Thursday, December 10, 2009

Get Stuffy in Your Stocking For a Schaapy Holiday!

He's at it again.


drizzz said...

I'd love to have a framed Ada Jones & Billy Murry singing "I'm Glad I'm a Girl"(signed by The Silver Masked Tenor!)but what's the use- I could never afford it, besides you know how many hungry mouths that money could feed?!

Andy said...

That's way too much money for a record you just look at. (Every record I'm playing on Friday's show cost me a buck apiece at estate sales last week--though in a couple of cases even that seems steep.)

And I don't know who Wynton Marsalis' signature (on fairly common 78s) is supposed to impress. He's not the reincarnation of Louis Armstrong.

Chester Proudfoot said...

When I saw those Marsalis-signed items, I thought - well, that brought down the value of a few records! Maybe if it were Nicholas Payton .... (who could be a contender for the reincarnation of Louis).