Friday, July 18, 2014

A worthy Kickstarter project by Emily Asher merits your support

As you probably know even if you're not a musician, producing an album is an increasingly expensive enterprise. If you play vintage or traditional jazz, the support from the major labels (the ones that still exist, that is) is not forthcoming. Musicians don't delight in going hat-in-hand to their friends and fans but the expense involved requires an infusion of cash. And musicians need current albums to represent their work to those who may otherwise never hear of their music.

Emily Asher is a world-class trombonist who has recorded with the Baby Soda Jazz Band and her own Garden Party. Emily and her band have a new project in the works that merits your support, with a very limited time to achieve a financial goal that will only partially cover basic expenses.

We're living in a day and age where listeners expect music to be free. But new music comes into to the world not only out of the musician's skill and love of creating and playing but also out of pocket and at considerable expense. There will be worthy new music only as long as we support it with our money as well as our kind attention.

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