Tuesday, July 15, 2008


CORRECTION: My Live365 station has been upgraded to 300 megabytes, which means almost 30 hours of programming on the stream.

Yesterday I uploaded a few more shows owing to what seemed a 500 mb capacity. This corrected itself to the actual 300 mb storage limit. Nonetheless, I've left up a couple of YOWZAH! shows (broadcast in July and August 2007 over Utica College station WPNR). Included in this batch is my "Voyage of Life" show--a musical interpretation of Thomas Cole's four-painting allegory of human existence.

This still means that there is more programming on RADIOLA! on Live365 than ever before. The simultaneous free listener limit has been lowered to ten by Live365, so in order to insure access to the stream you may have to invest in a Live365 VIP membership. Doing so through this link will also help offset my costs in broadcasting on Live365, which have increased substantially since last year.

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