Friday, April 25, 2008

"Eleven" April 25, 2008

(Week 120)

"Eleven?" Yep. Eleven.

Tune in tonight (Friday) at 8 PM Eastern to WHCL (with streaming HERE). The show will be uploaded to Live365 this weekend.

Jay C. Flippen and his Gang – For My Sweetheart (1926) – Fountain FV-204 LP
Joe Robichaux and his N.O.R.B. – I Would Do Anything For You (1933) – Jazz Oracle BDW 2057
Ipana Troubadors – Wake Up, Chill’un, Wake Up (1929) – Columbia 1779-D
Pletcher’s Eli Prom Trotters – I Like to Do Things For You (1930) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8055
Bennie Moten’s K.C. Orch – She’s No Trouble (1928) – Bluebird 3139-2-RB
Gus Arnheim’s Ambassador Orch – Feelin’ Good (1928) – Retrieval RTR 79050/2 (tr. 17)
Johnny Marvin – I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me (1927) – Take Two TT509CD
Marion Harris – My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes (1931) – Living Era CD AJA 5330
Cliff Edwards – My Dog Loves Your Dog (1934) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5207
Miff Mole and his Molers – You Took Advantage of Me (1928) – Living Era CD AJA 5632
King Oliver and his Orch – Don’t You Think I Love You (1930) – JSP CD 3404/2
Isham Jones and his Orch (Keller Sisters, v) – Together, We Two (1927) – Living Era CD AJA 5320
Arthur Tracy – Let’s Fall in Love (1934) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5184
Layton and Johnstone – Bye, Bye, Blackbird (1927) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5207
Jay C. Flippen and his Gang – Hello Bluebird (1926) – Fountain FV-204 LP
West End Jazz Band – The Camel Walk (2005) – “The Gold Diggers of Broadway” Legacy 2K 106
Vince Giordano and The Nighthawks – Cotton Club Stomp (2005) – “Cotton Club Revisited”
Wilbur Sweatman and his Jass Band – Boogie Rag (1917) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8046/1
Ollie Powers’ Harmony Syncopators – Play That Thing (1923) – JSP CD 926A
Jack Glassner and his Colonial Inn Orch – I Love My Baby (1926) – Retrieval RTR 79050/1
Sam Browne – Love Me Tonight (1932) – Living Era CD AJA 5482
Greta Keller – Paradise (1932) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5193
Paul Robeson & Elisabeth Welch – I Still Suits Me (1936) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5276
McKinney’s Cotton Pickers – Gee, Baby, Ain’t I Good to You (1929) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5110
Bennie Moten’s K.C. Orch – I Wanna Be Around My Baby All The Time (1931) – Hep CD 1070/2
Fess Williams and his Royal Flush Orch – Everything’s OK With Me (1930) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8041
Johnny Marvin – Painting the Clouds With Sunshine (1929) – Living Era CD AJA 5453
Irving Kaufman – A Precious Little Thing Called Love (1929) – Take Two TT509CD
Jay C. Flippen and his Gang – How Could Red Riding Hood? (1926) – Fountain FV-204 LP
Ramona Davies – I Can’t Give You Anything But Love (1935) – The Old Masters mb116
Ray Noble and his Orch – The Very Thought of You (1932) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5115
Jimmie Noone’s Apex Club Orch – Sweet Sue (1928) – JSP CD 926A


Anonymous said...

Hi, Andy--okay, I'll bite, what's the "Eleven" connection? Were these all recorded on the 11th day of their respective months?

Keep on Radiolaing!

Andy said...


Aside from the title (and the clip from "Spinal Tap") the show was very non-cryptic. (Of course, if I'd thought of the idea you mentioned, I might have used it!)

I was just celebrating my eleventh wedding anniversary--and I basically despaired of trying to get a two-hour show out of "eleven" itself. (And "twelve" is just as grim--and fraught with peril. I'd have to play "The Dirty Dozens!") So I concentrated the playlist totally on the "anniversary" and not at all on the "eleven."

Your great use of "mini-themes" on Forward Into the Past is perfect for such things. For "eleven," you would have used, say, "Seven or Eleven (My Dixie Pair O'Dice)," "Eleven More Months and Ten More Days," "Seven Come Eleven," "'Leven Pounds of Heaven," and "Eleven Thirty Saturday Night." But I would have been left with ninety minutes of dead air!


Nick Dragos said...

Themed or not, Andy...a program filled with treats! Thanks!