Friday, July 30, 2010

"All Too Human" July 30, 2010

(Week 218)

That's me! But here is a very nice RADIOLA! a bit late but not past its sell-by date.

Singin' Sam (Harry Frankel) - Was That The Human Thing To Do? (1932) - Perfect 12786 A
Henry King and his Orch - Tabu (1938) - Decca 2070 B
Willard Robison w/Ipana Troubadours - Wake Up! Chill'un, Wake Up! (1929) - from Columbia 1779-D
Howard Lanin's Ben Franklin Dance Orch - Don't Wake Me Up Let Me Dream (1925) - Victor 19797 B
The Ambassadors (Katzman) - Ya Gotta Know How To Love (1926) - Vocalion A 15435
Don Bestor and his Orch - Charleston Baby of Mine (1925) - Victor 19751 B
Gene Austin (Art Fowler uke) - Everything's Made For Love (1926) - Victor 20478 A
Art Gillham - So That's The Kind of a Girl You Are (1925) - Columbia 442 D
Regent Club Orch (Bill Wirges) (Vaughn De Leath v) - Satisfied! (1929) - Perfect 15226
Collins and Harlan - Eagle Rock (1914) - Victor 17610 A
Original Memphis Five - Your Mamma's Gonna Slow You Down (1923) - Banner 1296 B
Southampton Society Orch (Selvin) - Me And My Boy Friend [sic] (1924) - Perfect 14336
Ruth Etting - I'm Falling In Love (1931) - Columbia 2505 D
Paul Whiteman and his Orch (BC v) - Make Believe (1928) - Victor 21218 B
Victor Arden Phil Ohman and their Orch (Frank Luther v) - I Love You So Much (1929) - Victor 22383 A
Lee Sims - Diane (1927) - Brunswick 3800 A
Frank Banta - Ain't She Sweet? (1927) - Victor 20610 B
Farber Sisters - How'd You Like To Be My Daddy? (1918) - Columbia A2525
Gus Van - I'm In Love (1918) - Columbia A2525
Irvings and Jackson (Irving and Jack Kaufman) - You've Simply Got Me Cuckoo (1923) - Cameo 460
Paul Specht and his Orch (Johnny Morris v) - Thinking of You (1926) - Columbia 819 D
Jack Miller and the New Englanders - From Sunrise To Sunset (1929) - Velvet Tone 1898 V
Paul Whiteman and his Orch (Jack Fulton v) - Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me (1928) - Columbia 1401 D
Ruth Etting - I'm Good For Nothing But Love (1931) - Columbia 2505 D
Roland Smith's Rascals - Loveless Love (1932) - Romeo 1805 A
Pennsylvania Collegians (Tom Berwick) (James Hawkins v) - Pink Elephants (1932) - Electradisk 1905 A
Irving Kaufman - Is It a Sin? (1928) - Perfect 12456 B
Charles Dornberger and his Orch (Dick Dixon v) - Maybe--Who Knows? (1929) - Victor 22031 A
Sam Lanin and his Orch (Scrappy Lambert v) - What Is This Thing Called Love? (1930) - Perfect 15282
Leo Reisman and his Orch (Frank Luther v) - Something To Remember You By (1930) - Victor 22537 B
Libby Holman - Like a Ship Without a Sail (1930) - Brunswick 4700
Enrique Madriguera and his Rhumba Orch (Smith Ballew v) - Adios (1931) - Columbia 2434 D


L said...

I am listening to podcast 208a, which I picked 'out of the blue.' I listen to a lot of music, but this is some of the most wonderful I have ever uncovered. I'm not even half way thru and I'm already enthralled by the variety and quality. Can't wait to discover what else lies buried in your archives. Thank you so much for the time and effort dedicated to unearthing, collecting and sharing all this incredible music. You've made my day... week... and month. [A bonus: I can already envision my girlfriend dancing around the kitchen when she hears these tunes].

Andy said...

Thank you!! Your kind comment made MY day, week, and month!

This summer has been different, since my radio station has been off the air while a new studio is supposedly being built. I decided to go ahead and do my show each week anyway, and post it on the internet. So your positive feedback means everything to me, and I deeply appreciate it!