Friday, September 07, 2007

"Back to Shellac" September 7, 2007

(Week 92)

An all-78RPM edition of RADIOLA! to open the new fall season at 8 PM ET tonight on WHCL--with lots of acoustic biscuits for those who love 'em:

Flanagan and Allen – Music Maestro Please (1938) – Columbia (UK) FB 2046
Nat Shilkret and the Victor Orch. – Halleleujah! (1927) – Victor 20599-B
Ipana Troubadors – Wake Up! Chill’un, Wake Up! (1929) – Columbia 1779-D
Paul Whiteman – It Had to Be You (1924) – Victor 19339
Roy Bargy – Knice and Knifty (1922) – Victor 18969-B
The Revelers – Bam Bam Bammy Shore (1925) – Victor 19848-A
The Duncan Sisters – Baby Sister Blues (1923) – Victor 19050-B
Gene Rodemich and his Orch. – Cry Baby Blues (1922) – Brunswick 2159-B
Benson Orch. of Chicago – Sobbin’ Blues (1923) – Victor 19130
Paul Whiteman – Just Like a Melody Out of the Sky (1928) – Columbia 1441-D
George Olsen and his Music – Meadow Lark (1926) – Victor 20599-A
Rudy Vallee – Huggable, Kissable You (1929) – Victor 21983-B
Ted Lewis and his Band – If You See Sally (1926) – Columbia 844-D
The Troubadors – Dream Kisses (1928) – Victor 21000-B
Joe Venuti and his Orch. – Cheese and Crackers (1933) – Melotone M 12831
Giovanni Martinelli – Vesti La Giubba (1928) – Victor Red Seal 6754-A
Herbert L. Clarke – Bride of the Waves (1904) – Victor 16194-B
Tennessee Ten – Gulf Coast Blues-Sugar Blues (1923) – Victor 19094-A
Anglo-Persians – Dancing Tambourine (1928) – Brunswick 3655-A
Paul Whiteman and his Orch. – That’s My Weakness Now (1928) – Columbia 1444-D
Paul Whiteman and his Orch – Tain’t So, Honey, Tain’t So (1928) – Columbia 1444-D
Gene Austin – Dear Old Southland (1937) – Decca 1656-B
Flanagan and Allen – How Do You Do, Mister Right? (1938) – Columbia (UK) FB 2046
Roy Bargy – Pianoflage (1922) – Victor 18969-A
Benson Orch of Chicago – Oklahoma Indian Jazz (1924) – Victor 19257-B
Ted Lewis and his Band – Ah Ha! (1925) – Columbia 311-D
Nat Shilkret and the Victor Orch. – Sweet Thing (1926) – Victor 20599
Joe Venuti and his Orch. – Moonglow (1933) – Melotone M 12831
Johnny Johnson and his Orch. (Vi Mele, vo.) – Every Little Moment (1935) – Oriole 3163-A
Paul Whiteman and his Orch. – Tschaikowskiana (1928) – Columbia 50113-D
Ray Starita and his Ambassadors Band – Wake Up, Chill’un, Wake Up (1929) – Avid AVC539


Nick Dragos said...


Herbert L. Clarke's "Bride of the Waves"? The Duncan Sisters?

Gems of centuries past! Thanks!

Andy said...

Apparently, "Bride of the Waves" stayed in the Victor catalogue for ages--people couldn't get enough of this stuff.

The Duncan Sisters are neat--and now almost totally forgotten. "Baby Sister Blues" was an early song by Marian Sunshine, who was chiefly known for Latin-American numbers.

I'm glad you're still enjoying this!

Nick Dragos said...


As I recall, didn't The Duncan Sisters continue their "blackface" routines into the 1960's?

And jazz fans who read Gene Lees' superb "Leader Of The Band - The Life Of Woody Herman" may remember this....when trumpeter Allen Vizzutti joined The Herd around 1975, Woody wasn't totally sold, so trumpeter Nelson Hatt made a cassette of Vizzutti's work for Woody to listen to.

After Woody heard it, he spoke to

Hatt: "Well, what do you think?"

Woody: {pardon my French and politically incorrect speak here- these are Woody's words, not mine} "Jesus Christ! He makes Herbert L. Clarke sound like a fag!"