Friday, September 12, 2008

"My Troubles Are Over" September 12, 2008

(Week 138)

This RADIOLA! celebrates ditching Windows Vista permanently. It's another all-in-one CD player program (thanks to more defective technology)--but my main mood is one of joy and relief.

Tune in to WHCL tonight at 8 PM Eastern (with streaming HERE)--the show will be up on Live365 this weekend.

NBC Radio Chorus – Ding Dong The Witch is Dead (1939) – “Behind the Scenes at the Wizard of Oz”
The Goofus Five and their Orch – My Troubles Are Over (1928) – Goofus Five Complete Vol. 3 (ToNY)
Jimmy McHugh’s Bostonians – Whoopee Stomp (1928) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8015
Smith Ballew and his Orch – Wake Up, Chill’un, Wake Up (1929) – Jazz Oracle BDW 8035
Abe Lyman – Breezin’ Along With the Breeze (1926) – Abe Lyman Complete Recordings (ToNY)
Esther Walker – Good News (1927) – Brunswick 3666
Arden and Ohman Orch – Hallelujah (1933) – Arden-Ohman World Transcription Sessions (ToNY)
The Virginians – Apple Sauce (1923) – Complete Virginians (ToNY)
Waring’s Pennsylvanians – My Window of Dreams (1928) – Victor 78 RPM
George Formby – The Window Cleaner (1937) – “Let George Do It” Naxos CD
Red Nichols and his Five Pennies – Get Happy (1929) – Red Nichols Brunswick Vol 4 (ToNY)
Ted Wallace and his Campus Boys – Get Happy (1930) – California Ramblers (ToNY)
Johnny Johnson’s Statler PA’ns – Oh Gee! Oh Joy! (1927) – Johnny Johnson Vol. 1 (ToNY)
Libby Holman – Who’s That Knockin’ at My Door? (1927) – Eddie Lang “Langology” Vol.1 (Healey-ToNY)
Washboard Rhythm Kings – Call of the Freaks (1931) – Washboard Rhythm Kings Vol.5
Julia Gerity – Sittin’ on a Rubbish Can (1931) – Songs of the Depression
Louisiana Sugar Babes – Persian Rug (1928) – Victor 78 RPM
George Olsen and his Music (Fran Frey,v) – Pink Elephants (1933) – George Olsen Vol 8 (ToNY)
Kate Smith – I May Be Wrong But I Think You’re Wonderful (1929) – Miss Kate Smith 1926-1931
Art Gillham – Angry (1925) – Columbia 411-D (ToNY)
Abe Lyman and his Orch – Milenberg Joys (1932) – Complete Abe Lyman Vol. 8 (ToNY)
White Star Syncopators – Happy Days Are Here Again (1929) – Big John’s Specials–Grey Gull (ToNY)
Benny Goodman Orch – Hooray for Love (1935) – The RCA Years Disc 1
Mills Blue Rhythm Band – Let’s Have a Jubilee (1934) – Benny Carter Vol. 3
Libby Holman – Carefree (1927) – Eddie Lang “Langology” Vol.1 (Healey-ToNY)
Alfredo’s Dance Band – Glorianna (1928) – Alex compilation, ToNY
Bert Ambrose and his Orch – S’Wonderful (1928) – Bert Ambrose HMV Sessions 1928 (ToNY)
Johnny Dodds – Pencil Papa (1929) – Blue Clarinet Stomp
Ted Lewis and his Band – Buy American! (1933) – Complete Electric Columbias (ToNY)
Fats Waller – Cash for Your Trash (1941) – Fats Waller The Last Years (1940-1943)
Fletcher Henderson and his Orch. – Stealin’ Apples (1936) – A Portrait in Frustration
Raymond Scott’s Music – The Girl at the Typewriter (1939) – Microphone Music (Disc Two)
Willie Bryant and his Orch. – It’s Over Because We’re Through (1936) – Willie Bryant (1935-1936)


Nick said...

Great show....closing with "Harlem's Mayor" Willie Bryant's theme was excellent!

And congrats on dumping Vista, the operating system that doesn't seem to want to operate anything. No less than 5 of my pals who either bought it or had it bundled on new PC's are back to running XP...couldn't take anymore hourly crashes.

Andy said...

Thanks, Nick!

I am much happier these days. With our reliable XP machine having been comandeered by my wife for eBay, I'm surfing the web on a clunker using Windows 98 and doing my word processing on a 1927 L.C.Smith Model 8.

Eventually, I'll find a nice late-model XP box with lots of memory. Until then, I'll continue to sneak on the old XP machine between eBay sessions to work on my show.


Nick said...

Best of luck with that plan, Sir!

My wife usually parks herself in front of our computer whenever I hanker to, oh...let's say stream "Radiola"....or other important functions.