Thursday, July 09, 2009

"Timeless Rhythm" July 10, 2009

(Week 169)

This RADIOLA! celebrates a much-loved jazz label and an epoch-making Calypso box set--and throws in a few odd 78s to grout this musical mosaic.

Tune in at 8 PM Eastern Friday to WHCL (with direct streaming here). I'll upload the show to my Live365 station shortly thereafter.

Black Prince - I Want a Radio at Home (1938) - West Indian Rhythm (Bear Family Box Set CD4)
Bill Haid's Cubs - Crazy Rhythm (1928) - Broadway 1206 B
Willard Robison (w/Ipana Troubadours) - Wake Up! Chill’un, Wake Up! (1929) - Columbia 1779-D
Jackie Taylor Orch (Boswell Sisters v) - We're On The Highway To Heaven (1930) - Timeless CBC 1-078
Boyd Senter and his Senterpedes - Sister Kate (1928) - Timeless CBC 1-032
Fred Elizalde and his Cinderella Roof Orch - That Certain Feeling (1926) - Timeless CBC 1-061
Bob and Alf Pearson - Roll On Mississippi Roll On (1932) - Broadcast Twelve 3072 A
The Executor - My Troubles With Dorothy (1938) - West Indian Rhythm (Bear Family Box Set CD1)
Gorilla - Appetite (1939) - West Indian Rhythm (Bear Family Box Set CD8)
Ladd's Black Aces - Shake It And Break It (1921) - Timeless CBC 1-077 CD1
The Cotton Pickers - Jacksonville Gal (1925) - Timeless CBC 1-029
Georgia Melodians - Spanish Shawl (1926) - Timeless CBC 1-031
Carol Wynn (Emil Velaszco) (Scrappy Lambert v) - Just a Night for Meditation (1928) - Diva 2765 G
Frank Black and his Orch - Don't Be Angry With Me (1926) - Brunswick 3338 A
Miami Bell Boys - At Sundown (1927) - Broadway 1074 B
Vick Meyers' Atlanta Melody Artists - Save Your Sorrow (1925) - Timeless CBC 1-060
Vic Meyers' Music - Rose Room (1929) - Timeless CBC 1-060
Eddie Condon and his Footwarmers - I'm Sorry I Made You Cry (1928) - Timeless CBC 1-024
Horace Heidt's Orch - Golden Gate (1928) - Timeless CBC 1-078
Devine's Wisconsin Roof Orch (Bill Carlsen, director) - Tiger Rag (1927) - Broadway 1140 B
BBC Dance Orch (Henry Hall) (Les Allen v) - How Could We Be Wrong ? (1933) - Columbia CB 663
Atilla the Hun - The Banning Of Records (1938) - West Indian Rhythm (Bear Family Box Set CD2)
Codallo’s Top Hatters Orch - Bastardy (1938) - West Indian Rhythm (Bear Family Box Set CD1)
Georgia Melodians - Rhythm of the Day (1926) - Timeless CBC 1-031
Vincent Rose and his Montmartre Orch - Helen Gone (1924) - Timeless CBC 1-078
Lada's Louisiana Five - Everybody Stomp (1925) - Timeless CBC 1-061
Boyd Senter (with Eddie Lang g, Jack Russell p) - Eniale Blues (1928) - Timeless CBC 1-032
Willie “The Lion” Smith and his Cubs - The Swampland Is Calling Me (1937) - Timeless CBC 1-012
The Rhythm Rascals - I'm Tickled to Death I'm Me (1936) - Timeless CBC 1-047
Atilla the Hun - The Horrors of War (1938) - West Indian Rhythm (Bear Family Box Set CD2)
Willie “The Lion” Smith and his Cubs - Peace Brother Peace (1937) - Timeless CBC 1-012
The Caresser - Time For Man To Go Home (1938) - West Indian Rhythm (Bear Family Box Set CD5)


drizzz said...

I hope you're not going to say Timeless is defunct...

Andy said...

Maybe not. Their webpage seems to be back up. I'll have to amend my commentary accordingly.

The thing is, I had heard from a reliable source that they were out of business. But typing "Timeless historical" into Google brings up their site. Perhaps someone infused some cash into the venture.

I'll remove the word "defunct" from my post for the time being.

Nick Dragos said...

I had heard the same thing, Andy - and from very reliable sources....and it would be a crying shame to see Timeless pass on....let's hope some dedicated jazz lover{s} with deep pockets is keeping this invaluable flame alive!!!

The Chris Barber Collection is essential to any serious student or collector of vintage jazz, and the other Timeless labels have been critically important to other styles as well.

Andy said...

When I heard about Timeless perhaps being out of business, I went to Amazon and bought a ton of the CDs I didn't already have. Those recent acquisitions are what I'm using on the show tonight.

For me, it's been an invaluable label--along with Jazz Oracle, Frog, The Old Masters, Rivermont, Archeophone, and a few others.

I always urge listeners to buy CDs to keep worthy labels afloat. I'd rather pay 18 bucks on Amazon now (and save a struggling reissue label) than have to pay $100+ for something out of print.