Friday, May 18, 2007

"Bad English" May 18, 2007

(Week 79)

UPDATE: This program has now been uploaded to my Live365 station. Owing to interference on my home recording, I have inserted clean soundfiles but have retained my original broadcast commentary (during which there is some noise). Also, I omitted the Waring selection from my Live365 file because I did not realize how truly offensive the lyrics were until I played the recording on air. (The humor of that bygone day was not always gentle.) Also, if I'm going to offend somebody, I want it to be for a good reason. (“A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone's feelings unintentionally.” -- Oscar Wilde)

The songs you are about to hear are standards--only the language is substandard. (For those who are unduly offended by poor usage, I've included a fine classical piece near the end of the program--really! It's a bit of a misnomer, though, since the Danube is actually green.) The Queen's English gets it in the neck at 8 PM EDT on WHCL.

Claude Hulbert – Clap Yo’ Hands (1927) – PAST CD 7845
Dorsey Brothers’ Orch – Dese, Dem, and Dose (1935) – Circle CCD-20
Mose Tapiero – William Tell Overture (1912) – Columbia (78) E-1177
Fletcher Henderson and his Orch. – My Papa Doesn’t Two Time No Time (1924) – Rivermont BSW1141
Louisiana Sugar Babes – Thou Swell (1928) – Bluebird 07863 61005-2
Goofus Five – Ain’t That a Grand and Glorious Feeling? (1927) – Timeless 1-017 JAZZ
Gene Austin – Ain’t Misbehavin’ (1929) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5026
Gene Austin – Ain’t She Sweet (1927) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5342
Lee Morse – Ain’t He Sweet (1927) – Jasmine JASCD 646
Paul Whiteman and his Orch. (Bing Crosby, vo.) – Ol’ Man River (take 3) (1928) – Sunbeam BXCD-13
Paul Whiteman and his Orch. – There Ain’t No Sweet Man (1928) – RCA 07863 22540-2
Fred Hall and his Sugar Babies – ‘Taint No Sin (1930) – The Old Masters mb106
Clayton Jackson and Durante – Can Broadway Do Without Me? (1929) – Pro Arte Digital CDD483
Boswell Sisters – Down on the Delta (1932) – Collectibles COL-CD-6462
Abe Lyman and his Orch. (Dick Robertson, vo.) – Riddle Me This (1932) – JASS J-CD-639
Al Gallodoro and JoAnn Chmielowski – It Ain’t Necessarily So (2007) – Daybreak: Lyrical Jazz
Benny Goodman and his Orch. – Yes! We Have No Bananas (1935) – Jasmine JASCD 409
Irving Kaufman (w/Bailey’s Lucky Seven) – Yes! We Have No Bananas (1923) – Archeophone 5504
Viola McCoy – I Ain’t Gonna Marry, Ain’t Gonna Settle Down (1924) – Memphis Archive MA7017
The Red Heads – ‘Taint Cold (1926) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8043
Bill Haid’s Cubs – ‘Taint So, Honey, ‘Taint So (1928) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8039
The High Steppers – Is I In Love, I Is (1932) – The Old Masters mb115
Waring’s Pennsylvanians – Where Do You Work-a John? (1926) – Collector’s Choice CCM-175-2
Sophie Tucker (w/Ted Lewis) – Some of These Days (1926) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5273
Emmett Miller – I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None O’ This Jelly Roll (9) (1929) – Columbia CK 66999
Charlie Palloy and his Orch. – It Don’t Mean a Thing (1932) – The Old Masters mb118
Jabbo Smith’s Rhythm Aces – I Got The Stinger (1929) – Retrieval RTR 79013
Fats Waller and his Rhythm – I Ain’t Got Nobody (8) (1935) – Bluebird 07863 66618-2
Slim and Slam – Flat Foot Floogie (1938) – Classics 705
Moritz Rosenthal – The Beautiful Blue Danube (1928) – Camden (LP) CAL-377
Ben Bernie and his Orch. – Au Revoir, Pleasant Dreams (1941?) – Decca 4158 (?) from Reader’s Digest LP

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