Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Molly Ryan's New Kickstarter Fundraiser!

UPDATE (5-1-2014): Molly's Kickstarter goal has been reached and her CD will be produced. Many thanks to all who contributed to this most worthy project!

Molly Ryan is one of the most delightful persons it is our privilege to know. Molly's presence on the music scene makes the current century a great deal more cheerful than it would be otherwise. Her last Kickstarter-funded album Swing For Your Supper! is truly remarkable in every way, and she's ready to record again. Here's the link to her new project.

Contribute what you can, but remember in so doing you are helping to bring real joy into a world that sorely needs it.


Littlegirlblue said...

Molly and Dan Levinson will appear as guests of Dymitr Markiewicz's Ragtime Jazz Band at the Golden Washboard Old Jazz Meeting in Ilawa, Poland, in mid-August; I'have the privilege of being among the co-organizers of the event :-)

Andy said...

I know Dan and Molly will be a big hit in Ilawa! They are the best!