Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Stuff, Etc." January 29, 2010

(Week 195)

UPDATE: This program is now available for download in 128k mp3 format: HOUR 1 and HOUR 2.

As the name implies, this RADIOLA! is a miscellany of recordings that somehow has coalesced into surprising coherence. Most selections are from original shellac source documents, except where noted.

Tune in at 8 PM Eastern Friday to WHCL (with direct streaming here or here). The show will be uploaded to my Live365 station shortly this weekend.

Annette Hanshaw (as Patsy Young) - Don't Be Like That (1929) - Velvet Tone 1829 V
Adrian Rollini and his Orch - Stuff, Etc. (1936) - Decca 807 B
Willard Robison w/Ipana Troubadours - Wake Up! Chill'un, Wake Up! (1929) - from Columbia 1779-D
Broadway Bell Hops (Jimmy Flynn v) - Hello Bluebird (1926) - Velvet Tone 1272 V
McKenzie's Candy Kids - Hot Honey (1925) - Vocalion A 15166
Thomas Waller - Soothin' Syrup (1927) - Victor 20470 A
Ethel Waters - Waiting at the End of the Road (1929) - Columbia 1933 D
Frank Crumit - Three Little Words (1930) - HMV B 3722
Red Nichols and his Five Pennies - The Sheik (1930) - Brunswick 4885
King Oliver and his Orch - Don't You Think I Love You (1930) - Victor 23001 A
Georgia Washboard Stompers - Sophisticated Lady (1933) - Bluebird B 5089 A
Mound City Blue Blowers - I'm Gonna Clap My Hands (1936) - Champion 40103 A
Ross Gorman and his Virginians (Heaney and White v) - Ev'ry Little While (1926) - Velvet Tone 1379 V
Southampton Society Orch (IK v) - I Miss My Swiss (1925) - Perfect 14457
The Astorites (Paul Hagan v) - It Made You Happy When You Made Me Cry (1926) - Velvet Tone 1303 V
R. Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Persian Rug (1976) - Chasin' Rainbows (Shanachie 6002)
R. Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Mysterious Mose (1976) - Chasin' Rainbows (Shanachie 6002)
Arthur Collins - Any Rags! (1903) - Victor 31433
Van and Schenck - Carolina in the Morning (1922) - Columbia A3712
American Quartet - Strut Miss Lizzie (1921) - Victor 18799 B
McKenzie's Candy Kids - If You Never Come Back (1925) - Vocalion B 15166
Frank Trumbauer and his Orch - I'm Comin' Virginia (1927) - Brunswick 7703
King Oliver and his Orch - Struggle Buggy (1930) - Victor 23001 B
Dinah - You Can't Stop Me From Lovin' You (1931) - Decca F2593 A (UK)
Reilly and Comfort - You've Got Me Crying Again (1933) - Decca F 3574 B (UK)
Boswell Sisters - There'll Be Some Changes Made (1932) - Brunswick 6291
Fletcher Henderson and his Orch - Blue Lou (1936) - Vocalion 3211
Georgia Washboard Stompers (Cal Clement v) - My Pretty Girl (1933) - Bluebird B 5089 B
Glen Gray and his Orch - Casa Loma Stomp (1933) - Victor 24256 B
Geechee Wiley - Last Kind Word Blues (1930) - mp3 (orig Paramount 12951 A)
Ethel Waters - Trav'lin' All Alone (1929) - Columbia 1933 D
Red Nichols and his Five Pennies - I Want To Be Happy (1930) - Brunswick 6830


drizzz said...

Thank you for a really exceptional (to my ears)set! Even the 1903 song was really good- the creepiness comes through the crunch! For some reason, the first version of a song I like becomes, for me, the definitive version. Sort of like ducklings getting imprinted on the first human they see. Anyway, the Cheap Suit Serenader's versions of Persian Rug and Mysterious Mose were the first I heard and have always been my "definitive versions". They are also the only songs on the lp that I liked! Thanks again!

Andy said...

I'm glad you liked the show!

(The best part of the 1903 record is when the lady asks the ragpicker if he gives trading stamps!)

I have similar feeling about songs--but the first version of "Persian Rug" I heard was The Louisiana Sugar Babes' recording with Fats Waller, James P. Johnson, and Jabbo Smith. I really like R. Crumb's take on it, though. And The Cheap Suit Serenaders romp through "Mysterious Mose"--it a fun record.

Many thanks for listening!

Chester Proudfoot said...

Yes, that was a nice show, Andy. I particularly like the McKenzie's Candy Kids because I've yet been able to purchase one. Has anyone put those on cd? I can only think of other McKenzie groups. ...

I'll trade you for the snow. Down here we've had the rainiest summer in over 60 years.

Andy said...


The two Sensation CDs of McKenzie have a lot of this material, and are high-quality productions. I haven't checked back to see if the Candy Kids sides are on there, but I was very lucky to get a NICE copy of that record.

I don't mind the snow. When it all melts in a hurry I have to bail water out of the basement.