Thursday, May 07, 2009

"Where's the Crunch?" May 8, 2009

(Week 161)

For this RADIOLA! I've used mainly selections in which the "shellac sizzle" has been greatly reduced. Because I tend to be skeptical about the miracles of modern technology (and modern everything else), I've endeavored to exercise a light touch in my restorations.

Tune in Friday at 8 PM Eastern to WHCL (with direct stream here) and you'll wonder where the noise went. This show will be uploaded to my Live365 station shortly thereafter.

(Many thanks to George, Luigi, Rich, Randy, Chris, and The Codger for technical advice, suggestions, moral support, and contributions of recordings for this program.)

Roger Wolfe Kahn and his Orch - Hot-Hot-Hottentot (1925) - Victor 19616-B
(Emerson) Military Band - Hindustan (1918) - Symphonola 467
Ipana Troubadours (Willard Robison, v) - Wake Up! Chill’un, Wake Up! - (1929) Columbia 1779-D
Edison Bell Band - Who’s That Knocking at My Door (1927) - Toast of New York
Billy Cotton and his Band - Huggable Kissable You (1929) – Toast of New York
Art Landry and his Orch - Hugs and Kisses (1926) - Victor 20285-B
J. Harold Murray and Victor Light Opera Co - Gems from “Rio Rita” (1927) - Victor 35816-A
Robert Gwenn - Living in the Sunlight Loving in the Moonlight (1930) - Imperial (UK) 2345
Isham Jones’ Orch - Marcheta (1923) - Brunswick 2439-B
The Virginians - Lonesome Mama Blues (1922) - Victor 18895-A
The Cotton Pickers - Great White Way Blues (1922) - Brunswick 2380-B
Reinald Werrenrath - On the Road to Mandalay (1922) - Victrola 6360-A
Arthur Fields - Singapore (1918) - Victor 18529-B
Milt Coleman - Around the Corner (1930) - Velvet Tone 2185-V
Wilmoth Houdini and his Bamboo Orch - Resisting Temptation (1940) – Bluebird 10619
Lord Kitchener – Saxophone No.2 (1954) - “London is the Place For Me” (orig. Melodisc 1271)
Josef Hoffman – Prelude in C Sharp Minor (Rachmaninoff) (1919) - Col A 6125
Felix Arndt – Desecration Rag (1914) - Victor 17608
Pietro Deiro - Russan Rag (1921) - Victor 18743-A
Chick Bullock - You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me (1930) - Imperial (UK) 2345
Savoy Havana Band - Masculine Women-Feminine Men (1926) - Songs the Bonzo Dog Band Taught Us
Billy Cotton and his Band (Sam Browne, v) - Skirts (1933) - Songs the Bonzo Dog Band Taught Us
Sam Moore and Horace Davis - Old Black Joe (1922) - Vocalion A 14430
Cotton Pickers - He May Be Your Man But He Comes to See Me Sometimes (1922) - Brunswick 2380 A
(Emerson) Military Band - Chinese Jazz (1918) - Symphonola 467
George Olsen and his Music (Fran Frey, v) - Big City Blues (1929) - Victor 21961-B
Art Landry and his Orch - Everybody Stomp (1925) - Victor 19858 B
Gus C. Edwards and his Orch - Alabama Stomp (1926) - Victor 20230-B
Gorni Kramer and his Orch - Crapa Pelada (1936) - Jazz In Italy In The 30s (Riviera RJR CD 002)
Paul Whiteman's Sax Soctette - Blue Skies (1939) - Decca 2698 A
Paul Robeson (Lawrence Brown, piano) - Steal Away (1925) - Victor 19742 B


Chester Proudfoot said...

The Bonzo Dog Band is one of my favorites, I can't wait to hear the songs that inspired them. Zaniness is in the air....

Andy said...

Not only that, but there's much joyous Bonzo material (both the rare album used on this program and their own recordings) HERE.

Chester Proudfoot said...

The internet is a treasure trove, that's for sure. The moment I learned about the album here I started looking for it and found that site.

Another fine show. I wish I could get up to the record swap and look for goodies. But I know that I would come home with far more than I can afford. Maybe my lotto numbers will come in....