Saturday, April 18, 2009


UPDATE: Stream WHCL from THIS LINK. It's much easier!

After two weeks of getting complaints about people not being able to stream my program, I here offer a brief tutorial on how to listen to the Shoutcast stream of WHCL. If going through the Shoutcast page, click on "Tune In."

The Shoutcast player will then pop up and most likely will not work on your computer. But there's a remedy. Click on the button "Listen in Winamp or Other Player."

This will open a new window and you'll have the option of listening in your default media player. After you choose that option and click on "Save," the next time you access the WHCL stream through the Shoutcast page, the stream will play in your default player.

Problem solved!


Nick Dragos said...

Good work, Andy!

I had no prpblems streaming WHCL, but I've had difficulties with other systems, like Abacast...a step-by-step like this is helpful!

Nick Dragos said...

Apparently, I can listen....I just can't spell or proofread.....

Andy said...

I hope this post helps. I probably should add that your default player has to be configured to play .pls files. This is a minor point--and chances are it would be so configured--but it's another thing that can lead to hours of frustration.