Thursday, December 02, 2010

"Attention, Please!" December 3, 2010

(Week 236)

This RADIOLA! suggests that attention must be paid. (Or not.)

RADIOLA! streams continuously on my Live365 station.

For a limited time, order two CDs from Bryan Wright's excellent Rivermont label and receive a free 7" LP. (One of the selections on the bonus record is the West End Jazz Band playing "Burnin' The Iceberg" the day after they performed the version heard on this program.)

Sir Henry Lytton - If you give me your attention (1932) - Princess Ida (Conifer 75605 52273 2B)
Andre Kostelanetz Conducts - Bugle Call Rag (1938) - Brunswick 8214
Willard Robison w/Ipana Troubadours - Wake Up! Chill'un, Wake Up! (1929) - from Columbia 1779-D
Edwin J McEnelly's Orch (Billy Murray v) - What a Blue Eyed Baby You Are (1925) - Victor 19841 A
Majestic Dance Orch (Harry Salter) (Bob Merwin v) - I'm Just a Vagabond Lover (1929) - Perfect 15159
Arthur Lally and the Million Airs - Sing a Little Jingle (1931) - Decca F 2612
Nick Lucas - I Found Somebody To Love (1925) - Brunswick 2990 B
Lee Morse and her Blue Grass Boys - You Are My Own (1928) - Columbia 1716 D
Gladys Rice Franklyn Baur (Arden and Ohman p) - I May Be Wrong (1929) - Victor 22226 A
Isham Jones Orch - Blue Hoosier Blues (1923) - Brunswick 2456 B
Dixie Daisies - Bees Knees (1923) - Cameo 312
Ted Lewis and his Band - Wang Wang Blues (1921) - Columbia A 3464
Bing Crosby - Blue Hawaii (Take B) (1937) - Chronological Bing Crosby Vol. 19 (Jonzo)
The Lion - Bing Crosby (1939) - Roosevelt in Trinidad (Rounder)
King Radio - Two Sisters Scandal (1939) - West Indian Rhythm (Bear Family)
Bryan Wright - Soliloquy (2009) - Breakin' Notes (Rivermont)
Sir Henry Lytton - Whene'er I spoke sarcastic joke (1932) - Princess Ida (Conifer 75605 52273 2B)
West End Jazz Band - Burnin' The Iceberg (2010) - Recorded 20100515 Huntington WV
Male Voices - My Creole Sue (1902) - Columbia A 866
Eddie Weston - They've Got Me Doing It Now (1913) - Columbia A 1358
William H. Reitz - Buffalo News March (Lampe) (1913) - Victor 17357 A
June Pursell (with Roy Fox c) - When I See My Sugar (1929) - Brunswick 4504
Seattle Harmony Kings - If I Had a Girl Like You (1925) - Victor 19772 A
Johnny Johnson and his Statler PA'ns (Bob Treaster v) - Speedy Boy (1928) - Victor 21275 A
Aileen Stanley Billy Murray (Frank Banta p) - I Can't Get Over a Girl Like You (1926) - Victor 20148 B
Lee Morse - Side By Side (1927) - Columbia 974 D
Gladys Rice Franklyn Baur (Arden and Ohman p) - Just You, Just Me (1929) - Victor 22226 B
Jimmy Carr and his Orch (Joe Hostetter v) - A Little Bit Independent (1935) - Melotone 6 01 06
Tempo King and his Kings of Tempo - William Tell (1936) - Bluebird B 6534 A
Codallo's Top Hatters Orchestra - Tropical Heat-paseo - Calypso Breakway 1927-1941
Richard Tauber - Mattinata (Leoncavallo) (c 1930) - Odeon 10561
Albert Sandler and his Orch - Masquerade (1932) - Columbia DB 924
Nick Lucas - Sleepy Time Gal (1925) - Brunswick 2990 A


Nick Dragos said...

Andy -

Having listened to the past several shows, I hear a subtle change, with even more variety thrown in the mix....either way you do it, you're performing a great,culturally valid public service, and keep up the great work!

Merry Christmas & Happy 2011!

Nick Dragos
Burned-Out Ex-Jazz D.J.
Carmichael, CA

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I especially enjoyed the Nick Lucas recordings.

I was wondering if you possibly had Brunswick 4390 with the songs (Just Another Kiss/When My Dreams Come True) I´ve been looking for that Nick Lucas record for years. It seems to be pretty rare. Would love to hear it on a future show if you have it in your collection.

Happy Holidays and New Year.

Andy said...


Thanks! There's always been a certain amount of variety on the show material, but I do try to get more different kinds of things on these days.

I appreciate that you enjoy the range of stuff--and (as always) your kind words.


Andy said...

I'll look for that Nick Lucas record. I have so many recently acquired 78s that it might turn up yet.

I'm glad you like the show--thanks!