Thursday, February 26, 2009

"The Male Animal" February 27, 2009

(Week 152)

This RADIOLA! is an unflinching musical safari among the male humans that prowl the asphalt plain. (I'll try not to point, since I realize in so doing I'll still have three fingers aimed at myself.) Most of what you'll observe is benign, though it might not do to linger.

On a much happier note, I've included a few selections from the new CD dedicated to the singing of British crooner Val Rosing. This CD was compiled and produced this year by Rosing's son-in-law, Bruce Kaplan, and features a delightful variety of selections by this undeservedly forgotten vocalist. And I found songs that actually fit into this show's theme.

Tune in Friday at 8 PM Eastern to WHCL (with streaming here). The program will be uploaded to my Live365 station soon.

Paul Specht and his Orch – Static Strut (1926) – Timeless CBC 1-087 Roll Up The Carpets
Val Rosing – Teddy Bears' Picnic – “Try a Little Tenderness” Radio Rhythm Records RRR-0007
Abe Lyman & his California Orchestra – Weary Weasel (1928) – Timeless CBC 1-059
Paul Whiteman – Ah-ha! (1925) – Victor 19666
Bix Beiderbecke – I'll Be A Friend With Pleasure (1930) – Sunbeam BX CD 12
Jack Pettis - I Gotta Get Myself Somebody To Love (1927) – Mosaic MD8-213/1
Gene Austin – The Two Of Us (1930s) -- 1930s Transcriptions (ToNY)
Walter Cummins – Huggable Kissable You (1929) – Velvet Tone 1979-V
Val Rosing with Trio – I Wanna Sing About You – “Try a Little Tenderness” RRR-0007
Abe Lyman & his California Orchestra – Havin' Lots Of Fun (1926) – Timeless CBC 1-059
Gus Arnheim and his C.G. Orch – You've Got Me In the Palm of Your Hand (1932) – Victor 24061
Paul Specht and his Orch – You Forgot Your Gloves (1931) – Timeless CBC 1-087
McKinney's Cotton Pickers – Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You? (1929) – Frog DGF 25
Elsie Carlisle – My Handy Man Ain’t Handy No More (1931) – Radio Sweetheart No. 1 (ASV Living Era)
Charles W. Hamp – Laugh Clown Laugh (1928) – Okeh 41046
Eddie Cantor – A Girl Friend Of A Boy Friend Of Mine (1930) – “Whoopee” Sound Track
Carpal Tunnel Kid – A Confirmed Bachelor in Denial (1996) – Non-Plugged
Henry Burr – I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now (1909) – Archeophone 5502
Bee Kerwin and Her Happy Six – No One's Fool (1921) – Puritan 11092-A
Art Gillham – Can't Your Friend Get A Friend For Me? (1925) – Columbia 326-D (ToNY)
Ben Selvin and his Orchestra – One More Time (1931) – Timeless CBC 1-088
McKinney's Cotton Pickers – Cherry (1928) – Frog DGF 25
Tracy-Brown Orch – Danger! (Look Out For That Gal) (1928) – Timeless CBC 1-087
Frank Crumit – My Sweetie Turned Me Down (1925) – Victor 19701
Billy Murray – I Love Me (1923) – Victor 19066
Ben Selvin and his Orchestra – Me! (1931) – Timeless CBC 1-088
Gene Austin – Wedding Bells (Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine) (1929) – Victor 21893
Isham Jones – I'm Bidding My Buddy Goodbye (1931) – Brunswick 6096
Johnny Johnson and his Orch (Harold Lambert, v) – My Stormy Weather Pal (1927) – Victor 21227-B
Bing Crosby w/ Victor Young – I Only Want A Buddy (1940) – Decca Rejected Take
Spike Jones and his City Slickers – (Judy Manners Red Ingle v) Serenade To A Jerk (1945) – RCA 20-1654
Val Rosing – Moon For Sale – “Try a Little Tenderness” Radio Rhythm Records RRR-0007

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