Wednesday, July 06, 2005

From New York to Chicago (and possibly elsewhere) (July 1, 2005)

(Week 4)

Week four was the best yet, in both terms of host preparedness (!) and in increased listenership. The Midwest is now streaming Radiola, in addition to Toronto and New Jersey. Leah LaBrea of Chicago's West End Jazz Band sent a wonderful note of support. (Visit their site! The WEJB plays the real stuff, and they play it magnificently.)

I want this great music to bring joy to as many people as possible, to Red States, Blue States, Purple States--wherever. Rhythm may not actually save the world, but if we stop beating up on each other long enough to listen, we might ease up and gain a bit of perspective. The music of the 20s and 30s didn't take itself too seriously, never saw itself as anything other than ephemeral, yet still lifts the spirit with its unparalleled cheer and excellence. We could stand a little more of its levity and wit. We can save the world by forgetting ourselves for a cotton-pickin' minute.

The playlist for July 1, 2005:

Gems from "Sunny Side Up" -- Victor Light Opera Company -- Victor 78
Heigh Ho! Ev'rybody, Heigh Ho! -- Charles W. Hamp -- Columbia 78
Lovey Lee -- Original Memphis Five -- Jazz Bands 1926-1930 (Historical LP H-16)
There's Something New 'Bout the Old Moon Tonight -- Dixie Daisies (Dick Morgan, vocal) -- Benny Goodman and the Whoopee Makers (Sunbeam LP SB-114)
Four or Five Times -- Majestic Dance Orchestra (Irving Kaufman, vocal) -- Benny Goodman and the Whoopee Makers (Sunbeam LP SB-114)
Uncle Jo, Gimme Mo' -- Wilmoth Houdini -- Poor But Ambitious (Folklyric CD 7010)
Miss Maria's Advice -- The Tiger -- Calypsos from Trinidad (Rounder CD 7004)
Edward the VIII -- The Caresser -- Roosevelt in Trinidad (Rounder CD 7114)
Doin' Things -- Joe Venuti and his New Yorkers -- The Jazz Arranger Vol. 1 (Columbia CK45143)
What Can a Poor Fellow Do? -- Duke Ellington -- The Okeh Ellington (C2K 46177)
Moten Swing -- Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra -- Bluebird Sampler (CD 2912-2-RM)
Flying Home -- Benny Goodman Sextet -- Giants of Jazz Benny Gooman (STL-J05)
Rose Room -- Benny Goodman Sextet -- Giants of Jazz The Guitarists (STL-J12)
That Certain Feeling -- Josephine Baker -- Breezin' Along (Columbia Legacy CK57740)
Out Where the Blues Begins -- Mills Musical Clowns (Mildred Roselle, vocal) -- Benny Goodman and the Whoopee Makers (Sumbeam LP SB 114)
Tia Juana Man -- Ada Brown -- Jazz Bands 1926-1930 (Historical LP H-16)
Me and the Man in the Moon -- Cliff Edwards -- Ukulele Ike (Sony Special Products CD A 26475)
What is It? -- Bing Crosby, Loyce Whiteman, Gus Arnheim's Orch. -- Echoes from the Cocoanut Grove (Take Two TT 410 CD)
The Peanut Vendor -- Louis Armstrong -- The Big Band Recordings 1930-1932 (JSP CD 3401)
Nashville Nightingale -- Charleston Seven -- Hill and Dale Rarities (LP IAJRC 49)
Feelin' Good -- Piccadilly Players -- Hill and Dale Rarities (LP IAJRC 49)
Symphonic Raps -- Al Lynn's Music Masters -- Hill and Dale Rarities (LP IAJRC 49)
Trav'lin' All Alone -- Ethel Waters -- Classics 721
Little White Lies -- Annette Hanshaw -- Hits of '30 (ASV CD AJA 5195)
Do Something -- Zelma O'Neal -- Flappers, Vamps, and Sweet Young Things (ASV CD AJA 5015)
Sing You Sinners -- Willard Robison and his Little Symphony -- Columbia (?) 78
When I Take My Sugar to Tea -- Harry Reser and his Orch. -- Hit-of-the-Week 78
When the Morning Glories Wake Up in the Morning -- Jacques Renard and his Cocoanut Grove Orch. -- Victor 78
Toogaloo Shout -- Alex Hill -- Ain't it Nice (Timeless CBC 1-050-JAZZ)
Somebody Stole My Gal -- Frankie Franko's Louisianans -- Jazz the World Forgot Vol. 1 (Yazoo 2024)
Si, J'aime Suzy -- Jean Sablon and Elaine De Creus -- Rare Django (Disques Swing CDSW 8419)
Wake Up, Chillun, Wake Up -- Ray Starita and his Orch. -- Best of British Dance Bands (AVID AVCD 539)

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