Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Summer Sampler" June 24, 2011

The host of RADIOLA! with bassist Sam Burrell in 1996.

(Week 265)

This RADIOLA! acknowledges the solstice and remembers our friend and fellow musician Sam Burrell who died last week.

Umbrian Glee Club - Exhortation (1926) - Vocalion A 1013
Sidney Bechet Quintet - Summertime (1939) - orig Blue Note 6
Willard Robison w/Ipana Troubadours - Wake Up! Chill'un, Wake Up! (1929) - from Columbia 1779-D
Kensington Serenaders (Selvin) (Irving Kaufman v) - Calling Me Home (1926) - Vocalion B 15399
Tiny Parham and his Musicians - Subway Sobs (1929) - Timeless CBC 1-022
Vermonte Orch (poss Lyman) (Arthur Fields v) - Westward (1926) - Vocalion B 15302
Peggy English - Where The Wild, Wild Flowers Grow (1927) - Vocalion B 15561
Arthur Brown (IK) (Bill Wirges p) - Could I? I Certainly Could! (1926) - Vocalion A 15330
Correll and Gosden (Delos Owen p) - I Just Wanna be Known as Susie's Feller (1926) - Victor 20255 B
Murray's Melody Men - Kamel Land (1920) - Aeolian Vocalion B 14098
Keystone Serenaders (Ray McConnell dir) - I'm Knee Deep In Daisies (1925) - Vocalion B 15123
Hollywood Dance Orch (Adrian Schubert) (IK v) - One Summer Night (1927) - Domino 3911 B
Arthur Fields - Carolina In The Morning (1923) - Vocalion A 14518
Miss Patricola with the Virginians - Lovin' Sam (The Sheik of Alabam') (1922) - Archeophone ARCH 9007
Tuxedo Orch (Reser) - Hokey Pokey (1925) - Vocalion B 15157
Dick Hyman and John Sheridan - Midsummer's Nightmare (2001) - Archives of Novelty Piano (Arbors ARCD 19248)
Terry Waldo's Jazz Entertainers (Janet Klein v) - Happy Feet (2001) - Let It Shine (Stomp Off CD1377)
Sam Moore and Horace Davis - Mighty Lak a Rose (1922) - Vocalion B 14403
Ben Bernie and his Hotel Roosevelt Orch - Wait'll It's Moonlight (1925) - Vocalion B 15130
Ben Selvin and his Orch (BS v) - Oh, Lovey, Be Mine (1925) - Vocalion B 15129
Kensington Serenaders (Selvin) (IK v) - Would Ja (1926) - Vocalion A 15399
Frivolity Club Orch (Jack Denny) - Coal Miner's Dream (1926) - Vocalion B 15313
King Oliver's Orch - My Good Man Sam (take 2) (1929) - JSP CD 3404
Bob Ballin and Rennie McEvoy - When Hannah Plays Piano (1938) - Regal Zonophone G23721
Bob Howard and his Orch - You Fit Into The Picture (1935) - Decca 343 B
Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys - Moonlight and Roses (1938) - Vocalion 04439
Eddy Duchin and his Orch (Lew Sherwood v) - Summer Holiday (1936) - Victor 25325 A
Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orch (Kenny Sargent v) - You Go To My Head (1938) - Decca 1783 A
Stew Pletcher and his Orch - You (1936) - orig Bluebird B-6343
Peggy English - Just a Little Longer (1926) - Vocalion B 15479
Louis Armstrong - Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen (1938) - Decca 2085 B
Andy Senior - Rockin' Chair - piano solo recorded June 21, 2011


Andy said...

The personnel on the Bob Howard date (for "You Fit Into The Picture") was indeed noteworthy:

BOB HOWARD AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Benny Carter, t, as / Buster Bailey, cl / Teddy Wilson, p / Clarence Holiday,
g / Elmer James, sb / Cozy Cole, d / Bob Howard, v. New York, January 2, 1935.

Nick Dragos said...

Yet another excellent program, with a fine tribute to your late friend Sam.

There is a wealth of gems to be found in the All-Star sessions under Bob Howard's name - as well as those of Putney Dandridge - so thanks for including his "You Fit Into The Picture"....

Also, many kudos for presenting a cut from the wonderful Stew Pletcher, an overlooked trumpeter of the 1930's.

Actually, this Pletcher session for Victor was by Red Norvo & His Orchestra - of which Pletcher was the brass section - then under contract to Decca. Pletcher, whose family owned the QRS piano roll company, was a brilliantly understated trumpeter who fit in perfectly with Norvo's softer swing group, then featured successfully on 52nd Street. There is a short profile of Pletcher in the chapter on Norvo in Dick Sudhalter’s essential jazz history, “Lost Chords: White Musicians & Their Contribution To Jazz, 1915-1945”, an absolutely incredible treasure trove of jazz information.

As always, Andy, you managed to bring out the stunning variety found in each Radiola by presenting Bechet’s immortal “Summertime” in context with Hyman & Sheridan, Gosden & Correll, King Oliver & Eddie Duchin…….you’re an absolute delight to listeners, but you would have been an absolute headache to some out-of-touch radio station music director!

Keep up the excellent work.

Andy said...


Thank you!!

That Bob Howard session was truly amazing for a Fats Waller ripoff. Benny Carter on both sax and trumpet, Teddy Wilson on piano, Buster Bailey, and Cozy Cole. In some ways these Decca sessions were better than the Rhythm sides. ("Heresy!" I heard someone say.)

Pletcher was way underrated. I should have emphasized Norvo since it was his group and he was all over this recording.

I've been a headache to lots of people in my day. I was lucky starting the show at WHCL where nobody paid attention to what was going out over the air as long as there was something audible. If I ever find another station like that--with a user-friendly console--I'll jump on it.

Many thanks again,

Nick Dragos said...

Andy -

If you, as a producer of nostalgic programming, aren't a royal pain in the butt to radio management, you aren't trying hard enough!

Hey - if i tried, in my old radio days, to explain the various cover names for groups performing outside the reach of their recording contracts, I would still be on the air commenting......

It might be interesting to do a show that features groups and/or stars that were signed just to compete with established stars, like the Howards and Dandridges who tried and failed to challenge the immortal Waller.....

There were many magnificent recordings, for example, by both Jabbo Smith & Red Allen in the late 20's, trying vainly to threaten Armstrong.

Just another rambling thought by one burned-out old ex-jazz DJ.

Regards, and keep up the noble fight!