Friday, February 05, 2010


UPDATE: These programs are now available for download in 128k mp3 format: "Rosebud" HOUR 1 and HOUR 2; "Last Ditch Effort" HOUR 1 and HOUR 2.

Owing to a sports broadcast on WHCL tonight, RADIOLA! will not be aired. For my internet listeners, I'm uploading two programs: from October 5, 2007, "Rosebud!" and from March 2, 2007, "Last Ditch Effort." These are now posted on my Live365 station.


drizzz said...

Just listened to Rosebud- wow, a bunch of us must share the same DNA! My Rosebud was Yes Sir! That's My Baby by Cooon-Sanders Original Nighthawk Orchestra. The name blew me away as much as the music (this was the late 1960's). The record labels also had me under their spell- another record that loomed large for me was My Love Parade (Majestic Dance orch) on a beautiful brown Perfect.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks for 'rebroadcasting' some of the older shows, there are some gems that we don't get to hear as often. Btw, I just listened to an old show with the Annette Hanshaw interview. That was a neat find.

I don't know what song might be my Rosebud (probably a Chick Bullock tune), but Glorianna is a contender. What a fun tune.