Monday, January 21, 2008


UPDATE (from press release): Don't miss Al Gallodoro's live WAMC Northeast Public Radio performance on PERFORMANCE PLACE (a segment of ROUNDTABLE), Monday February 4th. Be sure tune into the show early and enjoy ROUNDTABLE, as Al's segment begins after 11:15 AM ET. (And you wouldn't want to miss it!) He will be playing with accompanist JoAnn Chmielowski, and interviewed by WAMC's Andy Clegg.
THE AL GALLODORO QUARTET with piano accompanist JoAnn Chmielowski, Ryan Cirbus on Bass, and Lou Colone on drums appear at SEGO CAFE, 291 MAIN ST, Oneonta, New York. For Reservations call 607-432-0228.

Dr. Alfred J. Gallodoro (born June 20, 1913)

At 94 1/2 years young Gallodoro continues to thrill his listeners with his impeccable musicianship and incredible mastery of his instruments. His admirers include more than just saxophone aficionados--he recently appeared twice at Cornell University 's Weill Medical College for concerts AND as the subject of an extensive interview on longevity and vitality.


Gallodoro was called upon in April 2006 to perform George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue with the NYC Harmonie Ensemble under conductor Steven Richman. The Rhapsody in Blue is a piece for which he holds the distinction of a world’s record--over 10,000 performances throughout the 1930’s and 40’s with the “King of Jazz” Paul Whiteman. Mr. Richman's release of this Gallodoro 2006 performance of Rhapsody in Blue is now in the works, we will sent you a release date in a future e-mail! Also check Al's website for a preview of Al's soon to be released new CD: Moment in Time (Birmingham Live 1969). You will be treated to a melodically dazzling evening of saxophone and clarinet.

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