Tuesday, October 07, 2008

AL GALLODORO (1913-2008)

Al Gallodoro passed away last weekend at the age of 95. His prophecy that "I was born with the horns and I will die with the horns" was borne out by the fact that he played brilliantly at the Corning Jazz and Harvest Festival two weeks before he died. When we saw him at the Empire House Restaurant in Gilbertsville this July, he played as beautifully as ever--but he sensed that we would not meet again.

My wife and I knew his health was failing, and on last Friday's show I played his 1969 recording of "Indian Summer." His years spent in Oneonta were an Indian Summer, but they ended all too soon for those who loved him.

I will play a program of Al's music in tribute this Friday, October 10, at 8 PM Eastern on WHCL.

Accompanist/manager JoAnn Chmielowski, pictured with Al in the above photo (taken March 22), wrote a moving tribute you may read on Al's home page.

Here is Al's obituary in the Oneonta Daily Star.

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