Friday, December 18, 2009

"You Meet the Nicest People" December 18, 2009

(Week 191)

UPDATE: Here are the links for the slightly longer version of this program: PART 1 and PART 2.

This RADIOLA! is a special broadcast of the interview I conducted with Rich Conaty (host of WFUV's The Big Broadcast) at his home in Hudson, NY. This program features many of Rich's favorite recordings, and a discussion of the history and evolution of The Big Broadcast.

This program will be broadcast at 8 PM Friday on WHCL (with direct streaming here). It will also soon be available on my Live365 station, with a slightly longer version of the interview available for download from this site after the broadcast.

Fats Waller and his Rhythm - You Meet The Nicest People In Your Dreams (1939) - orig Bluebird 10346 A
Paul Whiteman’s Rhythm Boys - Wa-Da-Da (1928) - orig Columbia 1455 D
Isham Jones Orch (Frank Sylvano, v) - You’re Just A Dream Come True (1930) - orig Brunswick 6015
Frankie Trumbauer Orch (Smith Ballew v) - Happy Feet (1930) - orig Okeh 41421
Mills Brothers - Tiger Rag (1931) - orig Brunswick 6197
B.F. Goodrich Silvertown Cord Orch (Silver-Masked Tenor v) - I’m Lonely Without You (1926) - orig Victor 20095 A
Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang - Stringing the Blues (1926) - orig Columbia 914 D
Coon-Sanders Orch - Tennessee Lazy (1929) - orig Victor 21939 B
Bert Lown Hotel Biltmore Orch (Elmer Feldkamp v) - Now You’re in My Arms (1931 - orig Victor 22689 A
Ray Noble and his Orch (Al Bowlly v) - What More Can I Ask? (1932) - orig Victor 24314 A
Louis Armstrong and his Sebastian New Cotton Club Orch - I’m a Ding Dong Daddy (from Dumas)(1930) - orig Okeh 41442
Ted Weems and his Orch (Parker Gibbs v) - My Troubles are Over (1928) - orig Victor 21809
The Travelers (directed by Jimmy Dorsey) - Breakaway (1929) - orig Okeh 41260
McKinney’s Cotton Pickers - Do Something (1929) - orig Victor V-38051
Dave Frishberg - Dear Bix (1977) - "Getting Some Fun Out of Life" (Concord Jazz CJ-37)
The Haoles - Some Enchanted Evening (1995) - "Hawaiian Holiday" (Bona Fide)
Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks - Shake That Thing (2004) - “The Aviator” Columbia/Sony CK 93628
Lou Gold and his Orch ("Robert Wood" IK v) - When Summer is Gone (1928) - Velvet Tone 1768 V
Lou Gold and his Orch ("Rodman Lewis" SL v) - Keep a Song in Your Soul (1930) - Oriole 2189
Eddy Duchin and his Orch (Lew Sherwood v) - Anything Can Happen (1935) - Victor 25218
Don Voorhees and his Orch - Soliloquy (1927) - "The Big Broadcast" (Vol. 1) Rivermont BSW-1141
Annette Hanshaw - Wasting My Love on You (1930) - "The Big Broadcast Volume 2" Rivermont BSW-1144
Hal Kemp and his Orch (Skinnay Ennis v) - Two Faced Woman (1933) - "The Big Broadcast Volume 3" Rivermont BSW-1145
Henry Lange and his Orch - Hot Piano Stomp (1931) - Gennett unissued test from "The Big Broadcast Volume 5"
Paul Whiteman and his Orch (Bing Crosby v) - Great Day (1929) - orig Columbia 2023 D


drizzz said...

Great show! Rich mentioned Ed Beach- a jazz dj in NYC- he had the perfect "jazz" voice and intonation but I have to admit it, I enjoy your show more!

Andy said...

Thank you! If I ever tried on a "jazz" voice the results wouldn't be pretty. I'm glad the one I'm using seems to work!

Chester Proudfoot said...

LOL. Well, for the record, "I" have the perfect jazz voice - I just don't know what I'm talking about. I've been told as much by all my good friends. Fear not, Andy - I will remain on this end of the wavelengths. :-)

I don't usually listen to Rich's show, but enjoyed this very much. It's funny how collecting old records as a kid can be seen as odd by peers - until they learn that you've got your own radio show and they don't. I had read somewhere that Annette Hanshaw had requested that he never play two songs of hers, and that Rich had honored that request. I was wondering if there's anything more to the story, and if he still has not played the songs on his show.

Andy said...

Thanks--I'm glad you enjoyed the show. There are at least a couple of her own recordings that Annette Hanshaw didn't particularly like. One was "Lover Come Back to Me." I know I've heard that on the Big Broadcast of late. There was one other that she really hated--and I'll have to refresh my memory on that one.