. Josh is a leading authority on Jean Goldkette and Chauncey Morehouse, and he will have a gaggle of amazing musicians (including cornet phenoms Andy Schumm and Mike Davis) with him. If you can possibly make it, this is a concert not to be missed. Josh is currently fundraising to make this FREE admission show happen--please contribute if you can.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

More of the same

I'm feeling marginally better, but I'm taking this week off also. I'm frustrated with the quality of audio I've been getting lately with my digital transfers. I went so far as to purchase a new USB preamp/interface but I'm still getting momentary glitches. They may not be egregious to others but it's my job to notice them first before they become a general annoyance. If I am compelled to replace my computer yet again I suppose I'll have to do it. I'm considering putting the show on hiatus until I can produce a program that I am happy to publish under my own name.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

No RADIOLA! this week

No program this week. I'm just feeling mildly indisposed and unequal to the project. No need to respond to this, though I appreciate (but may not acknowledge) responses.

As always, listen to recent shows by streaming my Live365 station.

Friday, April 24, 2015

"Reaching Porcelain" April 24, 2015

(Week 426)

This RADIOLA! remarks upon a personal anniversary in characteristic fashion.

RADIOLA! streams continuously from my Live365 station.  Epithalamium-cast here. Each RADIOLA! program is sent to subscribers on my mailing list (email here).

Jesse Crawford - My Blue Heaven (1927) - Victor 21092 A
Bobby Hackett and his Orch - Clarinet Marmalade (1940) - Vocalion 5493
Willard Robison (w/Ipana Troubadours) - Wake Up! Chill'un, Wake Up! (1929) - from Columbia 1779 D
The High Hatters (Leonard Joy) (Frank Luther v) - The Web of Love (1929) -Victor 22141 B
Johnny Johnson and his Orch (Bob Treaster v) - Just You, Just Me (1929) - Victor 22085 B
Ted Weems and his Orch (Parker Gibbs v) - Miss Wonderful (1929) - Victor 22137 B
Helen Kane - I Have To Have You (1929) - Victor 22192 A
Franklyn Baur - With a Song In My Heart (1929) - Victor 22281 B
Nat Shilkret and the Victor Orch (Scrappy Lambert v) - Susianna (1929) - Victor 21996 B
Isham Jones Orch - In Bluebird Land (1922) - Brunswick 2242 A
Paul Whiteman and his Orch - Stumbling (1922) - Victor 18899 A
Arnold Johnson and his Orch - To-morrow (1922) - Brunswick 2326 A
Victor Light Opera Co - Gems from The Mikado Pt 2 (Gilbert-Sullivan) (1916) - Victor 35551 B
Victor Light Opera Co - Gems from The Mikado Pt 1 (Gilbert-Sullivan) (1916) - Victor 35551 A
Paolo Alderighi and Stephanie Trick - The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise (2012) - Two For One (ATCD001)
Charles Kellogg (The Nature Singer) - Amoureuse Valse (Rodolphe Berger) (1915) - Victor 45061 B
Billy Jones - The Little Ford Rambled Right Along (1921) - Silvertone 2123 A
Isham Jones Orch - By the Silvery Nile (1922) - Brunswick 2242 B
Jean Goldkette and his Orch (Victor Young dir) (Frank Munn v) - Painting the Clouds With Sunshine (1929) - Victor 22027 A
Phil Spitalny's Music (Frank Munn v) - Confessin' That I Love You (1930) - Hit of the Week 1086
Sam Lanin's Orch (trio v) - Me (1931) - Hit of the Week K 2
Johnny Marvin - Baby! Oh Where Can You Be? (1929) - Victor 22039 A (Only a "Fats Waller song" in the sense that he made a recording of it!)
Ambrose and his Orch (Elsie Carlisle v) - Pu-leeze! Mister Hemingway (1932) - Regal Zonophone MR 769
Isham Jones and his Orch (Joe Martin v) - This Time It's Love (1933) - Shadows on the Swanee (Rivermont BSW 1159)
Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orch (Kenneth Sargent v) - I'm In Love (1934) - Decca 192 B
Red McKenzie and his Rhythm Kings - Double Trouble (tk A) (1936) - Decca 521 A
Patricia Norman (w Music by Meakin) - The Tale of the Groom (1938) - Vocalion 4069
W. C. Handy and Orch (Luis Russell dir) - St. Louis Blues (1939) - Philharmonic FR 81 A
Bobby Hackett and his Orch - Singin' the Blues (1940) - Vocalion 5493
Singin' Sam - The Lady's In Love With You (1939) - Refreshment Time B 702 (World Tx)

Friday, April 17, 2015

"On Beyond Tepid" April 17, 2015

(Week 425)

This RADIOLA! is feeling the heat, and not in a bad way.

