Thursday, December 15, 2005

New CD by the WEJB--"The Gold Diggers of Broadway!"

Imagine my delight when "The Gold Diggers of Broadway," the newest CD by the amazing West End Jazz Band dropped through my mail-slot last month! The WEJB plays the Good Stuff--1920s and 1930s-style Sweet and Hot Dance, and plenty of it. This new disc offers a huge variety of selections, including the special sort of "concert pieces" played by Pops Whiteman, melodies from Hal Roach pictures, blazing hot Jazz numbers like "Camel Walk," vocals by Leah LaBrea, and the Bix/Bill Challis tribute "Dardanella."

This CD is now on the WEJB website. "The Gold Diggers of Broadway" is available at World's Records. For those who love the music, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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