Friday, August 08, 2008

"Announcer's Blues" August 8, 2008

(Week 134)

This RADIOLA! is a potluck supper of great leftovers, occasioned by the turmoil that accompanies installing a new computer in the house (and vainly trying to network it with the old one)--and the selections are somewhat influenced by that strife. Technology is not for sissies.

Tune in tonight at 8 PM Eastern on WHCL (with streaming HERE). The program will be uploaded to Live365 soon thereafter, assuming I can get the damn thing to work.

Frank Burbeck – Hamlet’s Soliloquy (1911) – Victor 16912-A
Frank Trumbauer and his Orch – Announcer’s Blues (1936) – Mosaic Box Set
Dixie Daisies – Wake Up, Chillun, Wake Up (1929) – Cameo 9160
Goodrich Broadcasters – Chloe (1928) – Cameo 8149
Joe Venuti and his Orch – Cheese and Crackers (1933) – Melotone —12831
Paul Specht and his Orch – Dreamy Amazon (1927) – Columbia 1064-D
Dixie Stars – My Sweetie Turned Me Down (1925) – Columbia 389-D
Nick Lucas – I Can’t Do Without You (1928) – Brunswick 3925
National Cavaliers – Sing (1930) – Victor 22559-A
Virginians – Farewell Blues (1923) – Victor 19032-A
Golden Gate Orch – Ramblin’ Blues (1924) – Perfect 14309-A
Broadway Bell Hops – That’s My Hap-Hap-Happiness (1927) – Diva 2365-G
Ambrose and his Orch (Sam Browne, v.) – Too Many Tears (1932) – Youtube Audio
Ray Starita and his Orch – Why is the Bacon So Tough (1928) – Youtube Audio
Gus Arnheim and his Orch – La Rosita (1931) – Victor 22618-B
Carpal Tunnel Kid – Cavorting With Kevorkian (1996) – “Non-Plugged”
The Old Codger – Money (2004) – “Hotcakes and Hot Mamas”
Byron G. Harlan – They Gotta Quit Kickin’ My Dog Around (1912) – UCSB Cylinder
Ernest Hare – Satan, I’m Here (1919) – UCSB Cylinder
Vincent Lopez and his Orch – Pack Up Your Sins (1922) – Okeh 4762
Roy Smeck – 12th Street Rag (1931) – Yazoo LP
The Four Rajahs – Waitin’ For Katie (1928) – Victor 21550-B
Six Jumping Jacks – Send for Our Free Booklet (1930) – Brunswick 4759
Bob Haring and his Orch (Eddy Thomas, v) – Huggable, Kissable You (1929) – Brunswick 4359
Blue Water Yacht Club Orch – Maid of Old Bombay (1928) – Cameo 8160
Jimmy Joy’s Orch – I Got Worry (1928) – Brunswick 3959
Majestic Dance Orch (IK, v) – Four or Five Times (1929) – Sunbeam LP
Frankie “Half-Pint” Jaxon – Wet It (1929) – Herwin LP
Slim Green – Cocktails For Two (1935) – Decca 7104-A
The Modernists – Solitude (1934) – Perfect 16002-A
Johnny Johnson and his Orch. (Walter Botsford, v) – Put On an Old Pair of Shoes (1935) – Perfect 16096-B
Radio Rhythm Rascals (Val Rosing, v) – Sweet Sue-Just You (1935) – Columbia (UK) FB-1107


Nick said...


Once again, Sir, you've dug up some rare goodies that brought back fond memories and had me heading deep in the tunnels of my own overgrown collection.....

Your inclusion of "Farewell Blues" by The Virginians had me scrounging around for more of their work...and I see you grab audio from YouTube, too.....very interesting source!

Another excellent mix!

Andy said...


Thanks! This program was a hard-drive special, and it came out better than I had any right to expect.

I'll go way out on a limb here and opine that the Virginians' recording of "Farewell Blues" is the best acoustically recorded version of the tune. (Now all the Isham Jones fans will chime in!)

People put up some very nice things on YouTube--and sometime I just can't help myself. I'll take quality where I can find it!


Nick said...


Daring as your "Farewell Blues" analysis is, I tend to agree...although I still feel Ish Jones' body of work measures up extremely well with anyone......