Thursday, April 05, 2012

"Undercurrent Events" April 6, 2012

(Week 306)

This RADIOLA! has its ear to the ground for whatever reason.

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Cal Stewart - War Talk at Pun'kin Center (1915) - Victor 17820 A
The Rhythmic Eight - Heigh Ho, Ev'rybody (1929) - 48 Of The Best (Retrieval RTR 79059)
Willard Robison w/Ipana Troubadours - Wake Up! Chill'un, Wake Up! (1929) - from Columbia 1779-D
Vanderbilt Orch (Harry Archer) (Irving Kaufman v) - Rain (1927) - Vocalion B 15631
Nat Shilkret and the Victor Orch (Frank Munn v) - My Tonia (1928) - Victor 21817 B
Waring's Pennsylvanians - Does My Sweetie Do--And How (1925) - Victor 19655 A
Frances Sper - My Baby Knows How (1926) - Cameo 1042
Cliff Edwards - Give Me a Night in June (1927) - Perfect 11649 B
Annette Hanshaw and her Sizzling Syncopaters - I Just Roll Along (1928) - Perfect 12419 B
Six Black Diamonds (Samuels) (Arthur Hall v) - Barney Google (1923) - Banner 1206 A
Glantz and his Orch - Wonderful You (1923) - Emerson 10591
The Astorites (Fred Rich) (Ray Stillwell v) - Up and Down the Eight Mile Road (1926) - Harmony 228 H
Ada Jones - They Always Pick on Me (1911) - Aretino D710
Arthur Collins - Grizzly Bear (1910) - Aretino D681
Heidelberg Quintette - On a Beautiful Night With a Beautiful Girl (1912) - Victor 17152 A
Orch dir. by Maurice Peress -Yes, We Have No Bananas-So This is Venice (1987) - The Birth of Rhapsody in Blue (MHS 7531)
West End Jazz Band - Pane in the Glass (1982) - Red Hot Chicago (Stomp Off SOS 1042)
Mana Zucca - Rustle of Spring (Sinding) (1921) - Regal 9168
The Benson Orch of Chicago (Bestor) (Frank Sylvano v) - Back In Hackensack New Jersey (1924) - Victor 19318 B
Bert Lown and his Orch (Irving Kaufman v) - Redskin (1929) - Velvet Tone 1852 V
Nat Shilkret and the Victor Orch (Willard Robison v) - I'm Crazy Over You (1929) - Victor 21976 B
Jack Miller - Down Among the Sugar Cane (1929) - Velvet Tone 1881 V
Hotel Pennsylvania Music (Spitalny) (Bill Coty v) - You Showed Me the Way (1930) - Velvet Tone 2141 V
Rudy Vallee - Lover, Come Back to Me! (1929) - Velvet Tone 1881 V
Annette Hanshaw and her Sizzling Syncopaters - There Must Be a Silver Lining (1928) - Perfect 12419
Chick Endor - It's Unanimous Now (1929) - Victor 22151 A
Phil Spitalny's Music (Ben Alley v) - My Silent Love (1932) - Hit of theWeek F-4-5
Hal Kemp and his Orch (Skinnay Ennis v) - Them There Eyes (1930) - The Hot Sides 1926-1931 (Retrieval RTR 79025)
Sam Lanin's Dance Orch (Paul Small v) - Hello Beautiful! (1931) - Hit of theWeek 1136
Teddy Wilson and his Orch (Billie Holiday v) - A Sunbonnet Blue (1935) - Columbia CJ 40646
Una Mae Carlisle (acc by Lester Young's Orch) - Blitzkrieg Baby (1941) - Victor LPV 578
Ruth Etting - At Sundown (1927) - Columbia 1052 D


Niku said...

I was looking for, "A survey of the career of singer Annette Hanshaw by Robert Bamberger," and Google pointed me in your direction. Unfortunately, after getting here, I can find no mention of it. Do you have a copy in your files? I have gathered a collection of programs on Annette, but this recording, which is about 90-minutes long, would seem to be the definitive
treatment of the subject. There is also Bryan Rust's interview of her, but I have not managed to acquire a copy of it, either. I still have my hopes, though.

Andy said...

Google is a trickster. I like Rob Bamberger and appreciate his great show, but I don't have a recording of Rob's Annette Hanshaw broadcast. In fact, I've never heard it.

Years ago I played the CBC program about Annette and you might find that by searching my archives. That program should still be available through a-infos radio.

But I really am starting to think Google is the devil. I keep getting emails from people who think I repair and sell old radios. All it takes is a minute or two looking at this site to dispel that notion.


Niku said...

I have all of the following, with the exception of the last one, which I am working on. Would you like any of them?

(1) Brian Rust's Interview of Annette Hanshaw

(2) Home Recordings of Annette Hanshaw

(3) Jack Cullen Radio Interview of Annette Hanshaw

(4) Showboat (1933 radio production featuring Annette Hanshaw)

(5) The Entertainers: The Reluctant Star

(6) A survey of the career of singer Annette Hanshaw (Robert Bamberger, WAMU)

Niku said...


Niku said...

You can now find most, if not all, of the above at Internet Archives.