Thursday, November 10, 2011

"A Real Earful" November 11, 2011

(Week 285)

This RADIOLA! brings glad tidings (and musical souvenirs) back from a brief vacation.

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John Steel - While Others Are Building Castles in the Air (1919) - Victor 18635 B
Vincent Lopez Orchestra (Smith Ballew v) - Cheerful Little Earful (1931) - Archeophone ARCH 3003
Willard Robison w/Ipana Troubadours - Wake Up! Chill'un, Wake Up! (1929) - from Columbia 1779-D
The Ambassadors (Katzman) (Frank Munn v) - Who Wouldn't (1926) - Vocalion A 15387
Windsor Hotel Orch (Harold Leonard) - Roses Remind Me of You (1926) - Vocalion B15386
The Virginians (Franklyn Baur v) - It's a Million to One You're In Love (1927) - Victor 20837 A
'Cile Turner - Songs of the South (1933) - Makin' Glory! (Rivermont BSW 3135)
Frederick Hodges - That Futuristic Rag (2011) - Manhattan Serenade (Rivermont BSW 2219)
Palace Trio (Wiedoeft) - I'll See You in C-U-B-A (1920) - Victor 18663 A-cr-nr
Fletcher Henderson and his Orch - I Wish I Could Make You Cry (1924) - Perfect 14265 A
The Virginians - Why Should I Cry Over You? (1922) - Victor 18933 A
Margaret Young - Oh! By Jingo! (1920) - Victor 18666 A
Gladys Rice (as Rachel Grant) and Billy Murray - Marion (1920) - Victor 18671 B
Jack Kaufman - Henry's Made a Lady Out of Lizzie (1928) - Silvertone 3334
Rosy McHargue's Ragtimers - Singin' the Blues (1952) - The Complete Recordings (Jump JCD 12-2)
Dan Levinson and his Canary Cottage Dance Orch (Molly Ryan and Victrolian Vaudeville Quartet v) - I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time (2006) - Steppin' Around (Stomp Off CD1415)
Vess L. Ossman - Yankee Land (1909) - Victor 16935 A
Billy Murray and the American Quartet - Oh that Navaho Rag (1911) - Victor 17000 B
Paul Biese and his Novelty Orch - Mystery! (1919) - Victor 18647 A
Hit of the Week Orchestra (Smith Ballew v) - I Wanna Sing About You (1931) - Archeophone ARCH 3003
The Clevelanders (Dick Robertson v) - Guess Who! (1929) - Brunswick 4196
Victor Arden-Phil Ohman and their Orch (Frank Luther v) - It's You I Love (1929) - Victor 22205 B
The Chicago Footwarmers - Get 'Em Again Blues (1928) - Sound of Chicago I (Columbia CL 2144)
McKenzie and Condon's Chicagoans - China Boy (1927) - Sound of Chicago II (Columbia CL 2145)
Frederick Hodges - Shreveport Stomp - Manhattan Serenade (Rivermont BSW 2219)
Bob and Alf Pearson - Strangers (1932) - Imperial 2727
Ethel Waters - Am I Blue? (1929) - Original Sounds of the 20s III (Columbia CL 2230)
Dan Levinson's Palomar Quartet (Molly Ryan v) - My Ideal (2008) - Four on the Floor
Adrian Rollini and his Orch - Davenport Blues (1934) - Decca 359 A
The Three Peppers - Swing It Uncle Wilson (1937) - Swing Street II (Columbia JLN 24028)
Zez Confrey and his Orch - Morning Will Come (1923) - Victor 19068 B


Nick Dragos said...

Just examined this playlist, Andy, and one thing I don't believe I've complimented you on throughout the years is your use of contemporary performers within the overall Radiola concept.

Dan Levinson's great group and pianist Frederick Hodges {someone I've introduced many times from stages of The Sacramento Jazz Jubilee & The West Coast Ragtime Festival} are just two examples of how you've merges these recent recordings into vintage shows seamlessly...and your choices of artists are wonderful.

Also, by adding performances issues on such fabulous labels as Stomp Off, Rivermont, Frog, Jump, and especially the great Archeophone, you're providing a musical service to your loyal audience!


Nick Dragos

Andy said...


Thank you! I was finally able to meet Bryan Wright who produces the Rivermont CDs this past Saturday, and he's one of the best. The Frederick Hodges disc is brand new and beautifully recorded. It's a gem.

I do concentrate on shellac, but it's great to present musicians who are keeping great music alive in performance--and the CDs of reissuers who know what they're doing.

I appreciate that you enjoy them!