Wednesday, March 04, 2009


This Saturday, March 7, The Carpal Tunnel Kid will perform a set of his own music during the regular Poetry Group 13 event at Thornberry's Restaurant, 1011 King Street, Utica NY. (Parking is in the large lot adjacent to the Stanley Theatre complex on Genesee St.) The event begins about 9 PM, with various poets, spoken word artists, and musicians from the Utica area. The Carpal Tunnel Kid will be playing the closing set after 11 PM.

The Carpal Tunnel Kid (also variously known as Andy Senior and as the host of RADIOLA!) is coming out of seclusion to accommodate those who need a salubrious dose of trenchant musical satire and lighthearted scurrility--and because someone actually asked him to perform. He fully intends to check his much-vaunted good taste at the door.

General admission to Poetry Group 13 is five dollars. Come early for dinner or a few drinks at Thornberry's, and stay to enjoy the evening's festivities, capped off by the appearance of that rarest of birds, The Carpal Tunnel Kid.

Many thanks again to Budd Wadas for organizing this event.

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