Thursday, April 26, 2012

"We're Still Here" April 27, 2012

(Week 309)

This RADIOLA! celebrates the institution that it was committed to 15 years ago.

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Ada Jones and Len Spencer - Peaches and Cream (1906) - Aretino D614
Leo Reisman and his Orch (Phil Dewey v) - As Long as I Live (1934) - Columbia P 14847
Willard Robison w/Ipana Troubadours - Wake Up! Chill'un, Wake Up! (1929) - from Columbia 1779-D
Frivolity Club Orch (Jack Denny) - She Belongs To Me (1926) - Vocalion B 15459
Al Lynn's Music Masters (Max Prival v) - I'm Crazy For Her (1927) - Oriole 874 B
Night Club Orch (Reser) (Irving Kaufman v) - You're the One I'm Looking For (1926) - Vocalion B 15314
Gladys Rice Billy Murray - D'ye Love Me (1925) - Victor 19903 A
Joe Wilbur - My Heart Stood Still (1927) - Perfect 12404 B
Jim Miller Charlie Farrell - Joy Bells (1927) - Victor 21081 B
Ray Miller and his Orch - Adoring You (1924) - Brunswick 2724 B
Mike Speciale and his Orch (Jimmy Flynn v) - I Wanna Go Where You Go (1925) - Perfect 14526
Arthur Ross and his Westerners (Selvin) (Irving Kaufman v) - She's My Girl (1929) - Velvet Tone 1892 V
Joe Weber and Lew Fields - The Marriage Market (1916) - Columbia A 2092 edit
Fred Duprez - When You Marry a Girl For Looks (1910) - Aretino D681
Raymond Dixon (Lambert Murphy) - Goodbye Girls, I'm Through (1914) - Victor 17715 A
Baltimore Society Orch (Selvin) (Arthur Fields v) - That Certain Party (1925) - Oriole 533 A
Dave Liddy - Invincible Home Guards March (2012) - Rome NY April 20, 2012
Ed Clute - A Little Love, a Little Kiss (2012) - Rome NY April 20, 2012
Emerson Military Band - Western Land (1919) - Emerson 1025
The Melody Men - Broadway Blues (1920) - Aeolian Vocalion A 14138
Bob Haring and his Orch - Manhattan (1925) - Cameo 784
Ellis Stratakos and his Jung Hotel Orch (Fred Loyacano v) - A Precious Little Thing Called Love (1929) - Jazz Oracle BDW 8066
Phil Spitalny's Orch (Paul Small v) - Sweet and Lovely (1931) - HoW K5
Fred “Sugar” Hall and his Sugar Babies (Arthur Fields v) - Red Headed Baby (1931) - Look Who's Here (Retrieval RTR 79061)
Raymond Dixon (Lambert Murphy) - The Little White House (1926) - Victor 20271 A
Miss Annette Hanshaw - Do Do Do (1926) - Perfect 12305
Jim Miller Charlie Farrell - Lovable and Sweet (1929) - Victor 22078 A
Anson Weeks and his Hotel Mark Hopkins Orch (Bill Moreing v) - Love Me Tonight (1932) - Columbia P 14844
George Formby - I'm the Husband of the Wife of Mr Wu (1939) - Regal Zonophone MR 3425
Teddy Wilson and his Orch (Billie Holiday v) - Twenty Four Hours a Day (1935) - Columbia CJ 40646
Freddy Martin and his Orch (Elmer Feldkamp v) - Then I'll Be Tired of You (1934) - Columbia P 14848
Albert Sandler and his Orch - I Want Your Heart (1932) - Columbia DB 924
Wabash Dance Orch (Phil Baker v) - Sweet Sue - Just You (1928) - Jazz Oracle BDW 8062


Anonymous said...

Let me be all the anonymous thousands who have enjoyed, danced, dreamed, dozed off.. well, perhaps... to your fine show in appreciation of (to?)
the wonderous sounds and songs of our great American past. And elsewhere too. Of course.

Your wit, vigor and affirmation of all awesome sounds found and lost and found and finally played again, on your show, is a tribute to your being a fine gentlemen, scholar and music lover. I know, you'd rather be a real lover than a music lover.. me too!

But in the decades to come, may you live long, like into your 90's as some of your composers on the show have, and may you continue to play and dance and sing and lapse rhapsodic to this great music, until you lapse to sodic yourself, like all the musicians and singers and dancers and drinkers from those roaring 20's and jitterbugging 40's and ...


I love Annette Hanshaw!

Basi Profundi...
and Excelsior!

Dennis Hermanson
Hillsborough, NC

Andy said...

Thank you!!