Friday, April 16, 2010

"I Wanna Sing About You" April 16, 2010

(Week 204)

UPDATE: This show may be downloaded in 128k mp3 format: HOUR 1 and HOUR 2.

Here's a (relatively) stress-free RADIOLA! to celebrate spring.

Tune in at 8 PM Eastern to WHCL (with direct streaming HERE and HERE). The show will be available on my Live365 station soon after the broadcast. Check back here for more listening options.

Paul Tremaine and his Orch - I Wanna Sing About You (1930) - Columbia 2462 D (Jeff Healey col)
Cliff Jackson and his Crazy Kats- Horse Feathers (1930) - 1926-1934 - Jazz Oracle BDW 8037
Willard Robison w/Ipana Troubadours - Wake Up! Chill'un, Wake Up! (1929) - from Columbia 1779-D
Ben Bernie and his Orch - He's The Last Word (1926) - Retrieval RTR 79055
Adrian Schubert and his Orch - Skies Of Grey (1927) - Banner 6143 (Jeff Healey col)
Jackson and his Southern Stompers - Take Your Tomorrow (1928) - Frog Spawn - The First Batch DGF71
Arthur Fields - Save Your Sorrow (1925) - Harmony 29 H
Gloria Geer (Vaughn DeLeath) - Bye Bye Blackbird (1926) - Cameo 963
Paul Specht and his Orch - Bamboola (1925) - Columbia 497 D (Jeff healey col)
Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orch - I'm Following You (1930) - orig Vocalion 1471
Ben Bernie and His Orch - Following You Around (1927) - Brunswick 3496 (Jeff Healey col)
Guy Lombardo and his R C'ns - Following In Your Footsteps (1935) - Decca 425 (Jeff Healey col)
Charles Dickson (Irving Kaufman) - I Found A Million Dollar Baby (1926) - orig Oriole 740a
Paul Specht and his Orch (Johnny Morris v) - I Found A Million-Dollar Baby (1931) - Columbia 2482 D (Jeff Healey col)
The Carpal Tunnel Kid - I Met A Hundred Dollar Honey (1997) - Aug 8, 1997 (Coffee Bar, Herkimer NY)
Dick Hyman (w Bernie Green's Orch) - Concerto For Calliope (1957) - Bernie Green Plays More Than You Can Stand (San Franscisco Records M33015)
Al Gallodoro - Saxophobia (1957) - Bernie Green Plays More Than You Can Stand (San Francisco Records)
Collins and Harlan - My Wife's Gone To The Country Hurrah Hurrah (1909) - Columbia A724
Sophie Tucker - My Husband's in the City (1910) - Origins of the Red Hot Mama (Archeophone 5010)
Marimbaphone Band - At The Cotton Pickers' Ball (1918) - Columbia A 2550
Little Jack Little Orchestra - I Wished On The Moon (1935) - Columbia 3068 D (Jeff Healey col)
Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians - Monopoly (1936) - Victor 25331 (Jeff Healey col)
Hudson-Delange Orchestra - Monopoly Swing (1936) - Brunswick 7667 (Jeff Healey col)
Leslie Hutchinson - Huggable Kissable You (1929) - orig Parlophone 78 (UK) (REP-ToNY)
Mildred Hunt - Ho Hum (1931) - Romeo 78 (courtesy Rich Conaty)
Dorsey Bros Orch (Bob Crosby v) - I'd Like To Dunk You In My Coffee (1934) - Decca 321 (Jeff Healey col)
Max Dolin and his Orch - Close Your Eyes (w) (1925) - Victor 19789 (Jeff Healey col)
Layton and Johnstone - Close Your Eyes (1931) - Columbia DB 710 (UK)
Eddy Duchin and his Orch (Lew Sherwood v) - Close Your Eyes (1933) - Victor 24376 (Jeff Healey col)
Wabash Dance Orch (Phil Baker v) - Chloe (1928) - Duophone D 4006 (Jeff Healey col)
Johnny Dodds' Black Bottom Stompers - New Orleans Stomp (1927) - New Orleans Stomp (Frog DGF 39)
Fred Rich and his Orch (Scrappy Lambert v) - The Hour Of Parting (1931) - Columbia 2494 D (Jeff Healey col)


drizzz said...

"I'd Like To Dunk You In My Coffee" is a strange one- if those are double entendres they're very obscure or perhaps refer to forbidden practices that died out in the late '30's.

Andy said...

I often wonder what sort of a mindset produced some of the more bizarre songs I find. This lyricist truly raked through the swamp of his own subconscious--and I have to appreciate that something so strange got published and recorded!

Chester Proudfoot said...

Tin Pan Alley certainly had a lot of odd titles, puns as well as the frequent double entendre. The way these guys cranked out the tunes, it's amazing that plagiarism lawsuits didn't abound. This title made me first think of You're the Cream in My Coffee.

Drizz, if you read this drop me a line at my place.