Friday, October 26, 2007

"Speak of the Devil" October 26, 2007

(Week 99)

In stark--some would say "diametrical"--contrast to last week's theme, I've constructed the following RADIOLA! playlist for WHCL tonight 8 PM ET, just in time for Halloween. It'll be a lot more fun than it at first may appear, and I just might call in someone with some expertise on this topic to assist with the broadcast.

Robert Johnson – Me and the Devil Blues (take 2) (1937) – Columbia C2T 46222
Benny Carter and his Orch. – Devil’s Holiday (1933) – Proper P1369
Ipana Troubadors – Wake Up! Chillun, Wake Up! (1929) – Columbia 1779-D
Parenti’s Liberty Syncopators – Up Jumped the Devil (1926) – Frog DGF4
Lonnie Johnson – She’s Making Whoopee in Hell Tonight (1930) – Columbia CK 46221
Yacht Club Boys – How Could Red Riding Hood? (II 10) (1926) – Take Two TT503CD
Willard Robison – The Devil is Afraid of Music (1926) – Columbia C2K 52942
Wilmoth Houdini – The Devil Behind Me (1935) – Arhoolie Folklyric CD 7010
The Boswell Sisters – Shout Sister, Shout (1931) – Collectables COL-CD-6461
Ethel Merman – Satan’s L’il Lamb (1932) – Pro Arte Digital CDD 473
Ethel Waters (w/James P. Johnson) – Guess Who’s In Town? (1928) – Classics 688
Broadway Broadcasters (Lanin) – Southbound (1928) – BSW-1143
Henry Burr – Stay Down Here Where You Belong (1915) – Victor 17716 (78)
Gertrude “Ma” Rainey – Hellish Rag (1927) – Giants of Jazz CD 53281
Dixie Stompers (Henderson) – I’m Feelin’ Devilish (1928) – Timeless CBC 1-069
Al Gallodoro and JoAnn Chmielowski – Taboo (2007) – Daybreak (Golden Rooster Records)
Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks – The Terror (1993) – Stomp Off CD1260
Velvetone Dance Orch. – Pack Up Your Sins and Go to the Devil (1922) – Cameo 300 (78)
Jimmy Blythe and his Ragamuffins – Adams Apple (1926) – Timeless CBC 1-015
Fats Waller and his Rhythm – Believe it, Beloved (1934) – JSP928D
Mills Blue Rhythm Band – Red Devil (1931) – Hep CD 1008
Mamie Smith – Jenny’s Ball (1931) – Timeless CBC 1-068
Walter Page’s Blue Devils – Blue Devil Blues (1929) – Columbia CK 64855
Clarence Williams and his Orch. – There’s Gonna Be the Devil to Pay (1935) – Quadromania 495
Cab Calloway and his Orch. – The Nightmare (1931) – Masters of Jazz MJCD 182
Florence Foster Jenkins – Queen of the Night Aria (Mozart) – Membran 222078-205
Los Jardineros – Endemonaio (Possessed by the Devil) (1931) – Yazoo 7018
Bessie Smith – Devil’s Gonna Get You (1928) – Excelsior EXL-2-5317
Jimmie Lunceford and his Orch. – Hell’s Bells (1937) – Proper P1599
Ted Weems and his Orch. – The Man From the South (1929) – CCM-174-2
Ray Noble and his Orch. – Midnight, the Stars, and You (1934) – Rathbone 0351


Nick said...


This looks like a real winner!

Any program that kicks off with the most original, "haunting" bluesman in history has to be good, but featuring Benny Carter, The Bozzies & the fabulous Ethel Waters {with James P. on piano,no less} has to be a winner!

I must also compliment you for including cuts from the massive Sam Lanin discography...they constitute a major part of the dance sounds of the 1920's. The various Clarence Williams tracks also help complete the appeciation of that crazy, mixed-up, excitable decade.

I've always enjoyed the varied recordings of The Mills Blue Rhythm Bands, and I've admired many of Ray Noble's superb bands for England...I'm not as crazy about Al Bowlly as Will Friedwald, but he was a great vocalist....

Your inclusion of Willard Robinson's work pays tribute to his nearly-forgotten legacy...other than Jack Teagarden's album of Robinson's compositions, your programs are
about the only place he can be remembered.

Add your continued support of Al Gallodoro and your playing Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks and you have my respect!

Andy said...


Thanks! This program turned out much better than I expected.

Nick said...


Sounded like a complete winner to me...Congrats!