Friday, September 09, 2005

Homage to New Orleans (September 9, 2005)

(Week 9)

This was a deeply emotional program for me, and that more than comes through toward the end of the broadcast. ("Over in the Glory Land" by Sam Morgan was the breaking point.) Here follows some of the best New Orleans jazz ever recorded, music by New Orleans musicians who "made good," and contemporary (1920s and 1930s) tributes to the City that was our Soul:

Frank Trumbauer and his Orch. – Way Down Yonder in New Orleans – Columbia CK45450 CD
Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orch. – New Orleans – Classics 591
Charles W. Hamp – Heigh Ho! Ev’rybody, Heigh Ho! – Columbia 78
Luis Russell and his Orch. – Louisiana Swing – JSP CD 308
Henry “Red” Allen and his N.Y. Orch. – Roamin’ – Classics 540
King Oliver and his Orch. – New Orleans Shout – JSP CD 3404
John Hyman’s Bayou Stompers – Alligator Blues – Frog DGF 2
Jones’ & Collins’ Astoria Hot Eight – Damp Weather – Frog DGF 5
New Orleans Owls – Meat on the Table – Frog DGF 2
Genevieve Davis – I Haven’t Got a Dollar to Pay the House Rent Man – Frog DGF 5
Lillie Delk Christian – Too Busy – Columbia/Legacy C4K 57176
Boswell Sisters – Shout, Sister, Shout – Col-CD-6461 Sony A-30320
King Oliver’s Jazz Band – Sobbin’ Blues – Yazoo 2025
Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five – Skid-Dat-De-Dat – Columbia/Legacy C4K 57176
Fletcher Henderson and his Orch. – Sugar Foot Stomp – Columbia/Legacy C4K 57176
Halfway House Orchestra – I Hate Myself for Loving You – Jazz Oracle BDW 8001
Oscar “Papa” Celestin’s Original Tuxedo Jazz Orch. – Ta Ta Daddy – Jazz Oracle BDW 8002
Jimmie Noone’s Apex Club Orchestra – King Joe – King Jazz KJ 152 FS
Monk Hazel and his Bienville Roof Orchestra – Sizzling the Blues – Frog DGF 5
Sharkey and his Sharks of Rhythm – Mudhole Blues – Timeless CBC 1-001-JAZZ
Joseph Robichaux and his New Orleans Rhythm Boys – The Riff – Document DOCD-1016
Jelly Roll Morton and his Orch. – New Orleans Bump [Monrovia] – JSP CD 325
Jelly Roll Morton – Freakish – JSP CD 322
Jelly Roll Morton and his Orch. – Burnin’ the Iceberg – JSP CD 325
Henry “Red” Allen and his N.Y. Orch. – Make a Country Bird Fly Wild – Classics 540
Joseph Robichaux and his N. O. Rhythm Boys – Stormy Weather – Document DOCD-1016
Oscar Celestin’s Orig. Tuxedo Jazz Orch. – Papa’s Got the Jim-Jams – Jazz Oracle BDW 8002
Sam Morgan’s Jazz Band – Over in the Glory Land – Jazz Oracle BDW 8002
Louis Dumaine’s Jazzola Eight – Pretty Audrey – Frog DGF 5
Jimmie Noone’s Apex Club Orch. – Sweet Sue – King Jazz KJ 152 FS
Ray Starita and his Ambassadors’ Club Orch. – Wake Up! Chill’un, Wake Up! – AVID AVC-539


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