Friday, April 11, 2008

"Doo Wacka Doos--and Don'ts" April 11, 2008

(Week 118)

Nostalgia ain't what it used to be, thank God. This RADIOLA! explores the Hi-Fi and Stereo caricatures of vintage music that (fun though they were) almost killed the real thing--and offers definitive 1920s examples of the tunes, along with sensitive and creative newer recordings that capture the actual tone and spirit of the era. (Also, I'll fill a few recent requests.) Tune in tonight at 8 PM Eastern to WHCL (with streaming HERE). The program will be uploaded to my Live365 station this weekend.

Isham Jones and his Orch – Doo Wacka Doo (1924) – ABC 838 215-2
Bonnie Alden – Charleston (1950s) – Roulette R-25006
Ipana Troubadors – Wake Up, Chill’un, Wake Up (1929) – Columbia 1779-D
Savoy Orpheans – Charleston (1925) – Pavilion PAST CD 7845
The Chicago Mob and Orch. – After I Say I’m Sorry (1960s) – Palette PTS 30,001
Abe Lyman and his California Orch – After I Say I’m Sorry (1926) – Living Era CD AJA 5526
Velvet Side of the Roaring ‘20s – Dew-Dew-Dewy Day/Get Out and Get Under the Moon – Fox 3017
Jim Miller-Charlie Farrell – Dew-Dew-Dewy Day (1927) – Victor 20906-A
Annette Hanshaw – Get Out and Get Under the Moon (1928) – Annette Hanshaw Vol. 5 (Sensation)
Barbara Rosene and her New Yorkers – Get Out and Get Under the Moon (2005) – Stomp Off CD1405
Sammy Gardner and his Mound City Six – South (1958) – Everest SBDR 1002
Bennie Moten’s K.C. Orch – South (1928) – Bluebird 3139-2-RB
Happy Harry and his Two-Beat Six – The Sheik (1950s) – Bravo K114
Club Royal Orch – The Sheik (1921) – Archeophone ARCH 9007
Red Nichols and his Five Pennies – The Sheik of Araby (1930) – Decca GRD-609
Al Jolson – My Mammy (1928) – Pro Arte Digital CDD 436
Cab Calloway and his Orch – Minnie the Moocher (1931) – Masters of Jazz MJCD 182
Benny Goodman Sextet – Flying Home (1939) – Columbia CK45199
Bunny Maddox and his Old Time Charleston Band – Way Down Yonder in N.O. – Golden Tone C4004
Frank Trumbauer and his Orch – Way Down Yonder in New Orleans (1928) – Columbia CK 45450
Enoch Light and his Charleston City All-Stars – Button Up Your Overcoat – Grand Award GA-229-SD
Ruth Etting – Button Up Your Overcoat (1928) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5008
Bonnie Alden – Black Bottom (1950s) – Roulette R-25006
Annette Hanshaw – Black Bottom (1926) – ASV Living Era CD AJA 5220
Longines Symphonette Society – Ukulele Lady – Longines Symphonette SYS 5240
Paul Whiteman and his Orch – Ukulele Lady (1925) – Naxos 8.120628
Paul Howard’s Quality Serenaders – Quality Shout (1929) – Timeless CBC 1-034
Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks – Quality Shout (1993) – Stomp Off CD1260
Paul Whiteman and his Orch – Dardanella (1927) – RCA Jazz Tribune No. 48
West End Jazz Band – Dardanella (2005) – Legacy 2K 105
Seamus O’Gould-Joe Sodja – Bye Bye Blues (1950s) – Design DLP-42
Fred Hamm and his Orch – Bye Bye Blues (1925) – Timeless CBC 1-072
Joe Daniels and his Hotshots in "Drumnastics" - Sweet Sue-Just You (1935) - Decca 953 B


Nick said...


Those HiFi caricatures were entertaining...and sold a lot of LPs...thanks for digging up so many.

But, as always, it's your classic original picks that stand out...
Annette Hanshaw shows how she can kick competition from 70 years in the future out into the street....

Thanks for the excellent program.

Anna said...

I really enjoyed this show (belatedly as usual) - you certainly hit a point that I've noticed about more recent bands playing 1920s-30s jazz.

I'm off today to the Birmingham Int'nat'l Jazz festival and will search for a jazz band that doesn't turn their set into oompah music, or the Django-inspired gypsy guitarist that doesn't end up playing elevator music. So few of the bands really get the the bite or the energy or the sense of spontaneity that this music should have. If I come across a band that does I'll be sure to let you know!