Friday, November 06, 2015

"Move or Die" November 6, 2015

(Week 441)

This RADIOLA! asserts that motion is better than its alternative.

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On this program I mention that I am writing for The American Rag, a monthly publication dedicated to ragtime and early jazz. (Subscribe here to read it--it's print-only.)

Required reading: my recent profile on Eli Newberger (originally published in The American Rag), and an excellent article by Peter Gerler that is most encouraging: What It Means That We Are Lindy Hopping Again.

Unless otherwise noted, the recordings used in this program are from Jeff Healey's American Dance Band collection database, with my own minor audio restoration.

Bailey's Lucky Seven (Jack Kaufman v) - Static (1926) - orig Gennett 3249 (Healey)
Eddie DeLange and his Orch - Muskrat Ramble (1938) - orig Bluebird B-10035 (Healey)
Willard Robison (w/Ipana Troubadours) - Wake Up! Chill'un, Wake Up! (1929) - from Columbia 1779 D
Willard Robison and his Orch (Deep River Five v) - Five Step (1927) - orig Perfect 14887 (Healey)
Hal Kemp and his Orch - Peg Leg Stomp (1926) - orig Columbia 671-D (Healey)
Joe Candullo and his Everglades Orch - Nervous Charlie Stomp (1926) - orig Banner 1800 (Healey)
Ben Bernie and his Orch (Speed Boys v) - Rhythm King (1928) - orig Brunswick 4085 (Healey)
Missouri Jazz Band (Billy James) (Jack Kaufman v) - Oh! How She Could Shake Her Tambourine (1928) - orig Banner 7199 (Healey)
Tom Gerun and his Orch (Jack Denny v) - The New Step (1929) - orig Brunswick 4519 (Healey)
All Star Trio - Keep Movin' (1919) - orig Victor 18643 (Healey)
Abe Small and his Melody Men - I Wish I Could Shimmie Like My Sister Kate (1923) - orig Strong 10002 (Healey)
Vic Meyers and his Hotel Butler Orch - Shake It and Break It (1923) - orig Brunswick 2501 (Healey)
Original Dixie Rag Pickers (Emerson Studio Orch) - Strut Your Jones (1925) - orig Globe 1296 (Healey)
Varsity Eight - Static Strut (1926) - orig Cameo 975 (Healey)
Abe Lyman's California Orch - Shake That Thing (1926) - orig Brunswick 3069 (Healey)
Baby Soda - Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho (2011) - Live at Radegast
Eli and The Hot Six - Tiger Rag (2014) - Comtemporary Classic Jazz
Earl Fuller's Rector Novelty Orch - Twelfth Street Rag (1917) - orig Columbia A2298 (Healey)
Emerson Xylo-Phiends (Green Bros) - Sensation Rag (1919) - orig Emerson 9165 (Healey)
Gene Rodemich and his Orch - Tenth Interval Rag (1924) - orig Brunswick 2599 (Healey)
Ipana Troubadours (Irving Kaufman v) - Steppin' Along (1929) - orig Columbia 1947-D (Healey)
Hollywood Dance Orch (A Schubert) (Tom Dowd and Roy Carlson v) - Ain't Life A Load Of Happiness? (1930) - orig Banner 0691 (Healey)
Universal Syncopators - Stomp Along (1929) - orig Van Dyke 71749 (Healey)
Ben Bernie and his Orch (Eddy Thomas v) - Glad Rag Doll (1928) - orig Brunswick 4168 (Healey)
The New Yorkers (Carl Fenton) (Joe Reis v) - Shake It Down (1930) - orig QRS Q-1023 (Healey)
Victor Arden and Phil Ohman - Maple Leaf Rag (1930) - orig Victor 22608 (Healey)
Glen Gray and his Orch - Casa Loma Stomp (1933) - orig Victor 24256 (Healey)
Tom Coakley and his Orch (Dudley Nix v) - Rhythm Is Our Business (1935) - orig Victor 25062 (Healey)
Horace Heidt and his Brigadiers - Intoxicating Rhythm (1937) - orig Brunswick 7946 (Healey)
Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye (Jimmy Brown v) - Swing Is Here To Sway (1937) - orig Vocalion 3849 (Healey)
Eddie DeLange and his Orch (Elise Cooper v) - My Kid's Singing Swing Songs (1938) - orig Bluebird B-10003 (Healey)
Ben Pollack and his Orch (Paula Gayle v) - This Is The Life / The International Rag (1938) - orig Decca 1891 (Healey)

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