RADIOLA! streams continuously from my Live365 station. Luke warmer-cast here. Each RADIOLA! program is sent to subscribers on my mailing list (email here).

The April 2015 issue of JAZFAX (the newsletter of The Jazz Appreciation Society of Syracuse) features an excellent cover article by Russ Tarby about the host of this program. Check out the text of the article on the JASS Facebook page. If support live traditional jazz in Central New York (or anywhere else) please like the JASS page and consider supporting JASS with a membership.

Last Sunday we were delighted to see and hear Stephanie Trick and Paolo Alderighi perform their incredible four-hand piano jazz in Fredonia, NY. This video conveys some of the pure joy of their "Runnin' Wild" routine. I couldn't stop smiling, and I still can't.

UPDATE: On further listening to Edison 52109 R, the so-called "hot fountain pen" referred to on my program sounds more like an ocarina. Also, "Adrian Rollini" turns out to be Spencer Clark (according to the American Dance Band discography). I really should look these things up before I pontificate.

Singin' Sam - Mad Dogs and Englishmen (Noel Coward) (1939) - Refreshment Time B 701 (World Tx)
Cab Calloway and his Orch - Hot Water (1932) - Oriole 2626 B
Ray Starita and his Ambassadors Band (Betty Bolton v) - Wake Up! Chill'un, Wake Up! (1929) - Columbia 5380 (UK)
Hale Byers and his Orch - When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin' Along (1926) - Vocalion B 15370
Majestic Dance Orch (Haring) (Irving Kaufman v) - Four Or Five Times (1928) - orig Perfect 15083 (Healey col)
Duke Ellington and his Orch - Black and Tan Fantasy (1927) - Brunswick 80002 A (orig 3526)
Mario Chamlee - Only a Rose (1925) - Brunswick 10214 A
Annette Hanshaw (as Gay Ellis) - High Up On a Hilltop (1928) - Diva 2734 G
Johnny Marvin - There's Something Nice About Everyone (1927) - Victor 20612 A
Original Dixieland Jazz Band - Sensation Rag (1918) - Victor 18483 B
Paul Whiteman and his Orch - If I Can't Get the Sweetie I Want (1923) - Victor 19139 B
George Olsen and his Music - Nobody Knows What a Red-Head Mamma Can Do (1925) - Everybody Loves My Baby (Renovation 7001) (orig Victor19580)
Billy Murray Ed Smalle - My Sweetie Went Away (1923) - Victor 19144 A
Cliff Edwards - Dreaming Of A Castle In The Air (1925) - Pathe Actuelle 25177 B
Happy Martin (Jack Kaufman) - It Goes Like This (1928) - Diva 2756 G
Philadelphia Symph Orch (Leopold Stokowski) - Carmen Prelude to Act 1 (Bizet) (1919) - Victrola 64822
Tommy Dandurand and his Gang - Buffalo Girl (1927) - Silvertone 8124 A
Golden Gate Orch (Ed Kirkeby v) - Clementine (From New Orleans) (1927) - Edison 52109 R
Leo Reisman and his Orch (Lew Conrad v) - What Is This Thing Called Love? (1930) - Victor 22282 A
Lou Gold and his Orch (Irving Kaufman v) - Louise (1929) - orig Banner 6375 A (Healey col)
Sam Lanin and his Orch (Scrappy Lambert v) - 99 Out Of a Hundred Wanna Be Loved (1931) - Banner 32102 B
Ford and Glenn - It Don't Mean a Thing Without You (1929) - Columbia 1928 D
Gene Austin (Fats Waller p) - My Fate Is In Your Hands (1929) - Victor 22223 A
Stanley Lupino and Elsie Carlisle - I Don't Want To Go To Bed (1932) - Decca F 3319
Dorsey Brothers Orch (Jean Bowes v) - I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You (1932) - Columbia 36065
Hall Brothers - Little Mo-Hee (1937) - Montgomery Ward M 7237 B
Pancho and his Orch - Derecho Viejo (1938) - Decca 1984 B
Fletcher Henderson and his Orch - Blue Lou (1936) - Vocalion 3211
Donald Novis - Stardust (c 1940) - Donald Novis Sings 15 (mx 09520-1)
Singin' Sam - When Day is Done (1937) - Refreshment Time 82 (World tx)

Friday, April 10, 2015

"Intimations of Immaturity" April 10, 2015

(Week 424)

This RADIOLA! observes that certain people do all their growing up on the outside.

