Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Life Is a Song" March 26, 2010

(Week 201)

UPDATE: This program is now available as a 128k mp3 download here: HOUR 1 and HOUR 2.

This RADIOLA! agrees that Life is a Song, though sometimes it's more like the blues. Seriously, this RADIOLA! is as typically a miscellaneous assortment of shellac as you've come to expect here.

Tune in 8 PM Eastern Friday to WHCL (with direct streaming HERE and HERE). The show will be available on my Live365 station soon after the broadcast.

Gracie Fields - Life Is a Song/The Words Are In My Heart/Lullaby of Broadway (1935) - Rex 8558 A (UK)
Mound City Blue Blowers - High Society Blues (1935) - Champion 40103 B
Willard Robison w/Ipana Troubadours - Wake Up! Chill'un, Wake Up! (1929) - from Columbia 1779-D
Howard Flynn and his Orch - Dinner at Eight (1934) - Edison Bell Winner B 5610 (UK)
Carroll Gibbons and his Savoy Hotel Orpheans - Please Be Kind (1938) - Columbia FB 1958 (UK)
Glen Gray and his Orch - Dardanella (1933) - Victor 24256 A
Ord Hamilton - I Found a Million Dollar Baby (1931) - Decca F 2589 B (UK)
Les Reis and Artie Dunn - An Evening in Caroline (1931) - Melotone M 12295
Henry Hall and the BBC Dance Orch - Making Conversation (1933) - Columbia DB 674 (UK)
Southampton Society Orch (Arthur Fields v) - Oh Say! Can I See You To-night? (1925) - Perfect 14457 B
Gus Van - I'm Too Tired To Make Love (1918) - Columbia A2629
Lou Gold and his Orch (Billy Jones v) - Ukulele Lady (1925) - Perfect 14413
WMCA Broadcasters (Irving Kaufman v) - At Peace With The World (1926) - Harmony 175 H
Red Nichols Five Pennies - Tea For Two (1930) - Brunswick 6830
Harry Shalson - With My Guitar and You (1930) - HMV B 3628 (UK)
Unknown Vocalist - I Am The Bandolero (1940s) - Home Disc Recording
Wingy Manone and his Orch - Ochi Chornya (1941) - Bluebird B 11298 A
Victor Military Band - Gertrude Hoffmann Glide (1913) - Victor 17292 B
Watson Sisters - Lend Me Jim (1919) - Okeh 4075 A
Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Hounds - Four O'Clock Blues (1922) - Columbia A3729
Frank Trumbauer and his Orch - Singin' The Blues (1927) - Brunswick 7703
Red Nichols and his Five Pennies (Scrappy Lambert v) - Smiles (1929) - Brunswick 6832
Clyde McCoy and his Orch - The Nightmare (1931) - Columbia DB 679 (UK)
Chris Bouchillon - Talking Blues (1926) - Columbia 15120 D
Walter Cummins - My Mother's Eyes (1928) - Velvet Tone 1798 V
Waring's Pennsylvanians (Clare Hanlon v) - There's Danger In Your Eyes, Cherie (1929) - Victor 22293 A
Henry Hall and the BBC Dance Orch - New Moon (1934) - Columbia CB 785 (UK)
Jack Phillips' Melodians - Always In All Ways (1931) - Broadcast Twelve 3039 B (UK)
Adrian Rollini and his Orch (Pat Hoke v) - The Sweetest Story Ever Told (1938) - Decca 1973 B
Boswell Sisters - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (1932) - Brunswick 6291
Fats Waller and his Rhythm - Hold Tight (1939) - Bluebird B 10116 A
Eddie Gross-Bart and his Cafe de Paris Band - Close Your Eyes (1931) - Edison Bell Winner 5454 (UK)


ChesterProudfoot said...

Wingy Manone meets Ochi Chornya? That should be good. Every time I hear the name, I think of Shop Around the Corner. (Wanna buy a music box that plays Ochi Chornya?) Looks like another good set.

Andy said...

Thank you! Wingy takes it over the top, as is necessary. I have him following a rather odd home recording I found last year to leaven the mood.

The Shop Around the Corner--I love that movie. We could use another Ernst Lubitsch about now.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for again a lot of fine music each week.
I will be listing every part.


Andy said...

Thanks, Ron!

Chester Proudfoot said...

Yes, Wingy did not disappoint on a single note. What a fun record. Gracie opening up the night's set is a kicker, too, and I never get tired of Red McKenzie's bands (btw, I finally scored a Candy Kids! - as The Dancing Stevedores). I like this week's show so much, I'm listening to it again right now.

Andy said...

Thanks again--I'm glad you're enjoying this program!

Anonymous said...

Finally I discovered a good radio of music '20 and '30. The perfect thing is that there are also the name and number of the vinyls so that I can find them on internet.