Friday, April 07, 2017

"Springtime Ragtime, Big Time" April 7, 2017

(Week 455)

This RADIOLA! returns from Carnegie Hall with glad tidings.

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RADIOLA! is brought to you sporadically by (and in spite of) The Syncopated Times. Please consider subscribing. My (not disinterested) opinion is that it's a delightful paper. (The article on pianist Richard Dowling from the July 2016 issue of The Syncopated Times may be viewed online on this page.)

You may purchase the three-CD set of Scott Joplin's complete piano works directly from Richard Dowling here.

Discographical information for certain selections below (particularly those on the Victor and Columbia labels) may be found using this excellent site: Discography of American Historical Recordings.

Mike Bernard - Fantasy On Mendelssohn's Spring Song and Rubenstein's Melody in F (1912) - Columbia A1276
Sidney Bechet and his New Orleans Feetwarmers - Maple Leaf Rag (1932) - HMV B 9408
Willard Robison (w/Ipana Troubadours) - Wake Up! Chill'un, Wake Up! (1929) - from Columbia 1779 D
Paul Whiteman and his Orch - Manhattan (1925) - Victor 19769 B
Coon Sanders Orch (C. A. Coon v) - Too Busy (1928) - Victor 21546 A
Dixie Jazz Band (Original Indiana Five) - Moten Stomp (1928) - Oriole 1172 [ToNY]
Harold Yates Cooper Lawley - Highways Are Happy Ways (1927) - Victor 20907 A
Charles Dickson (Irving Kaufman) - Skies of Gray (1927) - Jewel 5135 B
Annette Hanshaw and her Sizzling Syncopaters - I Just Roll Along (1928) - Perfect 12419 B
Frank Westphal and his Orch - Railroad Man (1923) - Oh! Sister, Ain't That Hot! (Rivermont BSW 1158)
Ted Weems and his Orch - Traveling Blues (1924) - Victor 19496 A
Johnny Sylvester Orch - King Porter Stomp (1925) - Perfect 14392 [ToNY]
Billy Murray - I Love to Stay at Home (1915) - Victor 17855A
Criterion Quartet - Life's Railway To Heaven (1925) - Brunswick 2931 B
Carolina Club Orch (Arthur Fields v) - Dream Train (1929) - Diva 2844 G
Richard Dowling - Wall Street Rag (2015) - Complete Piano Works of Scott Joplin (Rivermont BSW 2240)
Richard Dowling - Gladiolus Rag (2015) - Complete Piano Works of Scott Joplin (Rivermont BSW 2240)
Frosini - New York Blues (Rag Classical) (1918) - Edison 50454
Wm Eckstein - Coaxing The Piano (1923) - Silvertone 1250 B (orig Pathe)
Earl Rickard - I'm a Homesick Rolling Stone (1924) - Okeh 40305 B
George Olsen and his Music (Fran Frey v) - Big City Blues (1929) - Victor 21961 B
Tiny Parham and his Musicians - Subway Sobs (1929) - Victor V 38041 A
Hal Kemp and his Orch (Skinny Ennis v) - Whistles (1931) - The Hot Sides 1926-1931 (Retrieval RTR 79025)
Mildred Hunt - Ho Hum (1931) - Romeo 78 (courtesy Rich Conaty)
Gerry Fitz-Gerald - It's Home (1934) - Regal Zono MR 1553
Sophie Tucker - Stay At Home Papa (1934) - Superbatone 733 - Disc 4 (orig Parlophone R-1851)
Jack Denny and his Waldorf-Astoria Orch (June Pursell v) - Sharing (1932) - Victor 24012 A
Ramona with the Park Avenue Boys - The House is Haunted (1934) - Victor 24597 A
Henry King Hotel Pierre Orch (Joe Sudy v) -You've Got Everything (1933) - Voc 2562 A
Jazz Gillum - I'm Still Walking the Highway (1941) - Bluebird B 8778 A
Jelly Roll Morton Seven - Good Old New York (1940) - General 1704 A
Richard Dowling - Bethena (2015) - Complete Piano Works of Scott Joplin (BSW 2240)


Warren Platts said...

Hey Andy, your dedicated fans are still waiting for the June installment. We gave you the month of May off--we know you're a busy guy! But I've got ragtime on the brain--need something to kick off the summer properly.

Loved the Richard Dowling pieces. Another upcoming guy you have probably heard of is a young kid Adam Swanson, who, like you, is also a great collector of 78s, and even old piano rolls:

Keep up the good work!

Warren Platts said...

OK Andy, I'll make a deal with you: You put out another installment of RADIOLA! and I'll pay for a subscription to the Synchopated Times. That's fair! :-)

Andy said...


Thank you! I apologize for the delay in getting out any new shows. I have a pile of records I received months ago sitting at my elbow, and more in a box--and it's great stuff. I have not even had the time to listen to more than a couple of them. I'll see what I can do this month. Aside from the paper, I have other projects that are both absolutely necessary and time-consuming. When I get one of those cleared away, I might attempt a program.


Warren Platts said...

Plus 1 Like!

Warren Platts said...

This one is from 1960, but it's got that big band sound plus morse code that you might like:

CQ Serenade