Friday, October 29, 2010


Before everyone panics and starts writing to me, I just discovered that is allowing no new uploads and all material on their servers will be deleted by December 15. This means that you should go back through and download everything from you can from my blog archives to your drive before that date.

I will upload these shows to alternate services as fast as I can. They won't be lost, since they exist on multiple hard drives. I will be using 4Shared for my new shows for the time being, and of course continue to upload 64k versions to A-Infos Radio.


Jim Royce said...

Facebook taking over the world

Andy said...

They're the Wal-Mart of cyberspace.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,
Which shows have the io downloads
before they are gone
Thanks for the Gr8 78's !

Andy said...


Weeks 194 through 231, with some exceptions, are hosted at I've uploaded the same files to 4Shared and will continue to upload to that site. But it may take me a while to post new links, etc. So downloading shows back through this past January is a good idea.

Thanks for listening!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the week reference to the io files Andy, I do like listening to
them nice and crunchy ones. By the way, no new shows at Bryan Wrights site, maybe he's taking a break. He is a kind collector, he burned 2 nice cd's of his 78's from his database that I requested and he compiled.

Andy said...

Bryan Wright just did a new Shellac Stack Podcast after a year's hiatus. It's a fun hour. Bryan has so many projects going that I'm amazed (and grateful) that he found the time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning this to me Andy about Bryan's podcast, I really enjoy listening to you both very much
Happy Thanksgiving !