Thursday, March 04, 2010

"I Just Roll Along" March 5, 2010

(Week 198)

UPDATE: This show is being made available for download at the following links: HOUR 1 and HOUR 2.

This RADIOLA! rolls along with the rare and strange juxtaposed with the familiar in this mostly shellac sampler.

Tune in at 8 PM Eastern Friday to WHCL (with direct streaming HERE and HERE). With luck, the show will be archived and uploaded to my Live365 station soon.

Many thanks to Irwin of WFMU for the Koichi Sugii recording.

California Humming Birds - I Just Roll Along (1928) - Victor 21309 B
Vernon Geyer - Whispering (1938) - Bluebird B 7738 A
Willard Robison w/Ipana Troubadours - Wake Up! Chill'un, Wake Up! (1929) - from Columbia 1779-D
Rudy Vallee and his Connecticut Yankees - You're Just a Lover (1931) - Victor 22679 A
The Sunshine Boys - That's Where You Come In (1929) - Columbia 1962 D
Eddie Droesch and his Orch (Dick Robertson v) - River Stay 'Way From My Door (1931) - Clarion 5409 C
Ruth Etting - My Man (Mon Homme) (1927) - Columbia 995 D
Correll and Gosden - Kiss Your Little Baby Goodnight (1926) - Victor 20286 B
Clara Bow - True to the Navy (1930) - “Paramount on Parade” Soundtrack
Harry Paul and his Orch (Specht) (Johnny Morris v) - Chiquita (1928) - Duophone D 4008
Andre Kostelanetz - Rhumba Fantasy (1935) - Victor 36161 B
Genevieve Davis - Haven't Got a Dollar to Pay the House Rent Man (1927) - Victor 20648 A
Lee Morse and her Bluegrass Boys - Mood Indigo (1931) - Columbia 2530 D
Bing Crosby (w Dorsey Bros Orch) - Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn (1933) - Brunswick 1498 A (UK)
Bob Scobey's Frisco Jazz Band - Strange Blues (1955) - Good Time Jazz GTJ12006
Dan Levinson's Roof Garden Jass Band - The Sheik of Araby (1999) - Salutes the ODJB (Loup-Garous LG1001)
Wabash Dance Orch (Red Nichols) (Phil Baker v) - Ready For The River (1928) - Duophone D 4008
California Ramblers - Wedding of the Painted Doll (1929) - Edison 14016 R
The Ramblers (Ed Kirkeby v) - She Knows Her Onions (1926) - Romeo 266 A
Lee Morse and her Bluegrass Boys - Love Letters in the Sand (1931) - Columbia 2530 D
Jack Hart (Sam Lanin Orch) - You Were Meant For Me (1929) - Harmony 845 H
California Humming Birds - She's a Great Great Girl (1928) - Victor 21309 A
Andre Kostelanetz - Chant of the Weed (Donald Redman) (1935) - Victor 36161 A
Koichi Sugii - Kiso-Bushi (1938) - Salon Music 1938 1941 Bridge 123-4 (Japan)
Fats Waller - Lonesome Road (1939) - Victor 27459 B
Vernon Geyer - Honeysuckle Rose (1938) - Bluebird B 7738 B
Bing Crosby (w Dorsey Bros Orch) - Stay on the Right Side of the Road (1933) - Brunswick 1498 B (UK)
Frances Langford - Meet Me In The Gloaming (1933) - Bluebird B 5016 B
Tommy Dorsey and his Orch - Song of India (1937) - HMV B 8586
Jerry Cooper (Eddy Duchin Orch) - Goodnight My Love (1936) - Victor 25485 B


Anonymous said...

Hello Andy,
This was another great show!
The other week you mentioned having a listener in Sweden, well I may have good news for you: you've got at least two (internet)listeners in Holland (or The Netherlands as we say). A few weeks ago I sent the link to your Blog to a collegue of mine and ever since she's allmost as madly enthousiastic about your programs as I am. Hopefully you carry on for a many of years letting us enjoy the music of those years long gone forebye.
Many thanks and greetings from René from Holland.

Andy said...


Thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying these shows. I'm still amazed that I have listeners thousands of miles away--and I am thrilled to hear from them!

Many thanks again,