Tuesday, October 14, 2008


RADIOLA! will not be broadcast this week owing to Fall Break at Hamilton College--or something of the sort. In connection with this matter, I received the following two messages:

October 9, 2008
Hey Guys:
Just to give you a heads-up. Hamilton has fall break next week. There will be no classes on Thursday and Friday and there's a pretty good chance you won't be able to get into the building for your shows (Thurs-Sun).


And then, this:

October 13, 2008
Hey DJs,

We're off the air starting after the last show on tomorrow night (or very early Wednesday morning), and then we're back for the first show on Monday, October 21. If you'll be around and desperately want to have a show, please let me or Jonathan Mead know (rpavach and jmead, respectfully). Community DJs may continue to do their shows as usual.


Based on this resounding unanimity, I'm taking the night off. (Speaking respectfully, of course.)

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