RADIOLA! streams continuously through my Live365 station. Put away childish things-cast here. Each RADIOLA! program is sent to subscribers on my mailing list (email here).

Prince's Orch - The Toy Parade (Prince) (1916) - Columbia A2111
Ray Herbeck and his Music With Romance (Betty Benson v) - Playmates (1940) - Columbia 37869
Willard Robison w/Ipana Troubadours - Wake Up! Chill'un, Wake Up! (1929) - from Columbia 1779 D
Nat Shilkret and the Victor Orch (Franklyn Baur v) - Sweeter Than You (1926) - Victor 20419 B
Jack Chapman's Orch (Raymond Davis Clark Meyers v) - Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again (1925) - Victor 19915 A
Jean Goldkette and his Orch (Billy Murray v) - I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover (1927) - Victor 20466 B
Ed Smalle - What! No Spinach? (1926) - Brunswick 3219 A
Harold Yates Cooper Lawley - Back In Your Own Backyard (1928) - Victor 21394 B
Ted Lewis and his Band - Wear a Hat With a Silver Lining (1928) - Columbia 1656 D
Pietro - My Baby's Arms (intro There's a Lot of Blue-Eyed Marys Down in Maryland) (1919) - Victor 18625 A
Paul Whiteman and his Orch - Cutie (Friml) (1922) - Victor 18865 A
Gene Rodemich's Orch - Somehow I'm Always to Blame (1923) - Brunswick 2550 A
Al Weston and Irene Young - Laugh With Me (1920) - Columbia A3338
Bernard and Hare - Si's Been Drinking Cider (1921) - Silvertone 2123 B
Mack Allen (Vernon Dalhart) - Dixie Way (1929) - Harmony 946 H
Peacherine Ragtime Orchestra (Andrew Greene dir) - Maple Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin) (2011) - That Teasin' Rag (Rivermont BSW 2215)
Kadimah Group of Hadassah - Ven Der Gonof Handelt Nit (from Die Yom Bonditten) (1952) - Banner M 765
Cal Stewart - And Then I Laughed (Rube Song) (c1901) - Oxford 105
Prince's Orch - Dolly Dances (Poldini) (1916) - Columbia A2111
Lou Gold and his Orch (Jimmy Kern v) - A Little Girl A Little Boy A Little Moon (1927) - Velvet Tone 1445 V
Webster Booth and his High Hatters (Spitalny) (Bill Coty v) - So Beats My Heart For You (1930) - Velvet Tone 2197 V
Duke Ellington and his Orch - Mood Indigo (1930) - Brunswick 80003 A (orig 4952)
Bennie Moten's KC Orch - Milenberg Joys (1932) - Bluebird B 5585 B
Pawel Faut - Wiosna W Polsce (Spring in Poland) (When It's Springtime in the Rockies) (1930) - Victor V 16166 A
Richard Tauber - Liebste glaub' an mich, denn ich liebe dich (Dearest think of me, because I love you) (Lehar) (1930) - Odeon O-4979 A
Wendell Hall and Orch - Jimmy Had a Nickel (1933) - Bluebird B 5291 B
Don White - Mexicali Rose (1936) - Montgomery Ward M 5034 A
W. Lee O'Daniel and his Hillbilly Boys - I'm Drifting Back to Dreamland (1938) - Vocalion 04244
Freddie "Schnickelfritz" Fisher and his Orch - I Want to Go to the Land Where the Sweet Daddies Grow (1938) - Decca 1861 A
Tommy Dorsey and his Orch - Song of India (1937) - Victor 27520 B
Patricia Norman (w Music by Meakin) - Long, Long Ago (Bayly) (1938) - Vocalion 4069
Rudy Vallee (w Victor Young Orch) - Toyland (Victor Herbert) (1938) - Decca 2318 A