Thursday, January 17, 2013

"System Recovery" January 18, 2013

(Week 345)

This RADIOLA! has gone viral--and bacterial.

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These amazing volunteers are STILL rescuing homes and feeding people in coastal New Jersey. Kick in a twenty.

Al Herman - I Thought I'd Die Pt. 1 (1927) - Columbia 1230 D
Andre Kostelanetz Conducts - The Man on the Flying Trapeze (1938) - Brunswick 8226
Willard Robison w/Ipana Troubadours - Wake Up! Chill'un, Wake Up! (1929) - from Columbia 1779 D
Johnny Hamp's KY Serenaders (Billy Murray v) - I Can't Get Over a Girl Like You (1926) - Victor 20119 A
Paul Whiteman and his Orch - Why Do Ya Roll Those Eyes (1926) - Victor 20197 A
The Bostonians (Ernie Golden) (Scrappy Lambert Billy Hillpot v) - All By My Ownsome (1927) - Vocalion A 15608
Charles Kaley - Baby Face (1926) - Columbia 801 D
Mitzi - After My Laughter Came Tears (1928) - Silvertone 8028 A
Seven Little Polar Bears (Reser) (Tom Stacks v) - Since She Learned To Ride A Horse (1928) - orig Cameo 8243
Yerkes Novelty Five - India (1919) - Columbia A2798
The Virginians - Memphis Blues (1922) - Victor 18895 B
Eddie Peabody and his Band (Arthur Hall v) - Freshie (1925) - Banner 1640 B
Van and Schenck - You'll Always Find a Lot of Sunshine in My Old Kentucky Home (1918) - Columbia A2570
Irving Kaufman - Because I Love You (1926) - Perfect 12289
Ed Clifford (Cliff Edwards) - If You Come Back (1924) - Bell P 277 B
Wilfred Glenn - Armorer's Song from Robin Hood (de Koven) (1912) - Victor 17268 B
The Happy Six - When the Sun Goes Down Blues and Once In a Blue Moon (1921) - Columbia A6199
Frank Westphal and his Orch - Railroad Man (1923) - Oh! Sister, Ain't That Hot! (Rivermont BSW 1158)
Lou Gold and his Orch (Paul Small v) - Loving Me (1930) - Clarion 5185 C
Ed Lang and his Orch - Hot Heels (1929) - Okeh 8696
Ambrose and his Orch (Sam Browne v) - Chansonette (1933) - Decca 584 A
Eddie Pola - The Wedding of a Gigolo (1934) - Regal Zonophone MR 1279
Dorothy Lamour (Cy Feuer Orch) - I Hear A Call to Arms (1937) - Brunswick 7838
Stew Pletcher and his Orch (Norvo) (SP v) - You (1936) - Bluebird B 6343 A
Lew Davis Trombone Trio - Three of a Kind (1935) - Decca 1298 B
Paris Washboard - Dinah (2010) - Live in Mons├ęgur
Benny Goodman and his Orch - Don't Be That Way (1938) - Victor 25792 A
Fats Waller - Basin Street Blues (1937) - Victor 27767 A
American Quartet - Good Night Mr Moon (1912) - Victor 17046 B


Anonymous said...

I'm working late at the office tonight, and I'm wishing you a very complete recovery! Dude, you don't need no more rasp. You already sound like an asp...
Oh, sorry, channeling Al Herman. Never heard that one, but oh, my....
my musical madman, stay warm in the blustery winds of the rest of winter, and watch out for flying trapezoids...
You're the cat's pajamas, so wear 'em well. Or at least, wear 'em out....

Yeah, that was back in the day...

Let's go back, shall we?

Best wishes,


908 stcycor?
I'm not a robot, and I can prove it... lookie here..."

Andy said...


Thanks! I know you're not a robot. I don't play any records that robots would like.