Friday, June 05, 2009

"Radiola Calling!" June 5, 2009

(Week 164)

RADIOLA! begins its fifth year on WHCL-FM, and this RADIOLA! is just like all the other ones, only different.

Many thanks again to George in Oregon, Mark Fuller, Ray Mitchell of the UK, Toast of New York, Randy, Rich, and The Codger.

And an especially heartfelt thanks to Jonathan Mead for letting me have my own show in June 2005. For all he knew I was some crazy person wishing to commandeer the airwaves to play totally incongruous music punctuated with inappropriate commentary. (And he let me keep doing the show when that proved to be precisely the case.)

Tune in to WHCL-FM this Friday at 8 PM Eastern (with direct streaming here). The show will be uploaded to my Live365 station presently.

Eddie Pola and Company (w/Al Bowlly, Les Allen, Carlisle Cousins) - America Calling, parts 1 & 2 (1933) - Toast of NY
Willard Robison (w/Ipana Troubadours) - Wake Up! Chill’un, Wake Up! (1929) - Columbia 1779-D
Abe Lyman & his California Orchestra - A Jazz Holiday (1928) - Timeless CBC 1-059
Ben Bernie and his Hotel Roosevelt Orch - Carefree (1927) - Brunswick 3716 (Toast of NY)
Leo Reisman and his Orch - Cheer Up (Good Times Are Coming) (1930) - Victor 22453
Emmett Miller - Big Bad Bill Is Sweet William Now (1925) - Okeh 40465 (Ray Mitchell)
Lee Morse - My Sweetie Turned Me Down (1925) - Perfect 11596 A (Ray Mitchell)
Cotton Pickers - State Street Blues (1922) - Brunswick 2292 (George V.)
Jean Goldkette and his Orch (C Mathieu-J Stanley, v) - Lonesome and Sorry (1926) - Victor 20031 B
McKinney’s Cotton Pickers (George Thomas, v) - If I Could Be With You (1929) - Victor V-38118-A
Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five - S.O.L. Blues (1927) - The Complete Hot Fives and Sevens
Sophie Tucker - Conversational Man (1928) - The Great Sophie Tucker (Jasmine)
Al Bowlly - Night and Day (1933) - Sunflower SUN 2178
Gus Arnheim and his Orch (Bing Crosby-Loyce Whiteman v) - Ho Hum (1931) - Jasmine JASBOX 3-4
Rudy Wiedoeft - Valse Vanite (1926?) - "Kreisler of the Saxophone" Clarinet Classics CC0018
Rudy Wiedoeft (Oscar Levant, piano) - Sax-O-Phun (1926) - "Kreisler of the Saxophone"
Mamie Smith and her Jazz Band - Mama Whip! Mama Spank! (1921) - Okeh 4427
Int’l Novelty Orch (Billy Murray-Ed Smalle) It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' (1924) Victor 19421-A
Carolina Club Orch (Arthur Fields, v) - Dream Train (1929) - Diva 2844-G
Ray Miller and his Hotel Gibson Orch (Ray Miller, v) - I Ain't Got Nobody (1927) - Timeless CBC 1-066
Leo Reisman and his Orch (LC) - What is This Thing Called Love? (1930) - Jasmine JASBOX 3-4
Harry Hudson and his Melody Men (Leslie Sarony v) - My Wife Is On A Diet (1929) - “The Charleston”
Chick Bullock - Anytime, Any Day, Anywhere (1933) - Art Deco- The Crooners (disc 2) (Columbia)
Nye Mayhew and his Westchester Biltmore Orch (Douglas Newman, v) - Cocktails For Two (1935) - Jasmine JASBOX 3-4
McKinney’s Cotton Pickers (George Thomas, v) - Zonky (1929) - Victor V-38118-B
Allen Brothers - Fruit Jar Blues (1932) - Victor 23756 (ToNY)
Ozzie Nelson and his Orch - The Tinkle Song (1939) - Bluebird 10271
Jim Davidson and his ABC Dance Orch - We're Off to See The Wizard (1940) - (Toast of NY)
Al Bowlly - It Was So Beautiful (1932) - Sunflower SUN 2178
Harry James and his Orch w/Frank Sinatra - Melancholy Mood (1939) -Art Deco- The Crooners (disc 2)
Ray Miller and his Hotel Gibson Orch - Weary Blues (1927) - Timeless CBC 1-066

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