Monday, March 19, 2007


Thanks mostly to this Copyright crackdown, online archives of Rich Conaty's "Big Broadcast" dating back to December 2001 have been removed from the server. That's five years of great programs of salubrious, lovely 20s and 30s pop and jazz gone for--what? So the ravening RIAA/ASCAP ghouls at SoundExchange can throw their weight around? The whole purpose of this equine feces is to actively suppress our cultural heritage and prevent priceless music from being heard. (And there is no price that can be put on it.) It truly and utterly micturates me off.

By that token, I'd advise all readers of this blog to download all my RADIOLA! programs HERE before the jackals get around to killing that archive as well. Those old shows will be all you have after the Copyright Police chase me off Live365.

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