Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A Tribute to Dorothy Fields (July 15, 2005)

(Week 6)

This was a particularly good program. It's up on Live 365 right now, along with an extra hour that I hadn't even planned on. Here are the two planned hours, containing a good chunk of Dorothy Fields material, since the show took place on her centenary:

Hal Kemp (Skinnay Ennis vocal) -- Happy Times -- Brunswick 78
Charles W. Hamp -- Heigh Ho! Ev'rybody, Heigh Ho! (THEME) -- Colmubia 78
Waring's Pennsylvanians -- Collegiana -- The Roaring Twenties (Flapper CD)
Ben Pollack and his Orch. (as "Louisville Rhythm Kings") -- In a Great Big Way -- Ben Pollack Vol. 2 (Jazz Oracle CD)
Casa Loma Orch. -- Exactly Like You -- Casa Loma Stomp (HEP CD)
The Lion and Atilla the Hun -- Guests of Rudy Vallee -- Calypso Breakaway (Rounder CD)
The Tiger -- Money is King -- Calypsos from Trindad (Folklyric CD)
Wilmoth Houdini -- Song No. 99 -- Poor But Ambitious (Folklyric CD)
Annette Hanshaw -- I Can't Give You Anything But Love -- The Girl Next Door (Take Two CD)
Lee Morse and her Bluegrass Boys -- I Must Have that Man -- Columbia 78
The Mills Brothers (with Duke Ellington's Orch.) -- Diga, Diga, Doo -- Four Boys and a Guitar (Columbia Legacy CD)
Lonnie Johnson -- 6/88 Glide -- Steppin' on the Blues (Columbia CD)
Joe Venuti's Blue Four -- Tempo di Modernage -- JSP CD set
Benny Goodman Sextet -- Soft Winds -- Columbia CD
Oliver Cobb -- Cornet Pleadin' Blues -- Jazz Bands 1926-1930 (Historical LP)
Barbecue Joe and his Hot Dogs -- Big Butter and Egg Man -- Wingy Mannone and his Orch. (Classics CD)
Goofus Five -- Heebie Jeebies -- Timeless CD
Lillie Delk Christian -- Baby -- Armstrong & Hines 1928 (Smithsonian LP set)
Charleston Chasers -- Cinderella Brown -- ASV CD
Louis Armstrong -- Sunny Side of the Street -- Portait of the Artist as a Young Man (Columbia CD set)
Riley Puckett -- In a Little Gypsy Tea Room -- Montgomery Ward 78
Johnny Marvin -- Keep Sweeping the Cobwebs off the Moon -- Victor 78
"David Harris" (Ernie Hare? Wendell Hall?) -- My Papa Doesn't Two Time No Time -- National Music Lovers 78
Frances Langford -- I'm in the Mood for Love -- Those Were The Days (Columbia CD set)
Billie Holliday -- A Fine Romance -- Giants of Jazz (LP set)
Fred Astaire -- The Way You Look Tonight -- Song and Dance Man (Charly CD)
Chick Bullock -- Should I? -- Perfect 78
Rudy Vallee and his Connecticut Yankees -- Outside -- Velvet Tone 78
Jimmie Noone and his Apex Club Orch. -- Sweet Sue -- King Jazz CD
Ray Starita (Betty Bolton vocal) Wake Up, Chill'un, Wake Up -- Best of the British Dance Bands (AVID CD)

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